2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Calico Skies VydSweet Licks13IABR
Calico Skies VydDeebo13IABR
Calico Skies VydChambourcin13IASL
Calico Skies VydMarquette13IASL
Calico Skies VydFrontenac13IAGG
Callaway VineyardZinfandel13CASL
Callaway VineyardRoussanne13CAGD
Callaway VineyardMuscat Canelli14CASL
Callaway VineyardProfonde13CASL
Callaway VineyardMourvedre12CABR
Callaway VineyardCabernet Sauvignon11CAGD
Callaway VineyardSyrah11CASL
Callaway VineyardCabernet Sauvignon12CASL
Calona Vyds ArtistChardonnayVQA13BC-CANSL
Calona Vyds ArtistPinot NoirVQA13BC-CANBR
Captain's Walk WineryCaptain's Mistress12WISL
Captain's Walk WineryGewurztraminer13WIBR
Captain's Walk WineryRiesling13WIGD
Captain's Walk WineryRiverside RedNVWIBR
Captain's Walk WineryMerlot12WISL
Captains Walk WineryMarquette Ros13WIBR
Captains Walk WineryCaptain's White13WISL
Captains Walk WineryCuvee Trois12WIGD
Carivintas WineryRos14CAGD
Carivintas WinerySyrah13CABR
Carivintas WineryGrenache13CABR
Carivintas WineryPinot Noir12CASL
Carol Shelton WinesChardonnayWild Thing14CABR
Carol Shelton WinesMonga Zin13CAGD
Carol Shelton WinesWild Thing Zin13CAGD
Casillero del DiabloDevil's Collection Red13ChileBR
Castel Grisch WineryVidal Blanc Iced13NYGD
Castel Grisch WineryCayuga13NYSL
Castel Grisch WineryTraminette13NYBR
Castle Creek WineryPetroglyph WhiteNVUTBR
Castle Creek WineryChardonnayNVUTSL
Castle Creek WineryMonument RedNVUTGD
Castle Creek WineryMerlotNVUTGD
Castle Creek WineryCabernet SauvignonNVUTBR
Catanias WineryCabernet Sauvignon12FLBR
Cedar Creek WineryGewurztraminer14WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryLabelle Vie14WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryPinot Grigio14WISL
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling14WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryBon Vivant14WISL
Cedar Creek WineryMarquette13WISL
Chateau ChantalBeguileNVMIGD
Chateau ChantalRiesling L.H.13MIGD
Chateau ChantalTwilightNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalGewurztraminerOld Mission Pen.13MIGD
Chateau ChantalNaughty RedNVMISL
Chateau ChantalPinot NoirOld Mission Pen.12MIBR
Chateau ElanDuncan CreekNVGABR
Chateau ElanDuncan Creek RedNVGABR
Chateau ElanMuscadry Pink14GASL
Chateau ElanMuscadry14GASL
Chateau ElanChardonnay14GAGD
Chateau ElanLes Petits13GAGD
Chateau ElanTempranillo13GASL
Chateau ElanBarbera13GAGD
Chateau FontaineCherryNVMIGD
Chateau FontaineLaughing Waters13MIBR
Chateau FontaineWoodland White13MIGD
Chateau FontaineRieslingSemi-sweet13MIGD
Chateau FontainePinot BlancLeelanau Pen.12MISL
Chateau FontaineViognierLeelanau Pen.13MIBR
Chateau FontaineRiesling-DryLeelanau Pen.13MIGG
Chateau FontaineGruner VeltlinerLeelanau Pen.13MISL
Chateau FontainePinot GrisLeelanau Pen.13MISL
Chateau FontaineChardonnayLeelanau Pen.13MIGD
Chateau FontaineBig Paw RedNVMISL
Chateau FontaineWoodland Red13MIGD
Chateau FontainePinot NoirLeelanau Pen.13MIBR
Chateau FrankBlanc de Blancs09NYGD
Chateau FrankBrut08NYGG
Chateau FrankCelebreNVNYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauPinot Noir Ros14NYBR
Chateau LaFayette ReneauSeyval/ChardonnayNVNYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauChardonnayBarrel Fermented12NYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauChardonnayResv.13NYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRiesling L.H.14NYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRiesling-Dry14NYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRieslingSemi Dry14NYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRoaring RedNVNYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauSyrah13NYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauCabernet Franc12NYSL
Coda RossaSweet Jane13NJGD
Coda RossaHarmony13NJSL
Coda RossaBlue Moon13NJGD
Coda RossaRaspberry RoseNVNJSL
Coda RossaSuper Tuscan12NJGG
Coda RossaMeritage-Red12NJGG
Coda Rossa152613NJGD
Coda RossaCabernet FrancCoeur d'Est13NJSL
Coda RossaMerlotLodiNVNJSL
Crow River WineryFrontenac Gris12MNSL
Crow River WineryRed Coyote12MNBR