2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
12 Corners VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon14MISL
12 Corners VineyardsChardonnay14MISL
Ackerman WineryBlackberryNVIABR
Ackerman WineryCatawbaNVIASL
Ackerman WineryCherryNVIABR
Ackerman WineryNiagaraNVIASL
Ackerman WineryPlumNVIAGD
Adirondack WineryLake Winds White15NYBR
Adirondack WineryPinot Gris15NYSL
Alba Vyd.Barbera13NJSL
Alba Vyd.Chardonnay14NJSL
Alba Vyd.Gewurztraminer14NJSL
Alba Vyd.Heritage13NJGD
Alba Vyd.Pinot Noir13NJSL
Alba Vyd.Riesling14NJSL
Alcantara Vyds.Merlot14AZSL
Alcantara Vyds.Pinot Grigio14AZBR
Alcantara Vyds.Riesling-Dry15AZSL
Alexander Valley VydsHomestead Red Blend14CASL
Alexander Valley VydsRedemption Zinfandel13CASL
Alexander Valley VydsSin Zin13CAGD
Alexander Valley VydsTemptation Zinfandel13CASL
Almaza Wine CellarsBarbera12TXBR
Almaza Wine CellarsPetite Sirah12TXGD
Almaza Wine CellarsPinotage14TXBR
Almaza Wine CellarsSyrah/Malbec12TXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsVino Rossi11TXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsZiad's Barbaresco12TXBR
Altamillo SeleccionMalbec13ArgentinaGD
Amizetta EstateCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Amizetta EstateComplexity13CAGG
Ano VerdePinot NoirSanta Barbara13CAGD
Anthony's HillChardonnayNVCASL
Anthony's HillGewurztraminerNVCAGG
Anthony's HillMerlotNVCASL
Anthony's HillRieslingNVCASL
AquinasCabernet Sauvignon14CAGD
AuthenticaCitrus WhiteNVNYSL
AuthenticaClassic Red SangriaNVNYSL
Avondale SkyBaco Noir/FochResv.13NS-CANGD
Avondale SkyBliss15NS-CANSL
Avondale SkyCheverie13NS-CANSL
Avondale SkyLeon Millot14NS-CANSL
Avondale SkyLeon Millot/FochFerry Rd14NS-CANSL
Avondale SkyMarechal FochNewport13NS-CANGD
Avondale SkyMarechal FochResv.12NS-CANSL
Avondale SkyTenny Cape14NS-CANSL
B SideCabernet SauvignonNapa14CABR
B SideRed Wine Blend14CAGG
B.R. Cohn WineryCabernet SauvignonOlive Hill Estate13CASL
B.R. Cohn WineryCabernet SauvignonSilver Label14CASL
B.R. Cohn WineryPinot NoirRussian River13CABR
B.R. Cohn WinerySangiacomo14CAGD
Baldwin VydsApple-SpicedNVNYGD
Balistreri VydsCabernet Sauvignon14COBR
Balistreri VydsCarignan14COBR
Balistreri VydsMerlotTalbott14COBR
Balistreri VydsPetite Sirah14COBR
Balistreri VydsSyrah14COGD
Balistreri VydsSyrahHorse Mtn.14COSL
Balistreri VydsTawnyNVCOSL
Balistreri VydsTempranillo14COSL
Bar Z WineryEnigmatic07TXGD
Bar Z WineryEnigmatic08TXSL
Bar Z WineryPinot Noir14TXBR
Bar Z WineryTempranillo09TXSL
Bar Z WineryTempranillo12TXBR
Barefoot BubblyBerry FusionNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyBrut CuveeNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyCitrus FusionNVCABR
Barefoot BubblyExtra DryNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyMoscato SpumanteNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyPeach FusionNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyPink MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyProseccoNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyRed MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling Pinot GrigioNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyTropical FusionNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsCabernet SauvignonNVArgentinaGG
Barefoot CellarsChardonnayNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMalbecNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsMerlotNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPink MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPinot GrigioNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsPinot NoirNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRed MoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRich Red BlendNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsRieslingNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRosa RedNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsSauvignon BlancNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsShirazNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsSweet RedNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsWhite ZinfandelNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsZinfandelNVCABR
Bargetto WineryLa Vita12CASL
Baron HerzogCabernet Sauvignon14CABR