2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Hopkins VineyardVidal Blanc I.W.13CTGG
Hopkins VineyardWest Wind13CTBR
Hopkins VineyardSeyval Blanc/TraminetteVineyard Reserve13CTBR
Hopkins VineyardChardonnay12CTBR
Hopkins VineyardLemberger12CTSL
Hunt Country VydsValvin Muscat13NYGD
Hunt Country VydsRieslingSemi-Dry13NYSL
Hunt Country VydsMeritage-RedNVNYBR
Husch VydsVin Gris of Pinot Noir14CABR
Husch VydsChardonnayMendocino13CABR
Husch VydsMuscat CanelliMendocino14CASL
Husch VydsChenin BlancMendocino14CABR
Husch VydsRenegade13CABR
Husch VydsChardonnayVine One13CABR
Husch VydsPinot Noir Resv12CASL
Husch VydsCabernet Sauvignon Resv12CASL
Husch VydsCabernet SauvignonMendocino12CASL
Husch VydsPinot NoirAnderson Vly13CASL
Hyatt VydsRoadside Market Red12WASL
Hyatt VydsCabernet Sauvignon12WASL
Hyatt VydsMerlot12WAGD
Hyatt VydsSyrah12WASL
J Nico WinesCabernet SauvignonNapa10OHSL
J. Lohr VineyardsBay Mist14CAGD
J. Lohr VineyardsFlume Crossing13CABR
J. Lohr VineyardsChardonnayArroyo Vista13CASL
J. Lohr VineyardsPinot NoirFalcon's Perch13CAGD
J. Lohr VineyardsMerlotLos Osos13CAGD
J. Lohr VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSeven Oaks13CASL
J. Lohr VineyardsCabernet SauvignonHilltop12CAGD
J&D CellarsPetite Sirah13PAGG
J&D CellarsCabernet Sauvignon13PASL
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonTwo Lands13AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot NoirAdelaide Hills13AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekMerlotClassic14AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekCabernet/MerlotClassic13AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekCabernet Sauvignon ResvCoonawarra13AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonClassic13AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekShiraz/CabernetClassic13AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekShirazReserve13AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekShirazTwo Lands13AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekShirazClassic14AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekChardonnayTwo Lands14AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioTwo Lands14AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekChardonnayAdelaide Hills14AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekChardonnayClassic14AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekRiesling-DryClassic14AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekMoscatoClassic14AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioClassic14AustraliaSL
James Arthur VydWhite Port13NESL
James Arthur VydSparkling Edelweiss13NEBR
James Arthur VydEdyn's Blush14NEBR
James Arthur VydNebraska White14NESL
James Arthur VydHeartland White14NESL
James Arthur VydFrontenacSweet Chariotte14NEGD
James River CellarsPetit Manseng14VASL
James River CellarsChardonel14VAGG
James River CellarsVidal Blanc14VASL
James River CellarsGewurztraminer14VABR
James River CellarsChardonnay14VAGD
Jewelry BoxCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Jodar VineyardsBarbera12CABR
Jodar VineyardsChardonnayEstate Resv.13CABR
Jodar VineyardsZinfandel12CABR
Jodar VineyardsPetite SirahEstate Resv12CASL
Jodar VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon11CASL
Karma Vista VydsRiesling-Dry14MISL
KauffmanPosey WhiteNVINGD
KauffmanKauffman 76NVINSL
Kavic WineryDuqueeneNVPAGG
Kavic WineryVidal Blanc13PAGD
Kavic WineryCabernet Sauvignon10PABR
King Ferry WineryGilded LilyNVNYBR
Kita WinesT'Aya13CASL
Kita WinesGrenache BlancCamp 4 Vyd13CABR
Kita WinesS'Alapay1212CABR
Kita WinesSpe'y12CASL
Kita WinesGrenacheCamp 4 Vyd12CABR
Kita WinesSyrahCamp 4 Vyd12CASL
Kita WinesCabernet SauvignonCamp 4 Vyd12CASL
Kita WinesPinot NoirHillard Bruce12CABR
Knapp WineryBrutNVNYSL
Knapp WineryCabernet Franc Ros14NYBR
Knapp WineryRiesling-Dry14NYSL
Knapp WineryPinot Gris13NYGD
Knapp WineryGewurztraminerSemi Dry14NYBR
Knapp WineryGewurztraminerDry14NYBR
Knapp WineryCabernet Sauvignon13NYSL
Konzelmann Estate WineryMerlotReserve12ONT-CANSL
Konzelmann Estate WineryVidal Blanc I.W.10ONT-CANGG
Konzelmann Estate WineryHeritage12ONT-CANGD
Konzelmann Estate WineryPinot Blanc13ONT-CANGG
L MawbyTraditionNVMIGG
L MawbyCremant ClassicNVMISL
L MawbyBlanc de BlancsNVMIGD
La Honda WineryChardonnaySanta Cruz Mtns.13CASL
La Honda WineryZinfandelCentral Coast13CAGD
La Honda WineryPinot NoirSanta Cruz Mtn.13CAGD