2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Muscedere VineyardsRiesling-Dry14ONT-CANBR
Muscedere VineyardsPinot Grigio14ONT-CANGD
Muscedere VineyardsCabernet Franc13ONT-CANBR
Muscedere VineyardsBaco NoirResv.11ONT-CANGD
Muscedere VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon11ONT-CANSL
Naked WineryWanderlust WhiteNVORSL
Naked WineryCougarNVORSL
Naked WinerySure Thing14ORGD
Naked WineryPenetration13ORGD
Naked WinerySyrahVixen13ORSL
Naked WinerySangioveseDiva13ORGD
Naked WineryPinot Noir12ORSL
Narmada WineryMalbec10VAGD
Narmada WineryTannat10VASL
Narmada WineryMerlot11VASL
Narmada WineryCabernet Franc11VASL
Nassau Valley VydsPeach Ambrosia13DEBR
Nassau Valley VydsCape Rose13DEGD
Nassau Valley VydsMeadow's Edge13DESL
Nassau Valley VydsLaurel's Red13DEGD
Nathaniel Rose WineRight Bank12MIBR
Nathaniel Rose WineCheloisAbbigail's Vyd12MISL
Nathaniel Rose WineCabernet SauvignonLeft Bank12MIBR
Nathaniel Rose WineTraminette13MIBR
Navarro VydsBrut06CABR
Navarro VydsRieslingDeep End Blend14CAGD
Navarro VydsPetite Sirah12CASL
Navarro VydsPinot NoirAnderson Vly13CABR
Navarro VydsPinot NoirDeep End Blend13CABR
Nevada RidgeSilver State Red12NVGD
Nevada RidgePrimitivo12NVGD
Nevada RidgeSyrah12NVSL
North Branch VydsSt. Croix13VTGD
North Branch VydsMarquette13VTGD
Northern NaturalChardonnay12MIBR
Northern NaturalRiesling11MISL
Northern NaturalRiesling-Dry12MISL
Northern NaturalRockin Robin10MIBR
Oak Haven WineryBlueberry-FLGG
Oak Haven WineryStrawberry-FLBR
Oak Haven WineryCarlosDry-FLGD
Oak Haven WineryCarlos-FLSL
Oak Haven WineryNobleDryNVFLSL
Oak Haven WineryNobleNVFLSL
Odyssey WineryTriaNVCASL
Odyssey WinerySangiovese10CAGD
Odyssey WineryCabernet Sauvignon10CASL
Old York CellarsSouthpaw White12NJSL
Old York CellarsRieslingSweet13NJBR
Old York CellarsStage Coach RedNVNJSL
Old York CellarsCabernet Sauvignon13NJGD
Old York CellarsMerlot13NJSL
One Hope WineSauvignon Blanc13CASL
One Hope WinePinot Noir13CABR
One Hope WineZinfandel13CASL
One Hope WinePinot Noir12CAGD
Orchard Country WinerySweet CherryNVWISL
Orchard Country WineryWhite ChristmasNVWIGD
Orchard Country WinerySeyvalNVWIGD
Orchard Country WineryNathon JohnNVWISL
Orchard Country WineryAudrey GraceNVWIGD
Orchard Country WineryAshlyn SophiaNVWIBR
Oro BelloChardonnay13CABR
Osprey's Dominion VydGewurztraminer12NYBR
Osprey's Dominion VydRiesling-Dry12NYBR
Osprey's Dominion VydSauvignon Blanc14NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydPinot Gris13NYBR
Osprey's Dominion VydCayugaResv.13NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydMeritage-RedFlight10NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydMalbec12NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydCarmen12NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydMerlot10NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydCabernet Franc12NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydCabernet Sauvignon10NYSL
Osprey's Dominion VydPetit VerdotResv.12NYGD
Osprey's Dominion VydCabernet SauvignonResv.10NYGD
Page CellarsThe Artisan11WAGD
Page CellarsSyrahLick My Lips11WASL
Page CellarsMerlotLick My Lips11WABR
Page CellarsCabernet SauvignonPreface10WASL
Pahrump Valley WinerySymphony12NVBR
PedroncelliFriends White14CABR
PedroncelliSauvignon Blanc14CASL
PedroncelliPinot NoirRussian River13CASL
PedroncelliZinfandelBushnell Vyd13CAGG
PedroncelliMerlotBench Vyd12CABR
Peju WineryTessNVCABR
Peller Estates Family SelectChardonnayVQA13BC-CANGD
Peller Estates Family SeriesSauvignon BlancVQA14BC-CANSL
Peller Estates Family SeriesCabernet/Merlot13BC-CANSL
Peller Estates Family SeriesMerlotVQA13BC-CANSL
Pend d'Oreille WineryHuckleberry Blush14IDGD
Pend d'Oreille WineryPinot GrisWashington14IDBR
Penguin Bay WineryVidal Blanc I.W.13NYSL
Penguin Bay WineryPercussionNVNYSL
Penguin Bay WineryGewurztraminer13NYBR
Penguin Bay WineryRiesling14NYSL
Penguin Bay WineryRiesling-Dry14NYBR