2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Carlos Creek WineryRaspberry RoadNVMNGD
Carlos Creek WineryVintner's BlendNVMNBR
Carlos Creek WineryYou Betcha BlushNVMNSL
Carol Shelton WinesPinot NoirLarson Vyd13CASL
Carol Shelton WinesPizazz Zin13CAGD
Carol Shelton WinesWild Thing Zin14CAGD
Carousel WineryRiesling15INGD
Carousel WineryShadow Dog03INGD
Cartlidge & BrowneCabernet Sauvignon14CABR
Cartlidge & BrowneChardonnay14CASL
Cartlidge & BrowneMerlot14CAGD
Cartlidge & BrownePinot Noir14CASL
Casa PeriniSparkling MoscatoNVBrazilGD
Castle Creek WineryCabernet SauvignonNVUTSL
Castle Creek WineryChardonnay UnoakedNVUTBR
Castle Creek WineryMerlotNVUTSL
Castle Creek WineryMonument RedNVUTSL
Castle Creek WineryPetroglphNVUTSL
Cedar Creek WineryBon Vivant15WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryGewurztraminer15WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryLa Belle Vie15WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryPinot Grigio15WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling15WISL
Charleston PeakCZS13NVBR
Charleston PeakPeak White14NVGD
Chateau ChantalChardonnayResv.14MISL
Chateau ChantalCherryNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalCinq d SeptNVMIGD
Chateau ChantalLujan de Cuyo13ArgentinaSL
Chateau ChantalMalbec Ros15MIBR
Chateau ChantalNaughty RedNVMISL
Chateau ChantalPinot Grigio14MIGD
Chateau ChantalPinot Noir14MISL
Chateau ChantalPinot NoirPontes vyd12MISL
Chateau ChantalReserve Trio12MISL
Chateau ChantalRieslingSemi Dry13MISL
Chateau ChantalSparkling CherryNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalTwilightNVMIBR
Chateau Elan WineryBelle15GABR
Chateau Elan WineryCabernet Sauvignon14GABR
Chateau Elan WineryChardonnay15GABR
Chateau Elan WineryMameli14GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryMeritage-Red14GASL
Chateau Elan WineryMuscadry Blanc15GABR
Chateau Elan WineryMuscadry Rouge15GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryPinot Grigio15GASL
Chateau Elan WineryRos15GASL
Chateau Elan WinerySauvignon Blanc15GASL
Chateau Elan WineryScarlet14GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryZyrah14GASL
Chateau FontaineBig Paw RedNVMISL
Chateau FontaineChardonnay Unoaked14MIGD
Chateau FontaineCherryNVMIGG
Chateau FontaineGewurztraminer14MISL
Chateau FontaineGruner Veltliner14MISL
Chateau FontainePinot Blanc13MIGD
Chateau FontainePinot Gris14MIGD
Chateau FontaineRieslingsemi-sweet14MIBR
Chateau FontaineRiesling-Dry14MISL
Chateau FontaineViognier13MISL
Chateau FontaineWoodland White13MISL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauChardonnayBarrel Fermented14NYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauChardonnayProprietors Resv.14NYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauMeritage-Red13NYSL
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRieslingSemi Dry14NYGD
Chateau LaFayette ReneauRiesling-Dry14NYGG
Chateau LaFayette ReneauSyrah13NYSL
Cherry Creek CellarsApple-Fortified14MISL
Cherry Creek CellarsCabernet SauvignonLynn Aleksandr12MISL
Cherry Creek CellarsChardonnay Oaked13MIBR
Cherry Creek CellarsGreat Lakes Nouveau13MIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsGreat Lakes Sautern14MIBR
Cherry Creek CellarsJazz14MIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsMarechal FochLynn Aleksandr12MIBR
Cherry Creek CellarsMeritage-RedLynn Aleksandr12MISL
Cherry Creek CellarsMontage13MISL
Cherry Creek CellarsTraminetteLynn Aleksandr13MISL
Chestnut Run FarmAppleResv.NVNJBR
Chestnut Run FarmPearNVNJBR
Chestnut Run FarmShiro PlumNVNJGG
Ciccone VineyardGewurztraminer14MIBR
Ciccone VineyardNectar13MIBR
Clos PegaseCabernet Sauvignon12CABR
Clos PegaseChardonnayMitsuko Vyd13CAGD
Clos PegaseMerlotMitsuko Vyd13CASL
Clos PegaseSauvignon BlancMitsuko Vyd14CASL
Cocobon Vyds.Red Blend14CASL
Conviction WinesDreamers & Schemers Red14BC-CANSL
Conviction WinesThe Financier15BC-CANSL
Cooper VineyardsChardonel15VASL
Cooper VineyardsCoopertage Red14VASL
Cooper VineyardsNortonReserve14VABR
Cooper VineyardsPetit VerdotReserve13VASL
Cooper VineyardsTraminette15VABR
Cosentino WineryThe Blanc15CASL
Cosentino WineryThe Cab14CAGD
Cosentino WineryThe Dark14CAGG
Cosentino WineryThe Franc14CAGD
Cosentino WineryThe Rose15CASL
Cosentino WineryThe Zin14CAGD