2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Lafond WineryChardonnayLafond Vyd12CASL
Lafond WineryChardonnayHilltop Ranch12CAGG
Lafond WineryChardonnaySRH13CASL
Lafond WineryPinot Noir11CAGG
Lafond WineryPinot NoirSRH13CASL
Lafond WineryPinot NoirLafond Vyd11CAGD
Lake Anna WinerySeyval13VABR
Lake Anna WinerySpotsylvania ClaretNVVASL
Lake Anna WineryTannat10VAGD
Lake Anna WineryCabernet Franc12VAGG
Lakewood Vyds.Glaciovinum13NYGG
Lakewood Vyds.Long Stem White13NYGG
Lakewood Vyds.Riesling-Dry13NYGD
Lakewood Vyds.Pinot Gris13NYBR
Lakewood Vyds.Chardonnay13NYGD
Lakewood Vyds.Lemberger13NYBR
Lakewood Vyds.Cabernet Franc13NYSL
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsDry Ros14NYSL
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsGewurztraminer14NYSL
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsRieslingRound Rock Vyd13NYBR
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsChardonnay13NYSL
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsChardonnay09NYGD
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsRiesling-Dry13NYBR
Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars76 West12NYSL
Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsCabernet Franc12NYSL
Lanthier WineryBlackberry SocialNVINBR
Lanthier WineryChautauquablumchenNVINSL
Lanthier WineryTraminetteNVINGD
Lanthier WineryMill Street RedNVINGD
Lanthier WineryFestival CherryNVINSL
Laurentide WineryCherryNVMIBR
Laurentide WineryPinot Noir Ros1414MISL
Laurentide WineryEmergenre13MISL
Laurentide WineryPinot Gris13MIGD
Laurentide WinerySauvignon Blanc14MISL
Laurentide WineryPinot Noir13MISL
Laurier VydsChardonnay13CASL
Laurier VydsPinot Noir12CABR
Lava Cap WineryViognierVinehill13CABR
Lava Cap WineryChardonnayResv.13CASL
Lava Cap WinerySauvignon Blanc14CASL
Lava Cap WineryNuee Ardente11CABR
Lava Cap WineryAmerican River Red12CASL
Lava Cap WineryZinfandelResv.12CASL
Lava Cap WineryCabernet Sauvignon12CASL
Lava Cap WineryBarbera12CASL
Lemon Creek WineryCherryNVMISL
Lemon Creek WineryPinot Grigio13MISL
Lemon Creek WineryGewurztraminer13MISL
Lemon Creek WineryRiesling-Dry13MISL
Lemon Creek WineryChardonnayResv13MIBR
Lemon Creek WineryMeritage-Red12MISL
Lemon Creek WineryCabernet Franc12MISL
Lemon Creek WineryMerlot12MIBR
Lemon Creek WineryCabernet SauvignonBarrel Select12MIBR
Lemon Creek WineryShiraz12MIBR
Lemon Creek WineryPinot Noir12MISL
Lions PeakVisa Vis12CASL
Lions PeakCabernet Sauvignon Resv12CASL
Lions PeakPetit Verdot12CAGD
Lions PeakBon Courage10CASL
Lions PeakCabernet SauvignonRoaring Lion12CASL
Lions PeakMerlot12CASL
Lost VineyardsBerry SangriaNVSpainBR
Lost VineyardsTreeHugger RossoNVItalyBR
Lost VineyardsMerlotNVArgentinaSL
Lost VineyardsCabernet SauvignonNVArgentinaBR
Lost VineyardsMalbec/BonardaNVAgentinaSL
Lost VineyardsSpumanteNVItalyBR
Lost VineyarsLambruscoNVItalyGD
Luna Rossa WinerySangriaNVNMGD
Luna Rossa WineryChardonnay14NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryPinot Grigio14NMBR
Luna Rossa WineryChenin Blanc14NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryRiesling-Dry14NMBR
Luna Rossa WineryAglianico09NMGG
Luna Rossa WineryNebbioloReserve08NMGG
Luna Rossa WineryBarberaReserve07NMGD
Luna Rossa WinerySangiovese12NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryMalbec13NMBR
Luna Rossa WineryCabernet Sauvignon12NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryTempranillo12NMGD
M. LawrenceReddNVMIBR
Martha Clara VydsRiesling-DryResv.13NYSL
Martha Clara VydsChardonnay13NYSL
Martha Clara VydsNorthville12NYSL
Martha Clara VydsMerlot Reserve12NYGD
Martha Clara VydsMerlotIsland12NYBR
Masked RiderThe Fiddler12CABR
Masked RiderPinot NoirSagebrush13CASL
Masked RiderSix Gun13CABR
Masked RiderGunsmoke Red12CASL
Meranda-Nixon WineryNorton13OHBR
Meranda-Nixon WineryCabernet Franc13OHBR
Miranda VineyardWoodridge RedNVCTBR
Morais VineyardsPort-style - Cherry13VAGG
Morais VineyardsPort-styleCab. Franc/Merlot13VABR
Morais VineyardsTouriga14VASL
Muscedere VineyardsRos13ONT-CANBR
Muscedere VineyardsSauvignon Blanc13ONT-CANBR