2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Crow River WineryMarquette12MNSL
CustardChardonnaySonoma Vly13CASL
Dakota Sun GardensBlack Currant14NDSL
Dakota Sun GardensAronia Berry15NDBR
Dakota Sun GardensHaskap Berry15NDGD
Dakota Sun GardensChocolate Raspberry14NDBR
DecopasSauvignon Blanc-ArgentinaSL
DelishSauvignon Blanc13CASL
Don & Sons SignaturePinot NoirSonoma12CABR
Don Ernesto VydsTempranilloClarinet13CASL
Dr. Konstantin FrankRiesling L.H.13NYGG
Dr. Konstantin FrankDry Ros14NYBR
Dr. Konstantin FrankRkatsiteli13NYGG
Dr. Konstantin FrankGruner Veltliner14NYGD
Dr. Konstantin FrankRieslingReserve13NYSL
Dr. Konstantin FrankRieslingSemi-Dry13NYGD
Dr. Konstantin FrankLemberger12NYGD
Eagle City WineryAppleNVIAGG
Eagle City WineryRaspberryNVIAGD
Eagle City WineryHarvest BlendNVIASL
Eagle City WineryBlack CurrantNVIAGD
Easley WineryIndiana ChampagneNVINSL
Easley WinerySweet Barrel WhiteNVINGD
Easley WineryRiesling14INGG
Easley WineryTraminette14INGG
Easley WineryChardonnay14INGD
Easley WineryRiesling-DryResv.13INBR
Easley WinerySweet Barrel RedNVINSL
Easley WineryCabernet Franc12INSL
Elk Run VydsGewurztraminer14MDBR
Elk Run VydsMerlot13MDBR
Elk Run VydsSyrah13MDSL
Elk Run VydsCabernet Franc13MDSL
Fabbioli CellarsPear - fortifiedNVVABR
Fabbioli CellarsSomething WhiteNVVASL
Fabbioli CellarsZinfandel13VAGD
Fenn Valley VydsBlanc de NoirsNVMIGD
Fenn Valley VydsCherryNVMIGD
Fenn Valley VydsVignoles L.H.13MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds42 Ice WineNVMIGG
Fenn Valley VydsMoscato14MISL
Fenn Valley VydsCaberet Ros14MIBR
Fenn Valley VydsLakeshore SunsetNVMISL
Fenn Valley VydsLakeshore Demi SecNVMISL
Fenn Valley VydsLakeshore WhiteNVMIBR
Fenn Valley VydsVino VerdeNVMISL
Fenn Valley VydsTrue Chardonnay14MISL
Fenn Valley VydsRieslingSemi Dry14MISL
Fenn Valley VydsCapriccioNVMISL
Fenn Valley VydsLakeshore Ruby RedNVMIGD
Fenn Valley VydsMeritage-Red13MISL
Fenn Valley VydsCabernet Franc13MIBR
Ferrante WineryBlueberry BlancNVOHGG
Ferrante WineryRaspberry BlancNVOHSL
Ferrante WineryCabernet Sauvignon I.W13OHGD
Ferrante WineryVidal Blanc I.W.13OHGD
Ferrante WineryGewurztraminer13OHSL
Ferrante WineryGruner Veltliner13OHSL
Ferrante WineryRiesling14OHSL
Ferrante WineryGolden Bunches13OHSL
Ferrante WineryChardonnaySignature13OHGD
Ferrante WineryChardonnayReserve13OHSL
Ferrante WineryVino Della CasaNVOHSL
Ferrante WineryCabernet Franc13OHSL
Fetzer VineyardsGewurztraminer13CAGD
Fetzer VineyardsRiesling13CAGD
Fetzer VineyardsSauvignon Blanc13CABR
Fetzer VineyardsChardonnay13CAGD
Fetzer VineyardsMerlot12CABR
Fetzer VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Fifty Shades of GreyWhite Silk13CABR
Fifty Shades of GreyRed Satin12CASL
Florida Orange GrovesIsland RaspberryNVFLSL
Florida Orange GrovesMamma GuavaNVFLGD
Florida Orange GrovesCherry RedNVFLSL
Florida Orange GrovesBlueberry BlueNVFLGD
Florida Orange GrovesBlack Gold5.0%NVFLGD
Forchini VydsCabernet SauvignonResv.11CAGD
Forchini VydsPinot NoirResv11CABR
Forest Edge WineryLove Spell13KYGG
Forest Edge WineryZoey Ros13KYSL
Forest Edge WineryRiesling-Dry13KYSL
Forest Edge WineryChardonnay14KYBR
Forest Edge WineryZinfandel13KYBR
Forest Edge WineryCabernet Sauvignon12KYGD
Forest GlenWhite Merlot13CASL
Forest GlenRiesling14CAGD
Forest GlenPinot Grigio14CABR
Forest GlenMerlot13CASL
Forestedge WineryRhubarb/ChokecherryNVMNSL
Forestedge WineryRhubarb/BlueberryNVMNGD
Forestedge WineryAppleNVMNGD
Forestedge WineryBlack CurrantNVMNGD
Forestedge WineryRhubarbNVMNSL
Franklin Hill VydsVidal Blanc13PAGD
Franklin Hill VydsEvanswood14PASL
Franklin Hill VydsChambourcin13PASL
French Valley VydsPinot Grigio13MIGD
French Valley VydsRiesling13MISL