2015 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

Gallo Family Vyds.MoscatoNVCABR
Gallo Family Vyds.Red MoscatoNVCABR
Gallo Family Vyds.MerlotNVCAGD
Gallo Family Vyds.Pink MoscatoNVCASL
Gallo Family Vyds.Sweet RedNVCASL
Grande River VydsMeritage-White13COBR
Grande River VydsCabernet Franc13COGD
Grande River VydsViognier L.H.14COSL
Gray Ghost VydsVidal Blanc14VABR
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay Resv.14VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsPetit Verdot13VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon13VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsAdieu14VASL
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon Resv12VASL
Hagafen CellarsChardonnay14CAGD
Hagafen CellarsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Hagafen CellarsCabernet Franc13CASL
Hightower Creek VydsDeliveranceNVGABR
(IN)Chenin Blanc14CAGD
Jodar VydsZinfandel13CABR
Jodar VydsSangiovese13CAGD
Jodar VydsPetite SirahEstate Resv.12CAGD
Jodar VydsMerlot12CASL
Kavic WineryCabernet Sauvignon10PABR
Kavic WineryChardonnay11PAGG
Kavic WineryDeep Valley Blush12PASL
Kavic WineryDeep Valley White12PASL
La MarcaProseccoNVItalyBR
Lakewood VineyardsLong Stem White14NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsNiagara14NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsRiesling14NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsVignoles14NYGG
Lakewood VineyardsValvin Muscat14NYGG
Lakewood VineyardsPort-style14NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsRieslingFull Monty14NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsChardonnay14NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsAbby Rose14NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsLemberger13NYSL
Le VigneMerlotPaso Robles13CAGD
Le VigneChardonnay14CASL
Le VignePetite SirahPaso Robles13CASL
Le VigneCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles13CASL
Los NoquesCabernet Franc13ArgentinaBR
Los NoquesDon Juan Resv12ArgentinaSL
Los NoquesMalbec12ArgentinaSL
Lost VineyardsChardonnayNVNYBR
Lost VineyardsShiraz/Cabernet SauvignonNVNYBR
Lost VineyardsTempranilloNVNYGG
Lost VineyardsCitrus WhiteNVNYSL
Lost VineyardsClassic Red w/ fruitNVNYSL
Mattaponi WineryKizismin14VABR
Mattaponi WineryTibik-Kizismin14VABR
Mission Mountain WineryRiesling14MTBR
Mission Mountain WineryMonster Red11MTGD
MorovinoPinot GrigioBeach Blonde14CABR
MorovinoPinot GrigioSanta Barbara14CAGD
MorovinoBarberaSanta Barbara13CASL
MorovinoSangioveseSanta Barbara12CASL
MorovinoDolcettoSanta Barbara12CASL
Navarro VydsRiesling-DryAnderson Vly14CABR
Navarro VydsMuscat Blanc14CABR
Navarro VydsGewurztraminer14CABR
Navarro VydsChardonnayMendocino14CABR
Navarro VydsNavarrouge14CAGD
Navarro VydsWhite Roan14CASL
Nevada RidgeTempranillo13NVBR
Nevada RidgeBarbera13NVGD
Nevada RidgeZinfandel13NVGD
Nevada RidgeSilver State Red13NVSL
Nevada RidgeSyrah13NVSL
Oak Haven WineryCarlos Dry14FLBR
Oak Haven WineryBlueberry14FLSL
Oak Haven WineryCarlos14FLSL
Oak Haven WineryNoble Dry14FLSL
Oak Haven WineryNoble14FLSL
Owl Ridge WinesSauvignon Blanc17CAGG
Pearmund CellarsViognier14VAGD
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage13VASL
Pearmund CellarsPetit Verdot13VASL
Pedroncelli WineryZinfandelMother Clone13CABR
Pedroncelli WineryChardonnayF. Johnson Vyd14CAGD
Pedroncelli WineryDry Ros14CASL
Pedroncelli WineryFriends14CASL
Pedroncelli WineryMerlotBench Vyd13CASL
Pedroncelli WineryCabernet SauvignonWisdom12CASL
Peter CellarsSyrahSonoma11CABR
Peter CellarsMerlotEstate12CABR
Peter CellarsRos14CABR
Peter CellarsPinot NoirEstate12CABR
Peter CellarsPinot NoirEstate13CASL
PrixCabernet Sauvignon12CAGD
PrixCabernet Franc12CASL
R&B CellarsSerenade in Blanc14CABR
R&B CellarsFortissimoNVCAGD
R&B CellarsLyric of the Vine09CAGD