2016 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Anna PesaLemberger2013SDGD
Anna PesaZinfandel2013SDSL
Anna PesaCabernet Sauvignon2013SDSL
Barefoot BubblyProseccoNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyMoscato SpumanteNVCAGG
Barefoot BubblyBrutNVCAGG
Barefoot BubblySparkling Red MoscatoNVCAGG
Barefoot BubblyBerry FusionNVCAGG
Barefoot BubblySparkling Extra DryNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyPink MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling Pinot GrigioNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling PeachNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyTropical FusionNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyCitrus FusionNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRich Red BlendNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsMalbecNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsPinot GrigioNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsWhite ZinfandelNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsMerlotNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsRosa RedNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPinot NoirNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsShirazNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsZinfandelNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsCabernet SauvignonNVArgentinaSL
Barefoot CellarsSauvignon BlancNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsChardonnayNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRiesling Semi-SweetNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPink MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRed MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsSweet RedNVCASL
Herzog Wine CellarsCabernet Sauvignon Resv.2013CAGD
Herzog Wine CellarsChardonnay Resv.2013CAGG
Baron Herzog Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles2014CASL
Baron Herzog Wine CellarsChardonnayClarksburg2015CASL
Baron Herzog Wine CellarsChenin BlancClarksburg2015CASL
Belhurst Estate WineryCabernet Franc2014NYGD
Belhurst Estate WinerySparkling IsabellaNVNYGD
Belhurst Estate WineryPrincessNVNYGD
Belhurst Estate WineryCabernet Sauvignon2013NYGG
Belhurst Estate WineryMerlot2014NYSL
Belhurst Estate WineryNaturelNVNYSL
Belhurst Estate WineryChardonnay2015NYSL
Belhurst Estate WineryRiesling Dry2015NYSL
Belhurst Estate WineryRiesling Semi-Sweet2015NYSL
Black Willow WineryDiamond2015NYGG
Black Willow WineryTriology Red2015NYSL
Black Willow WineryChardonnay2015NYSL
Black Willow WineryTriology White2015NYSL
Black Willow WineryBare Cat Blush2015NYSL
Black Willow WineryBlack Widow Berry2015NYSL
Bodega Estrella de Los AndesLa Dolfina Blend2014ArgentinaBR
Bodega Estrella de Los AndesPont Leveque Legende Rebel2014ArgentinaGD
Bodega Estrella de Los AndesEstrella Negra Blend2014ArgentinaSL
Bordeleau WineryCabernet FrancNVMDGG
Bordeleau WineryMalbecNVMDGG
Bordeleau WineryChardonnay - OakedNVMDSL
Campo ViejoGrenacheRioja2015SPAINBR
Campo ViejoTempranilloRioja2014SPAINGD
Campo ViejoReserva2011SPAINGD
Campo ViejoGran Reserva2010SPAINSL
Campo ViejoBrut RosNVSPAINSL
Campo ViejoSparkling BrutNVSPAINSL
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling2015WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryGewurztraminer2015WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryLa Belle Vie2015WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryBon Vivant2015WISL
Cedar Creek WineryPinot Grigio2015WISL
Covert Wine WorksRuby PortNVVASL
Don ErnestoCrescendo2014CAGG
Effingham ManorViognier2015VABR
Effingham ManorRose2015VAGD
Effingham ManorMerlot2015VAGG
Effingham ManorKing's Ransom2014VASL
Effingham ManorTraminette2015VASL
Effingham ManorMeritage - Red2014VASL
Finca Las MorasMora Negra2012ArgentinaBR
Finca Las MorasPaz2014ArgentinaBR
Finca Las MorasGran Syrah2013ArgentinaSL
Forchini Vineyards & WineryPapa Nonno2014CAGD
Forchini Vineyards & WineryPinot Noir Resv.2013CAGD
Forchini Vineyards & WineryZinfandelOld Vine2014CAGD
Forchini Vineyards & WineryBeau Sierra2013CASL
Forchini Vineyards & WineryCabernet Sauvignon Resv.2013CASL
Gallo Family VineyardsMoscatoNVCABR
Gallo Family VineyardsRed MoscatoNVCAGD
Gallo Family VineyardsMerlotNVCAGG
Gallo Family VineyardsPink MoscatoNVCASL
Goose BaySauvignon Blanc2015NZSL
Goose BayPinot Grigio2016NZSL
Goose BayBlush Pinot Noir2016NZSL
Grande River VineyardSauvignon Blanc2015COBR
Grande River VineyardCabernet Franc2014COSL
Grande River VineyardMeritage - Red2012COSL
Grande River VineyardRiesling Semi-Sweet2014COSL
Gray Ghost VineyardsAdieu2015VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsPetite Verdot2014VAGD
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon2014VAGD
Gray Ghost VineyardsVidal Blanc2015VAGD
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Resv.2013VAGG