2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Covert WineworksCoco - Port StyleNVVASL
Covert WineworksMisty15VABR
Coyote Moon Vyds.Brianna14NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.Casa Papa Red13NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.Chardonnay Oaked12NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Chardonnay UnoakedNaked Chardonnay14NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Cherry Bomb14NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.Dry LaCrescent14NYBR
Coyote Moon Vyds.Dry Ros14NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Fire Boat Red14NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Fire Boat White14NYGG
Coyote Moon Vyds.Frontenac Blanc13NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.Frontenac Gris14NYBR
Coyote Moon Vyds.LaCrescent13NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Marquette14NYBR
Coyote Moon Vyds.MarquetteReserve12NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Moscato14NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.Razzle Dazzle14NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.River Run14NYSL
Coyote Moon Vyds.River Time14NYGD
Coyote Moon Vyds.Twisted Sister13NYSL
Crespi RanchPinot NoirArroyo Seco13CABR
Crespi RanchPinot NoirRussian River12CASL
Crespi RanchPinot NoirSanta Lucia13CASL
Crespi RanchPinot NoirSanta Maria Vly12CAGD
Dakota Sun GardensApple15NDSL
Dakota Sun GardensAronia15NDSL
Dakota Sun GardensHaskap15NDGG
Dakota Sun GardensRaspberry15NDSL
Di ArieBreak Away12CASL
Di ArieCabernet Sauvignon12CAGD
Di ArieOn Stage12CAGD
Di ArieRos15CABR
Domaine Berrien CellarsCrown of Cab13MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsSeyval15MIGG
Don & SonsPinot NoirSonoma14CASL
Don ErnestoBeret Rose'15CABR
Don Luis SeleccionTerra12MexicoSL
Duck Creek VydMallard Red15WISL
Duck Creek VydMuscovy Duck15WISL
Duck Creek VydNoiret15WISL
Duck Creek VydRootbeer Mead15WISL
Duck Creek VydSassy Duck15WIGD
Duck Creek VydSweet Mead15WIBR
Eagle City WineryChokecherryNVIAGG
Eagle City WineryRaspberryNVIAGD
Easley WineryChardonnay Unoaked15INGD
Easley WineryI ThinkNVINSL
Easley WineryRiesling15INGD
Easley WineryTraminette15INGD
Elk Run VydsGewurztraminer15MDGD
Elk Run VydsPinot Noir14MDSL
Familia Giraud BilloudMalbec12ArgentinaGD
Farmer's Daughter VydBombshell15GASL
Farmer's Daughter VydHellraiser15GASL
Farmer's Daughter VydKnockout15GASL
Farmer's Daughter VydTroublemaker15GAGD
Fazeli CellarsMeritage-Red12CAGG
Fazeli CellarsShiraz12CAGD
Fenn Valley Vyds42 Ice WineNvMIGD
Fenn Valley VydsBacca Secca13MISL
Fenn Valley VydsBlueberry14MISL
Fenn Valley VydsCabaret Rose'15MIBR
Fenn Valley VydsCabernet Sauvignon13MISL
Fenn Valley VydsCapriccioNVMIBR
Fenn Valley VydsClassic PortNVMIBR
Fenn Valley VydsEdelzwicker15MIGG
Fenn Valley VydsMeritage-Red14MIGD
Fenn Valley VydsMerlotReserve13MISL
Fenn Valley VydsPremier CuveeNVMISL
Fenn Valley VydsRiesling15MISL
Fenn Valley VydsRiesling-Dry15MIGD
Fenn Valley VydsTraminette15MISL
Fenn Valley VydsTrue Chardonnay15MISL
FerranteChardonnay Oaked14OHBR
FerranteGolden Bunches14OHGD
FerranteGruner Veltliner13OHGD
FerranteRieslingSignature Series14OHGG
FerranteVidal Blanc I.W.13OHGG
Fetzer VineyardsChardonnay13CASL
Fetzer VineyardsPinot Grigio14CASL
Fiesta VineyardMalbec14TXBR
Fiesta VineyardSweet Bailey Ray14TXGD
Fiesta VineyardTexas Summer Night14TXBR
Fincas Mellado LopezMalbec15ArgentinaGD
Fiore WineryCabernet Franc12MDGD
Fiore WineryCabernet Sauvignon10MDSL
Fiore WineryMerlot13MDBR
Fiore WineryPinot Grigio15MDGD
Fiore WinerySangiovese12MDSL
Fiore WineryVidal Blanc15MDGD
Florida Orange Groves WineryMidnight SunNVFLBR
Florida Orange Groves WinerySt. Pete SangriaNVFLSL
Florida Orange Groves WineryWhite GoldNVFLBR
Forchini VydsBeau Sierra12CASL
Forchini VydsCabernet SauvignonDry Creek12CASL