2016 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Gray Ghost VineyardsChardonnay2015VAGG
Gray Ghost VineyardsRanger Red2014VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsChardonnay - Oaked2015VASL
Hagafen Cellars IncSyrahOak Knoll2014CAGD
Hagafen Cellars IncCabernet SauvignonNapa2013CAGD
Hagafen Cellars IncMerlotNapa2014CASL
Hagafen Cellars IncBrut Cuvee2012CASL
Hollen FamilyBonarda2014ArgentinaSL
Hollen FamilyMalbec2014ArgentinaSL
Hollen FamilyCabernet Sauvignon2014ArgentinaSL
James River CellarsMonitor V. CSS2013VAGD
James River CellarsChambourcin Dessert2014VAGD
James River CellarsChardonel2015VAGG
James River CellarsPetit Manseng2015VASL
James River CellarsGewurztraminer2015VASL
Kiara BelleRed WineNVCASL
Kiara BelleWhite WineNVCASL
Le Vigne WineryCabernet Sauvignon2014CAGD
Le Vigne WineryMerlot2014CAGG
Le Vigne WineryChardonnay2015CASL
Lafond WineryPinot Noir SRH2014CAGD
Lafond WineryPinot NoirLafond Vyd2012CAGD
Lafond WineryChardonnay - Oaked2013CAGG
Lafond WineryPinot NoirAnita Hills Vyd2012CASL
Lafond WinerySyrah SRH2013CASL
Lafond WineryChardonnayHilltop Ranch2014CASL
Lafond WineryChardonnay unoakedLafond Vyd2013CASL
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryLong Stem Red2015NYBR
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryChardonnay2015NYBR
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryValvin Muscat2015NYBR
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryVignoles2015NYGD
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryRiesling Semi-Sweet2015NYGG
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryGlaciovinum2015NYGG
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryFull Monty Riesling2015NYSL
Lakewood Vineyard & WineryRiesling Dry2015NYSL
Mascota VineyardsUnanime2013ArgentinaSL
Mascota VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon2014ArgentinaSL
Mascota VineyardsBig Bat Cabernet Sauv.2013ArgentinaSL
Pearmund CellarsPetite VerdotTollgate Vyd2015VAGG
Pearmund CellarsPetit MansengSilver River Vyd2015VAGG
Pearmund CellarsViognierSilver River Vyd2015VAGG
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage2014VASL
Pearmund CellarsCabernet FrancTollgate Vyd2014VASL
Prairie Berry WineryOrange MeadNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryLawrence ElkNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryPumpkin BogNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryLewis & Clark2015SDGD
Prairie Berry WineryPeach MeadNVSDGG
Prairie Berry WineryMeritage2013SDSL
Prairie Berry WineryRhubarbNVSDSL
Prairie Berry WineryCalamity JaneNVSDSL
Quady WineryRed Electra2015CASL
Quady WineryElectra2015CASL
R & B CellarsCabernet Sauvignon Resv.Bingham Ranch2009CABR
R & B CellarsViognierVivace2015CABR
R & B CellarsLa ChateuseNVCABR
R & B CellarsThe ImprovisorNVCAGD
R & B CellarsRomance of the VineNVCAGD
Robledo Family WinerySparkling Brut2010CAGG
Robledo Family WineryPinot Noir2013CASL
Robledo Family WineryRed Table Wine2012CASL
Robledo Family WinerySauvignon BlancLake Cnty2014CASL
Robledo Family WineryChardonnay - OakedLos Carneros2014CASL
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon2014CAGD
Salth of the EarthRed Moscato2015CAGG
Salth of the EarthMoscato2015CASL
SandaraBlanc de BlancsNVSPAINSL
SandaraSparkling BobalNVSPAINSL
Santa Barbara WineryGewurztraminer2014CABR
Santa Barbara WineryPinot Noir2013CAGD
Santa Barbara WinerySangiovese2013CAGD
Santa Barbara WinerySauvignon BlancSanta Ynez Vly2015CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnayLafond Vyd2014CAGG
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnay Resv.Santa Rita Hills2014CASL
Schulze Vineyards & WineryCatawbaNVNYBR
Schulze Vineyards & WineryLake House RedNVNYBR
Schulze Vineyards & WineryRubyNVNYBR
Schulze Vineyards & WineryVidal Blanc2014NYGD
Schulze Vineyards & WinerySigfried2014NYSL
Schulze Vineyards & WineryThree Mile PointNVNYSL
Spangler VineyardsSangiovese2013ORGD
Spangler VineyardsZinfandel2013ORGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon2013ORGD
Spangler VineyardsTempranillo2013ORSL
Spangler VineyardsSyrah2012ORSL
Spangler VineyardsMalbec2013ORSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardCirce Resv.2014MDBR
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardRos2015MDBR
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardEvoe2013MDSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardCabernet FrancResv.2012MDSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardPinot Grigio2015MDSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardPenelope2015MDSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardChardonnay2015MDSL
Sugarloaf Mountain VineyardViognier2015MDSL
The Naked GrapePinot NoirNVCABR
The Naked GrapeMerlotNVCABR
The Naked GrapePinot GrigioNVCABR
The Naked GrapeMoscatoNVCAGD
The Naked GrapeHarvest Red BlendNVCASL
The Naked GrapeCabernet SauvignonNVCASL