2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
PedroncelliRed Wine Blend13CAGD
PedroncelliSangioveseAlto Vyds14CAGD
PedroncelliSauvignon BlancEastside Vyd15CASL
PedroncelliZinfandelMother Clone13CASL
Peller Estates WineryBaco NoirFamily Series14ONT-CANGG
Peller Estates WineryCabernet & MerlotFamily Series14ONT-CANBR
Peller Estates WineryChardonnayFamily Series14ONT-CANSL
Peller Estates WineryGamay NoirFamily Series14ONT-CANSL
Peller Estates WineryRieslingFamily Series14ONT-CANSL
Pepperwood GroveCabernet SauvignonNVChileSL
Pepperwood GroveChardonnayNVChileBR
Pepperwood GroveMerlotNVCAGD
Pepperwood GrovePinot GrigioNVCASL
Pepperwood GrovePinot NoirNVChileSL
Peter CellarsCabernet SauvignonSonoma10CAGG
Peter CellarsMerlot12CASL
Peter CellarsPinot NoirCarneros11CABR
Peter CellarsPinot NoirCarneros Estate12CASL
Peter CellarsSyrah11CASL
Picket FenceCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly14CASL
Picket FenceMalbecMiller Creek Vyd.13CASL
Picket FencePinot NoirRussian River Vly14CABR
Picket FenceTop Rail13CAGD
Pino CellarsPinot Noir13ORSL
Pino CellarsRose of Pinot15ORBR
Powder KegCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Powder KegDemolition Red13CASL
Powder KegPetite Sirah13CAGD
Prairie Berry WineryBlack Raspberry MerlotNVSDGG
Prairie Berry WineryBlue Suede ShoesNVSDSL
Prairie Berry WineryBrianna15SDBR
Prairie Berry WineryCalamity JaneNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryChenin Blanc15SDSL
Prairie Berry WineryCrab AppleNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryFrontenac15SDGD
Prairie Berry WineryGold DiggerNVSDSL
Prairie Berry WineryLaCrescent15SDGG
Prairie Berry WineryLawrence ElkNVSDSL
Prairie Berry WineryMuscat Blanc15SDSL
Prairie Berry WineryPhat Hogg Red15SDSL
Prairie Berry WineryPomegranate Riesling FusionNVSDGD
Prairie Berry WineryRed Ass RhubarbNVSDBR
Prairie Berry WineryStrawberry FusionNVSDGD
Prairie Berry WinerySymphony15SDBR
Prairie Berry WineryWild BillNVSDSL
Prix VineyardsChardonnayHall Vyd14CASL
Prix VineyardsSauvignon Blanc14CABR
PromisQousRed BlendNVCASL
Purple CowboyTenacious Red13CAGD
Purple CowboyTrail Boss14CAGG
R&B CellarsAllegrezza11CASL
R&B CellarsChardonnaySarabande13CAGD
R&B CellarsMinuet in Merlot10CASL
R&B CellarsThe ImproviserNVCASL
R&B CellarsZydero12CABR
Raven WinesDeep Dark Red14BC-CANBR
Raven Wines NiagaraDeep Dark Red14ONT-CANSL
Raven Wines NiagaraWicked White14ONT-CANGG
Ray's Station WineryCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Ray's Station WineryMerlot13CAGG
RD WineryCabernet SauvignonNapa12CAGD
RD WineryMerlotNapa13CASL
RD WinerySyrahNapa13CASL
Red Rooster WineryCoop Merlot14BC-CANBR
Red Rooster WineryCoop Pinot Grigio15BC-CANBR
Red Rooster WineryCoop Wicked White15BC-CANSL
Red Rooster WineryHen House Sly White15BC-CANSL
Reggae WinesReggae BlushNVINBR
Reggae WinesReggae RedNVINGG
Reggae WinesReggae WhiteNVINBR
Reggae WinesSangriaNVINSL
Rideau VydSyrahDaliet Estate13CASL
Rideau VydViognierDaliet Estate14CASL
Rosedale VineyardsFarmington River Red14CTBR
Rosedale VineyardsLou's Red14CTSL
Rosedale VineyardsSimsbury Celebration14CTBR
Rosenthal - The Malibu EstateCabernet Sauvignon12CABR
Rosenthal - The Malibu EstateG Collection14CABR
Rosenthal - The Malibu EstateMerlot12CAGD
Rutherford VintnersCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Rutherford VintnersChardonnay14CABR
Rutherford VintnersPinot Noir13CASL
Rutherford VintnersSauvignon Blanc14CABR
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon12CASL
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon13CAGG
Sand PointCabernet SauvignonLodi13CASL
Sand PointChardonnayLodi14CASL
Sand PointMerlotClarksburg13CABR
Santa Barbara CanyonChardonnay14CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnay Oaked14CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnay OakedReserve13CABR
Santa Barbara WineryGewurztraminer14CABR
Santa Barbara WineryOrange Muscat14CABR
Santa Barbara WineryPetit VerdotCurtis Vyd13CAGG
Santa Barbara WineryPetite Sirah12CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirReserve13CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryRiesling L.H.13CAGD
Santa Barbara WinerySangioveseStolpman Vyd13CASL