2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Lemon Creek WineryPinot Noir13MISL
Lemon Creek WineryRiesling-Dry14MISL
Lemon Creek WineryShiraz13MISL
Livermore CrossingsMerlot13CAGD
Livermore RanchMerlot13CASL
Los NoquesFinca Don Juan13ArgentinaGG
Los NoquesMalbec13ArgentinaSL
Los Noques EstateMalbec12ArgentinaSL
Lost VineyardsBiancoNVItalyBR
Luna Rossa WineryCabernet Sauvignon14NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryChardonnay Unoaked15NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryChenin Blanc14NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryConquistadorNVNMSL
Luna Rossa WineryGewurztraminer15NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryMalvasia Bianca15NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryMontepulciano14NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryPinot Grigio15NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryShiraz14NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryTempranillo14NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryWhite Zinfandel15NMGD
M. LawrenceRossoNVMIGD
MaverickBreechens Chardonnay12AustraliaSL
MaverickTwins Chardonnay13AustraliaBR
MaverickTwins GSM Blend14AustraliaGD
Michigan VintnerMarquette14MISL
Middle SisterDrama QueenNVCASL
Middle SisterGoodie 2 ShoesNVCABR
Middle SisterMischief MakerNVCASL
Middle SisterRebel RedNVCASL
Middle SisterSmarty PantsNVCASL
Middle SisterSweet & SassyNVCASL
Middle SisterWild OneNVArgentinaSL
Midnight Run Wine CellarsCabernet Franc13NYSL
Midnight Run Wine CellarsDiamond14NYSL
Midnight Run Wine CellarsPear14NYGD
Milagro MendocinoMalbec14ArgentinaSL
Miranda VydVinho NovoNVCTSL
Mission MountainMonster Red12MTSL
MonogamyCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Moonstruck MeaderyBlackberry MeadNVNEBR
Moonstruck MeaderyCapsumelNVNESL
Morais VineyardsCherry-Fortified14VASL
Morais VineyardsMerlot14VABR
Morais VineyardsMoscatel14VAGD
Morais VineyardsMV Tawny14VASL
Morais VineyardsTouriga Nacional14VASL
Morais VineyardsVerdelho14VABR
Muscedere Vyds.Cabernet Franc14ONT-CANBR
Muscedere Vyds.Cabernet Sauvignon12ONT-CANGD
Muscedere Vyds.Meritage-Red12ONT-CANSL
Muscedere Vyds.Merlot12ONT-CANSL
Muscedere Vyds.Pinot Grigio15ONT-CANBR
Muscedere Vyds.Sauvignon Blanc15ONT-CANBR
Naked WineryBooty Call14ORSL
Naked WineryCougarNVORBR
Naked WineryMerlot14ORGD
Naked WineryPenetration14ORSL
Naked WineryPinot Noir13ORBR
Naked WinerySyrah14ORSL
Naked WineryTease14ORGD
Naked WineryWanderlust WhiteNVORSL
Narmada WineryDream14VASL
Narmada WineryPetit Verdot11VAGD
Narmada WineryTannet11VASL
Nassau Valley Vyds.Cape Rose14DEBR
Nassau Valley Vyds.Indian River Red12DESL
Nassau Valley Vyds.Laurel's Red13DEBR
Nassau Valley Vyds.Meadow's Edge14DESL
Nassau Valley Vyds.Peach Ambrosia14DESL
Navarro VydsPetite Sirah13CAGG
Navarro VydsPinot NoirUnfiltered14CABR
Navarro VydsZinfandel14CABR
Nevada RidgeBarbera13NVSL
Nevada RidgePrimitivo13NVGD
Nevada RidgeSilver State Red13NVBR
Nevada RidgeSyrah13NVSL
Nevada RidgeTempranillo13NVSL
Nevada RidgeZinfandel13NVSL
North 42 Degrees EstateCabernet Franc13ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateCabernet Sauvignon12ONT-CANBR
North 42 Degrees EstateRiesling-Dry13ONT-CANBR
North Branch VydsFrontenac Gris15VTSL
North Branch VydsLaCrescent15VTSL
North Branch VydsTraminette15VTGG
Old Mill WineryGountry RapidsNVTNSL
Old Mill WineryGrind Stone15TNBR
Old Mill WineryLittle PigeonNVTNGG
Old Mill WineryMillstone15TNSL
Old Mill WineryMountain FallsNVTNGG
Old Mill WineryRiver RunNVTNBR
Old Mill WineryRunner StoneNVTNGD
Old Mill WineryWater WheelNVTNSL
Old York CellarsChardonnay15NJGD
Old York CellarsMerlotNVNJSL
Old York CellarsPinot Gris15NJBR
Old York CellarsSyrah14NJBR
PedroncelliCabernet SauvignonWisdom12CASL
PedroncelliDry Ros15CASL