2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Bargetto WineryLa Vita11CASL
Bel LagoRiesling12MISL
Bel LagoCherryNVMIBR
Bel LagoPinot Grigio/ChardonnayNVMIGD
Bel LagoPinot Grigio/Chardonnay13MISL
Bel LagoAuxerrois13MIGD
Bel LagoBouquettiNVMISL
Bel LagoPinot NoirLeelanau Pen.NVMISL
Bel LagoPinot NoirNorth Vyd.12MIBR
Beliveau EstateMystique13VABR
Beliveau EstateZinfandelPortal13VAGD
Beliveau EstateSerenity13VASL
Beliveau EstateSoul Singer13VABR
Black Willow WineryOdin's Dectar14NYSL
Black Willow WineryBare Cat Blush13NYSL
Black Willow WineryChardonnay14NYBR
Black Willow WineryClassic Diamond14NYSL
Black Willow WineryTrilogy Red14NYBR
Blackhawk WineryAppleNVINGD
Blackhawk WineryCatawbaNVINSL
Blackhawk WineryPrairie RedNVINGD
Blackhawk WineryNorton13INBR
Blackhawk WineryChambourcin13INBR
Blackhawk WineryMarechal Foch13INSL
Blanc de BleuBlanc de BlancsNVCAGD
Bliss Family VydsRos14CASL
Bliss Family VydsSauvignon Blanc14CASL
Bliss Family VydsChardonnay0.3CASL
Bliss Family VydsBlissful RedNVCASL
Bliss Family VydsZinfandel12CASL
Bliss Family VydsPinot Noir13CASL
Bliss Family VydsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Bliss Family VydsMerlot13CAGD
Blumenhof VydsKaty's BlushNVMOGG
Blumenhof VydsLa CharretteNVMOSL
Blumenhof VydsUtopia13MOBR
Blumenhof VydsMissouri Weinland14MOSL
Blumenhof VydsRayon D'Or13MOBR
Blumenhof VydsDevil's Den RedNVMOSL
Blumenhof VydsOriginal Cyn13MOGD
Blumenhof VydsCabernet Sauvignon12MOSL
Blustone VydsRiesling L.H.13MISL
Blustone VydsPinot Noir Ros14MIBR
Blustone VydsGewurztraminer14MIBR
Blustone VydsPinot Blanc14MIGD
Blustone VydsPinot Grigio14MIGD
Blustone VydsChardonnay14MISL
Blustone VydsChardonnayLeelanau Pen13MIGD
Blustone VydsWinemakers Red13MIBR
Bodegas Paso RoblesViva Yo10CAGG
Bodegas Paso RoblesPimenteiro09CABR
Bodegas Paso RoblesDona Blanca14CABR
Bodegas Paso RoblesTouriga11CABR
Bordeleau WineryCabernet SauvignonNVMDGD
Bordeleau WineryPetit VerdotNVMDSL
Braganini Resv.Vignoles L.H.LMS14MISL
Braganini Resv.RieslingMtn. Road Estate14MIGD
Braganini Resv.TraminetteLMS14MIGD
Braganini Resv.ChardonnayLMS13MIBR
Braganini Resv.Sauvignon BlancLMS14MIBR
Braganini Resv.Riesling-DryLMS14MIGD
Braganini Resv.Pinot NoirLMS13MIGD
Braganini Resv.Chancellor NoirLMS13MIBR
Braganini Resv.SyrahLMS13MIBR
Breezy Hills VydFrontenac Ros14IASL
Breezy Hills VydEdelweiss14IAGD
Breezy Hills VydSt. Croix12IABR
Brick Arch WineryUber CherryNVIABR
Brick Arch WineryChambourcinNVIASL
Brick Arch WineryChancellor NoirResv.12IABR
Brutocao CellarsSauvignon BlancFeliz Vyd14CAGD
Brutocao CellarsQuadriga11CASL
Brutocao CellarsUber Tuscan11CASL
Brutocao CellarsPinot NoirAnderson Vly12CASL
Brutocao CellarsPrimitivo11CAGD
Brutocao CellarsZinfandel11CABR
Brutocao CellarsMerlot12CASL
Brys EstateSignature Ros14MISL
Brys EstateMerlot12MISL
Brys EstateCabernet Franc12MISL
Brys EstatePinot NoirArtison12MIBR
Brys EstatePinot Noir13MIBR
Buddy Boy WineryTraminette14PASL
Buddy Boy WineryChardonnay13PASL
Buddy Boy WinerySon of Newt14PABR
Buddy Boy WineryCove Mountain Red14PABR
Buddy Boy WineryHillbilly Red14PASL
Buddy Boy WineryMerlotDarkside13PABR
C R SandidgeTriumph12WAGD
C R SandidgeCaris12WAGD
C R SandidgeSyrahWhistle Punk12WAGD
Calico Skies VydCranberry13IAGD
Calico Skies VydRaspberry13IABR
Calico Skies VydBlueberry13IANS
Calico Skies VydBrianna13IAGD
Calico Skies VydGeisenheim13IAGG
Calico Skies VydFrontenac Gris13IASL
Calico Skies VydLa Crescent13IASL
Calico Skies VydTraminette13IASL
Calico Skies VydSun Doc13IAGD