• Gain direct access to the thousands of Tasters Guild consumer members nationwide;
• Be publicized in the Tasters Guild National Network Directory.
• Link your web site to the Tasters Guild web page;
• Use the Tasters Guild as a publicity tool and an added benefit to your customers;
• Join the hundreds of retail, restaurant, wholesale, and winery establishments already affiliated with the Tasters Guild.

Fundamentally, Tasters Guild has but one purpose – EDUCATION, and we have fun learning. It is a well-known fact that, when consumers become more educated about fine wine and food, their enjoyment and interest in life increases. The Tasters Guild is a wine and food appreciation society with retail, restaurant, wholesale/import and winery affiliates across the country. These affiliations become the focal points for our members’ wine purchasing and dining-out experiences. It is our Chapter Directors who bring the excitement and the education of the world of wine to our members.

Founded in 1987 to promote consumer education, our members have the opportunity to benefit from four (4) educational resources.

1. Wine & Food Tastings:
This portion of our program is considered to be the most important for our members. These events give the chapter the vitality and stature that is infectious to the membership and creates the word-of-mouth publicity that fosters growth – activity breeds interest and participation. The national office has developed guidelines on “How to Plan a Wine & Food Seminar” and “Media & Publicity” and distributes these helpful tools to our local chapters.

2. The Tasters Guild Journal:
The Tasters Guild Journal is another source of information for our members. It contains articles on our national events, wine tastings and reviews, industry profiles, wine and food articles, travel offers and other news from around the Tasters Guild International Network. In addition, members also receive a subscription to one of America’s leading wine periodicals, “Quarterly Review of Wine,” which is an invaluable addition to their information base.

3. Sales Promotions:
Programs such as monthly wine and food specials for members are essential to linking the entire society network. These promotions bring members to our affiliates. A similar program should be developed locally for the purchase of wines tasted at functions, so the wines featured could be offered at special prices for members who attend that event. Affiliates will realize immediate orders and low overhead from such a program. These programs solicit members to support local affiliates, demonstrate the buying power of the chapter and strengthen the bond between you and our members.

4. Travel:
An ever-expanding benefit of membership is the opportunity to participate in a variety of travel programs at “members-only” prices. Tasters Guild tours and cruises offer unique opportunities to tour vineyards, meet and talk with international wine and food authorities, and receive VIP treatment at wineries or aboard luxury cruise ships.

Directors are the critical element in the success of each Tasters Guild chapter. The Chapter Director maintains the “non-commercial” perception of the chapter and makes their chapter a viable learning center. The international network of Chapter Directors creates the image of Tasters Guild as the most active wine and food appreciation society in America.

The chapter director is the sole motivator for the chapter and not the affiliate, although affiliates are extremely important to the organization. Besides providing wine specials and discounts to our members, affiliates are an invaluable resource in securing wines and speakers for chapter events and building chapter membership through recruitment of their clientele. The Chapter Director keeps the mailing list of for the members, greets guests and hosts at each event, communicates with members through event invitations and promotions, provides press releases to local news media regarding future events, and determines the theme for each wine and food function. Most importantly, the Chapter Director helps to isolate your business from possible legal hassles and entanglements, depending on the beverage alcohol regulations in your municipality and state.

The best Chapters are those in which Directors and Affiliates work together in creating events (i.e., determine themes, locate wines and guest speakers, plan menus, etc.), and acquiring the wines at the most economical cost to the chapter and its members.

All that we ask of you, as an Affiliate, is your cooperation in fostering your local Chapter’s growth through an active program of events and on-premise promotions, or on a national basis, to assist local chapters in planning events that may include some of your products. The more you assist Chapters – and the more fringe benefits that you can provide members – the faster you will see the positive economic impact on your business. We all know that word-of-mouth advertising is better than any print ad you can buy, and the educational seminars, tastings and dinners you participate in will be heard of throughout your entire community.