Double Gold Consumer - 2016

Up to $10.00

NV Gallo Family Winery, Merlot, California
The olfactory sense is greeted with rich cherry and plum nuances, and the blended flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and hints of oak create a velvety richness. Suggest grilled meats and vegetables, or with pasta and a rich red sauce.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Brut Cuvee Sparkling Wine, California
Full mousse that dissipates quickly. Green apple, jasmine, hints of kiwi and peach flavors bubble up for a crisp, lingering finish. Bubbling with aromas of Chardonnay, it’s an instant favorite for any sparkling wine occasion. Enjoy with fresh fruit or make a sparkling toast to that buttery lobster

2015 Cedar Creek Winery, La Belle Vie, Semi-Dry Vidal Blanc, Wisconsin
A delightful bouquet of pear and apricot tantalizes the nose. Soft mangoes coat the tongue, while a subtly sweet finish floats on the taste buds. Use as an aperitif or as a patio wine. Drop a couple of frozen white grapes into the glass to help keep the wine chilled and then enjoy the grapes after the wine is gone.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Berry Fusion, Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, California
Sweet and vibrant with aromas and flavors of pomegranate, cranberry and juicy plum, make this a happy time wine. The natural fruit flavors join together to form the perfect bubbly union. Try with Hershey’s kisses, or popcorn watching your favorite movie.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Red Moscato Sparkling Wine, California
A sweet, juicy and ravishing red sparkling wine! This bubbly bursts with aromas of jasmine and mandarin orange, complemented by dark cherry, pomegranate and blueberry for a sweet and juicy finish. Good to pair with a fruit salad, sorbet or a slice of pizza.

NV Barefoot Bubbly, Moscato Spumante Sparkling Wine, California
Apricot and peachy flavors mix it up with a crisp acidity, finishing off with tasty tangerine that you first experience in the nose. Pour a bit of this over a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a sprig of mint for dessert, or on the other side with some spicy Asian dish.

$10.01 to $15.00

2015 Lakewood Vineyards, Riesling Semi-sweet, New York
Opens with bright aromas of pear, citrus and a hint of peach. The palate is balanced nicely with a touch of sweetness and moderate acidity. Try with lemon/honey grilled chicken, or luscious to sip by itself.

2015 Lakewood Glaciovinum Vignoles Ice Wine, New York
The first sip of lingering tangerine and almond beg you to sip again, the tropical fruit basket of flavors enveloping your tongue. The incredible aromas of orange, banana, ginger, and vanilla bean will have you going back for another sniff. Dessert in a glass!

2015 Black Willow Winery, Classic Diamond, New York
An aromatic sweet, fragrant and fruity white hybrid shows intense grapey flavors reminiscent of its Concord heritage. Marry with veined cheese, or spicy foods. Serve well chilled.

2015 Salt of the Earth, Flore de Moscato California Sweet Muscat, California
Bright, medium light gold color in the glass. Lively, fun, grassy fruity aromas of dried kumquat and lemon with moderately sweet, medium-full body and a touch of natural spritz. Serve this with a baked brie drizzled with honey, other cheeses, or spicy foods.

$15.01 to $20.00

NV Bordeleau Winery, Cabernet Franc, Lot Number 3, Maryland
Deep ruby red in color, this wine is layered with lush plum, currant, black cherry and raspberry fruits. It has nuances of herbs, spices, and tobacco with peppery undertones and a smooth velvety long-lasting finish. Serve with a char-grilled hamburger with a blue cheese top.
2014 Le Vigne Winery, Merlot, California
Merlot is making its way back into the hearts of red wine drinkers by way of Paso Robles, no thanks to the movie Sideways. This pleasantly fruity wine of raspberries, mocha and the perfect balance of fruit, oak and tannins is a joy to drink. Especially with a glass (or two) and your favorite cheese snack, sourdough bread and Italian salamis during Sunday football games.

NV Bordeleau Winery, Malbec, Lot Number 2, Maryland
Dark berries and cocoa grab the nose. It is full bodied and displays cherry, blackberry, blueberry and mocha flavors, with a long and lingering finish. The wine has a nice full roundness and luscious fruit. Recommend a pork tenderloin from a honey mustard marinade.
2015 Gray Ghost Winery, Chardonnay, Virginia
Delightful aromas of tropical fruit and pear with hints of vanilla. The soft oak character in the finish adds depth and body to this austere wine. For fruit and oak lovers alike, this is an excellent complement to poultry, seafood and pasta dishes.

NV Prairie Berry Winery, Peach Mead, South Dakota
Bouquets of peaches and honey are distinctive in the nose. The wine is light on the tongue with honey up front, and peach with hints of papaya that carry through to the finish. Enjoy as an aperitif or serve with a dish of vanilla bean ice cream.

2015 James River Cellars, Chardonel, Virginia
A delightful floral and tropical fruit nose entices the first sip. Flavors of cantaloupe, honeydew and wild flowers dance on the palate with just a slight perception of effervescence. Pair with a rotisserie chicken.

$20.01 to $27.00

2015 Pearmund Cellars, Petit Verdot, Virginia
Blackberry, cassis and white pepper engulf the nose. Cherry, jammy fruit and anise fill the mouth, rounded out by the subtle tannins provide a well-balanced wine with a long finish. Try this with an ash cheese and if you feel ambitious, a pork rack crown.
2015 Pearmund Cellars, Silver Creek Vineyard Viognier, Virginia
Wonderful floral nose with just a hint of honey. Stone fruit and hints of vanilla, honeydew and lychee flavors linger on the long, soft finish. A real pleasurable glass of wine for the senses. Serve this with a fruit platter, blue type cheeses, or smoked salmon.

2013 Belhurst Estate Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, NY
This is an excellent example of a cold climate Cabernet that shows hints of anise and dark berry fruits in the nose. Black raspberries and blueberries dance on the palate with soft tannins and a long finish. Try this with Beef Wellington or a venison back-strap with a blueberry reduction.
2015 Pearmund Cellars, South River Vineyard Petit Manseng, Virginia
Opens with a bright acidity and nuances of pineapple, vanilla and apricot preserves. Flavors of stone and candied fruits round out the finish. Pair with a cheddar type cheese, tapenade, or prosciutto – or a “munchy” plate of all.

2014 Don Ernesto Crescendo, Napa, California
An expert blend of Cabernet, both Cab. Franc and Cab. Sauvignon. We’re sure there are additional Bordeaux-style grapes in the blend, but the lush, richness and cherry notes of this wine is enough for us to share a bottle with family and a prime porterhouse steak or a giant marinated Portobello mushroom off the grill – maybe even a little of both.

2015 Effingham Manor, Merlot, Virginia
Dark cherry, vanilla and buttered toast aromas fill the nose, followed by a mouthful of luscious cherries, plums and a touch of smoke at the finish. Gentle tannins maintain the structure from start to finish. Brie, prosciutto and fig jam will pair nicely.
$27.01 to $35.00

2014 Santa Barbara Winery, Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay, California
This stainless steel fermented wine captures the pure essence of the grape. A bouquet of fresh cut citrus leads into the bright, lemony and apple flavors that are tingly on the tongue. It has a long persistent finish. Pair with baked trout in a lemon, butter, caper sauce.

2015 Taylors St. Andrews Chardonnay, Clare Valley, Australia
This wine has ripe, stone fruit aromas, hints of tropical fruit and subtle citrus zest. Silky texture with exceptional length and flavors of peach, nectarine and subtle nut nuances from French oak aging. Grilled flounder stuffed with crab will pair nicely.

$35.01 to $40.00

2013 Herzog Special Reserve, Russian River Valley Chardonnay, California

Big tropical fruits and baked bread fill the nose. Soft citrus flavors with an oaky creaminess coats the palate through the long finish. Serve with grilled salmon and vegetables, or a roasted turkey. This wine is certified Kosher for Passover.

$40.01 to $50.00

2014 Wakefield/Taylors Wines, St. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
Rich fruit characters of cassis and blackcurrant with earthy nuances of cedar and tobacco captivate your attention immediately. A well-balanced wine with ripe black fruit characteristics, coffee and chocolate interweaving harmoniously. Accompany with a grilled filet mignon and vegetables grilled over mesquite – you won’t be disappointed.

2012 Trapiche, Terroir Series Edicion Limitada Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina
Noble wine with a bright red color. Aromas of black fruit and spices, which show soft and balanced on the palate, with pleasant, long-lasting tannins. An excellent example of Argentinean Cabernet Sauvignon. Match to a Delmonico roast with a garlic and salt rub, or semi-soft cheeses such as Gruyere or Edam.
2013 Gray Ghost Winery, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Virginia
Dark berries and leather are a prelude to the layers of blackberry, black raspberry, bing-cherries and dark cocoa encompassing the palate. The finish lingers with elegant, soft tannins. New York strip steak on a hot cast iron skillet, and finished with butter and a sprig of Thyme, or various blue cheeses come to mind.

2013 Lafond Winery, Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay, California
Aromas of tropical fruits, oak and butterscotch wake the senses to this wine. Intense citrus flavors with honeysuckle and a butterscotch finish are delightful on the palate. Serve with a pan fried rainbow trout with butter and home-fries.

2010 Robledo Family Winery, Los Carneros Cuvee Brut, California
A nice tight mousse that dissipates quickly. A lively wine with aromas and flavors of toast, fresh apple, ripe pear and a hint of honey. The citrus flavors are elegant on the tongue with a slightly citrus tart finish. A cuvee of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this is a well made bubbly that keeps dancing in the mouth after the wine is gone. Perfect for any sparkling occasion but caviar and potato latkes would be a superb to match.