2015 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Sjoeblom WineryChauvignon Resv.01CABR
Skimmerhorn WineryAutumn Tryst14BC-CANGD
Skimmerhorn WineryOrtega14BC-CANSL
Skimmerhorn WineryGewurztraminer14BC-CANGD
Skimmerhorn WineryPinot Gris14BC-CANSL
Skimmerhorn WineryDevil's Chair13BC-CANSL
Skimmerhorn WineryMarechal Foch13BC-CANSL
Skipping Stone CellarsBeach Berry12MISL
Skipping Stone CellarsSuttons Bay Ros13MIBR
Skipping Stone CellarsDockside White13MIBR
Skipping Stone CellarsBayview Red13MISL
Smoking LoonRed LoonaticNVCAGD
Smoking LoonChardonnay13CASL
Smoking LoonChardonnaySteelbird13CAGD
Smoking LoonPinot Grigio13CASL
Smoking LoonBlue Loon13CAGG
Smoking LoonCabernet Sauvignon13ChileSL
Smoking LoonEl Carancho13ChileSL
Smoking LoonPinot Noir13ChileGD
Smoking LoonSyrah13ChileGD
Smoking LoonMerlot13ChileGD
Spangler VydsZinfandelAlexander Vly12ORGD
Spangler VydsAlicante BouschetAmador Cnty13ORBR
Spangler VydsMourvedreEl Dorado Cnty12ORBR
Spangler VydsPetite SirahAlexander Vly12ORGG
Spangler VydsGrenache12ORBR
Spangler VydsCabernet Franc12ORGD
St James WineryRaspberryNVMOGD
St James WineryBlueberryNVMOSL
St James WineryBlackberryNVMOGD
St James WineryPeachNVMOBR
St James WineryStrawberryNVMOSL
St James WineryCherryNVMOSL
St James WineryFriendship School WhiteNVMOSL
St James WineryPioneer White13MOSL
St James WineryMoscatoNVMOSL
St James WineryRieslingNVMOGD
St James WineryVignoles14MOGD
St James WineryFriendship School RedNVMOBR
St James WineryPioneer Red13MOBR
St James WineryCynthiana13MOSL
St James WineryNorton13MOBR
St. Julian WineGrey HeronVodkaNVMISL
St. Julian WineSolera Cream SherryNVMIGG
St. Julian WineWhite HeronNVMIGD
St. Julian WineBlue HeronNVMISL
St. Julian WineTraminetteLMS13MIGD
St. Julian WineRieslingLMS14MIGG
St. Julian WineRed HeronNVMISL
Sunset CellarsSyrahWirth Ranch09CABR
Sunset CellarsBarberaNapa09CASL
Swedish Hill WineryNaturalNVNYGD
Swedish Hill WineryRiesling CuveeNVNYGD
Swedish Hill WineryVignoles L.H.14NYGG
Swedish Hill WineryCayuga White14NYGD
Swedish Hill WineryVidal Blanc13NYGD
Swedish Hill WineryRieslingBlue Waters13NYSL
Swedish Hill WineryRiesling13NYBR
Swedish Hill WineryRiesling-Dry13NYBR
Swedish Hill WineryRieslingHumphrey's Vyd13NYSL
Swedish Hill WineryChardonnayResv.13NYBR
Swedish Hill WineryOptimus12NYBR
Swedish Hill WineryCabernet Franc/Lemberger12NYGD
Swedish Hill WineryCabernet Franc12NYGD
Sweet NanciSparkling PeachNVMIGG
Sweet NanciSparkling TraminetteNVMIGD
Sweet Tulip WinesPink MoscatoNVINSL
Sweet Tulip WinesMoscatoNVINGD
Sweet Tulip WinesSweet Tulip RedNVINGD
Tabor Hill WineryGrand MarkNVMIGG
Tabor Hill WineryCherryNVMIGD
Tabor Hill WineryCabernet Franc PortNVMIBR
Tabor Hill WineryLake Michigan Shore Ros13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryClassic Demi-SecNVMIGD
Tabor Hill WineryChardonel11MISL
Tabor Hill WineryPinot Gris13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryChardonnay12MIBR
Tabor Hill WineryKerner13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryRiesling13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryRiesling-Dry13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryGewurztraminer13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryValin Muscat13MIGD
Tabor Hill WineryTraminette13MIBR
Tabor Hill WineryViognier13MISL
Tabor Hill WineryClassic Demi-RedNVMIBR
Tabor Hill WineryRed ArrowNVMIBR
Tabor Hill WinerySyrah12MISL
Tabor Hill WineryCabernet Sauvignon12MIBR
Tabor Hill WineryMerlot12MIBR
Tabor Hill WineryCabernet Franc12MIGD
Tabor Hill WineryLemberger12MISL
Tabor Hill WineryPinot Noir13MIBR
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonSonoma12CASL
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonRussian River12CASL
The CrusherViognier13CASL
The CrusherPinot Noir13CASL
The CrusherMerlot13CAGD
The Hive WinerySummer MeadNVUTBR
The Hive WineryBlack Currant/HoneyNVUTBR
The Hive WineryBlackberryNVUTSL