2016 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
The Naked GrapeChardonnayNVCASL
Tiki TongaDraft SangriaNVSPAINGD
TrapicheMalbec Finca Ambrosia2012ArgentinaGD
TrapicheCabernet Sauvignon Finca Laborde Edicion2012ArgentinaGG
TrapicheMalbec Broquel2014ArgentinaSL
TrapicheCabernet Sauvignon Medalla2013ArgentinaSL
VelataMersequera/Sauvignon BlancNVSPAINSL
VelataBoba/Cabernet SauvignonNVSPAINSL
Vina SiciliaNero d'Avola2015ColombiaBR
Vina SiciliaBianco2015ColombiaBR
Vina Vida SACashmere Blend2013ArgentinaBR
Vina Vida SAMalbec Bien Nacido2013ArgentinaGD
Vina Vida SAMalbec Business Class2013ArgentinaSL
Vino e BuonoZinfandel2008COBR
Vino e BuonoSangiovese2009COSL
Vino e BuonoBarbera2010COSL
Vino e BuonoCabernet Franc2010COSL
Vino e BuonoMalbec2010COSL
Vino e BuonoCabernet Sauvignon2009COSL
Vint Hill Craft WineryCabernet Sauvignon2013VAGD
Vint Hill Craft WineryEnigma Red2014VASL
Vint Hill Craft WineryViognier2015VASL
Vint Hill Craft WineryChardonnay2014VASL
Wakefield/Taylors WinesSt. Andrews Dry Riesling2016AustraliaBR
Wakefield/Taylors WinesShirazClare Vly2015AustraliaGD
Wakefield/Taylors WinesSt. Andrews Shiraz2014AustraliaGD
Wakefield/Taylors WinesSt. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon2014AustraliaGG
Wakefield/Taylors WinesSt. Andrews Chardonnay2015AustraliaGG
Wakefield/Taylors WinesJaraman Shiraz2015AustraliaSL
Wakefield/Taylors WinesJaraman Chardonnay2015AustraliaSL
Windrun WinePinot Noir Santa Barbara2013CABR
Windrun WinePinot Noir San Luis Obispo2012CASL
Windrun WinePinot Noir Santa Rita Hills2013CASL
Wollersheim WineryWhite Riesling2015WIGD
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Blush2015WIGD
Wollersheim WineryRiesling Dry2015WISL
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Fume2015WISL
Wollersheim WineryBlushing RosNVWISL
Wyldewood CellarsElderberry2015KSBR
Wyldewood CellarsWylde Valley Red2015KSBR
Wyldewood CellarsLady Dulce2015KSGD
Wyldewood CellarsElderberry Mead2015KSGD
Wyldewood CellarsSpiced Elderberry2015KSGD
Wyldewood CellarsTraminette2015KSSL
Wyldewood CellarsElderberry/Blackberry2015KSSL
Wyldewood CellarsPeach2015KSSL
Wyldewood CellarsLady Pearl2015KSSL
Zugibe VineyardsCabernet Franc2013NYBR
Zugibe VineyardsRiesling Semi-Sweet2015NYSL