2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Westport WineryDuckleberry GruntNVWABR
Westport WineryCaptain Gray Gewurztraminer12WAGD
Westport WineryMermaid Merlot13WASL
Whispering Oaks WineryBlueberryOak ReserveNVFLSL
Whispering Oaks WineryWildly MildNVFLSL
Whispering Oaks WineryBlueberry SangriaNVFLSL
White OakChardonnay13CASL
White OakMighty Oak12CAGD
White OakPinot Noir13CABR
White OakCabernet SauvignonNapa12CASL
White Pine WineryTraminette13MIBR
White Pine WineryRiesling-Dry13MISL
White Pine WineryPinot Grigio13MISL
White Pine WineryRed ExpressionNVMIBR
White Pine WineryDune Shadow RedNVMIGD
White Pine WineryCabernet Franc13MIGD
White Pine WinerySyrah13MISL
Wide River WineryMs. D'Meanor White14IABR
Wide River WineryPursuit of Happiness14IAGG
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyApple BlossomNVCOGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyDivinity12COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyWild Canon Harvest14COSL
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyVineyard SunsetNVCOSL
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRieslingNVCOBR
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyChardonnay13COSL
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRevelation12COSL
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Franc13COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySangriaNVCOGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySyrah12COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon Resv12COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon13COBR
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlot Reserve12COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlot12COGD
Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySauvignon BlancResv.14COGD
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Blush14WISL
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Fume14WIGG
Wollersheim WineryWhite Riesling14WISL
Wollersheim WineryRiesling-Dry14WIGD
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Sunburst Red14WIBR
Wollersheim WineryCarignane13WISL
Wyndham EstateShirazBin 55513AustraliaGG
Wyndham EstateChardonnayBin 22214AustraliaGD
ZDCabernet SauvignonNapa12CASL
ZDPinot NoirFounder's Resv.13CASL
ZDPinot NoirCarneros13CAGD