2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Penguin Bay WineryMaroon FourNVNYBR
Penguin Bay WineryCabernet FrancResv.12NYBR
Penguin Bay WineryPinot Noir11NYSL
Penguin Bay WineryCabernet Franc11NYBR
Pepperwood GrovePinot NoirNVChileGD
Pepperwood GroveChardonnayNVChileSL
Pepperwood GrovePinot GrigioNVCASL
Pick MePick Me RedNVORBR
Pick MePick Me WhiteNVORSL
Pink TruckPink Wine13CAGD
Plum Creek CellarsPalisade FestivalNVCOBR
Plum Creek CellarsPinot Gris14COGD
Plum Creek CellarsRiesling13COGD
Plum Creek CellarsPalisade RedNVCOBR
Plum Creek CellarsMeritage-Red10COSL
Plum Creek CellarsCabernet Franc12COSL
Prix VydChardonnayNapa Vly13CABR
Prix VydMelange09CAGD
Project PasoLonely Oak Red12CASL
Quady WineryElectra13CASL
Quady WineryElysium13CASL
R&B CellarsSarabande13CASL
R&B CellarsThe ImproviserNVCASL
R&B CellarsSwingsville14CASL
R&B CellarsZydeco12CABR
R&B CellarsCabernet Sauvignon ResvLyric of the Vine09CAGD
Red Jack Wine Co.ChardonnayNVVABR
Red Jack Wine Co.Red BlendNVVASL
Red TruckPinot Noir13CABR
Red TruckCabernet Sauvignon12CAGD
Red TruckRed Table13CASL
Reggae WinesReggae WhiteNVINSL
Reggae WinesReggae BlushNVINGD
Reggae WinesReggae RedNVINGD
Rideau VydViognier13CASL
Rideau VydChateau Duplantier12CASL
Rideau VydMourvedre12CASL
River's Bend WineryRiesling-DryNVGASL
River's Bend WineryPinot NoirNVGASL
Rosenthal The Malibu EstateChardonnay12CAGD
Rosenthal The Malibu EstateMerlot12CASL
Roza RidgeRoadside Market Red10WAGD
Roza RidgeMalbec11WASL
Roza RidgePetit Verdot11WABR
Roza RidgeCabernet Sauvignon12WASL
Roza RidgeSyrah10WASL
Rutherford VintnersSauvignon BlancNapa14CABR
Rutherford VintnersPinot NoirNapa12CASL
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon12CABR
Salt of the EarthFlore de Moscato13CASL
San Juan VineyardsSiegerrebePuget Sound14WASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnay13CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryGrenache12CASL
Santa Barbara WineryLagrein11CABR
Santa Barbara WinerySyrah12CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Barbara Cnty13CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Rita Hills13CASL
Satori CellarsMerlotOf the Violet Flame12CASL
Satori CellarsCabernet SauvignonOf the Blue Hand12CASL
Satori CellarsZa Zin12CASL
Satori CellarsOH-SO Zine12CASL
Serpent RidgeAlbarino13MDBR
Serpent RidgeCabernet SauvignonVintner's Cabernet12MDBR
Shady Lane CellarsGewurztraminer13MIGD
Shady Lane CellarsRieslingSemi-Dry13MISL
Shady Lane CellarsRiesling-Dry13MIBR
Shady Lane CellarsFranc "N" Franc12MIBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Vignoles L.H.13CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Angelica Ros12CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Dry Ros13CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Ballet of AngelsNVCTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Riesling13CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Riesling-DryVyd Resv.12CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Cuvee Ammi Phillips12CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.ChardonnayResv.12CTGG
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Chardonnay12CTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Red Seraph10CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Cabernet FrancResv.12CTSL
Silvan Ridge WineryMalbec12ORSL
Silver RidgeChardonnay13CAGD
Silver RidgeMerlot12CASL
Silver RidgePinot Noir13CASL
Silver RidgeCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Simon Creek VydDoor County Cherry13WISL
Simon Creek VydMuscat11WIGD
Simon Creek VydGewurztraminer11WISL
Simon Creek VydSpeakeasy Red11WISL
Simon Creek VydRuby Cabernet12WIGD
Simple LifeChardonnay13CASL
Simple LifePinot Noir13CABR
Sivas-SonomaSauvignon Blanc13CASL
Sivas-SonomaCabernet Sauvignon12CAGD
Six Hands WineryViognier13CASL
Six Hands WineryChardonnayHeringer Estate13CAGD
Six Hands WineryChenin BlancCresci Vyd13CABR
Six Hands WineryDelta Red12CASL
Six Hands WineryPrestige12CAGD
Six Hands WineryPetite SirahCresci Vyd12CASL
Six Hands WineryCabernet SauvignonCresci Vyd12CASL