2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Forchini VydsPapa Nonno13CASL
Forchini VydsZinfandelOld Vine13CABR
Forest Edge WineryAppleNVMNGD
Forest Edge WineryApple/Black CurrantNVMNBR
Forest Edge WineryBlack CurrantNVMNSL
Forest Edge WineryRhubarbNVMNGD
Forest Edge WineryRhubarb/RaspberryNVMNSL
Forest GlenChardonnay14CABR
Forest GlenForest Fire15CAGD
Forest GlenMerlot14CASL
Forest GlenMoscato14CASL
Forest GlenPinot Grigio15CAGD
Forest GlenPinot Noir14CASL
Franklin Hill VydsHard Cider15PASL
Franklin Hill VydsHard Cider-Hopped15PASL
Franklin Hill VydsMidnight15PASL
Fresh Tracks FarmFrontenac Gris11VTSL
Fresh Tracks FarmMaple WineNVVTSL
Fresh Tracks FarmMarquette Ros14VTSL
Fresh Tracks FarmVermont Ros14VTBR
Fulkerson WineryCabernet Franc13NYSL
Fulkerson WineryRiesling-Dry12NYBR
Gallo Family VydsMerlotNVCAGD
Gallo Family VydsMoscatoNVCAGD
Gallo Family VydsPink MoscatoNVCAGD
Gallo Family VydsRed MoscatoNVCASL
Garnet VydsCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles13CAGG
Garnet VydsChardonnayMonterey13CASL
Garnet VydsPinot NoirMonterey14CASL
Garnet VydsPinot NoirRodgers Creek Vyd13CAGG
Garnet VydsPinot NoirSonoma Coast13CAGD
George WyndhamCabernet SauvignonBin 44413AustraliaGD
George WyndhamShirazBin 55514AustraliaGD
Georgetown Vyds.AppleNVOHGD
Georgetown Vyds.FredoniaNVOHSL
Georgetown Vyds.RhubarbNVOHSL
Gibbs Napa ValeyCabernet Franc13CAGD
Gibbs Napa ValeyChardonnay Oaked13CASL
Girard WineryArtistry13CAGD
Girard WineryCabernet SauvignonNapa13CASL
Girard WineryChardonnayRussian River Vly14CABR
Girard WinerySauvignon Blanc15CAGD
Girard WineryZinfandelOld Vine13CASL
Girl & DragonCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Girl & DragonMalbec14ArgentinaGD
Girl & DragonPinot Grigio14ItalySL
Goose CrossCabernet SauvignonNapa12CAGD
Goose CrossPinot NoirCarneros13CABR
Grande River VydsMalbec13COGD
Grande River VydsRiesling14COSL
Grande River VydsSyrah13COGD
Grassy Creek WineryCabernet Sauvignon10NCSL
Grassy Creek WineryRed Barn Blend10NCGD
Gravel Bar WineryAlluvial Red14WASL
Gravel Bar WineryCabernet SauvignonColumbia Vly14WASL
Gravel Bar WineryChardonnayColumbia Vly14WASL
Gray Ghost VydsAdieu15VAGG
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet SauvignonReserve13VABR
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay OakedResv.14VASL
Gray Ghost VydsGewurztraminer15VASL
Gray Ghost VydsRiesling15VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsSeyval15VASL
Gritos EstateMalbec14ArgentinaSL
Gunsight RockCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles13CAGD
Hagafen CellarsCabernet Franc13CABR
Hagafen CellarsPinot Noir14CAGD
Hagafen CellarsWhite Riesling15CAGD
Harbor Ridge WineryCabernet Franc-WISL
Harbor Ridge WineryMerlot13WIGD
Harbor Ridge WineryPinot Grigio-WIBR
Harlow RidgeChardonnayLodi14CASL
Harlow RidgePetite SirahLodi13CAGG
Harlow RidgePinot NoirLodi14CABR
Hawthorne VydCherry SplendorNVMIBR
Hawthorne VydDelishNVMIGD
Hawthorne VydRose13MISL
Herzog VariationsCabernet SauvignonAmerican Oak14CABR
Herzog VariationsCabernet SauvignonFrench Oak14CASL
Herzog Special ResvCamouflage14CAGD
Herzog Special Resv.Cabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Hidden Legend WineryMead-HuckleberryNVMTGD
Hidden Legend WinerySkalkaho Red14MTSL
Hidden Legend WinerySkalkaho White14MTSL
Hollen FamilyBonarda14ArgentinaGD
Hollen FamilyCabernet Sauvignon14ArgentinaGD
Hollen FamilyMalbec14ArgentinaGD
Hopkins VineyardCabernet Franc13CTBR
Hopkins VineyardDuet15CTBR
Hopkins VineyardVidal Blanc I.W.13CTGG
HuschCabernet Sauvignon13CABR
HuschChardonnaySpecial Resv13CABR
HuschChenin Blanc15CASL
HuschMuscat Canelli15CASL
HuschPinot NoirFerrington13CASL
HuschPinot NoirValley Foothills13CAGD
HuschSauvignon Blanc15CASL
HuschZinfandelOld Vines14CASL