2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Santa Barbara WinerySauvignon Blanc14CASL
Santa Barbara WinerySyrah13CAGD
Satori CellarsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Satori CellarsPrimitivo12CASL
Satori CellarsPrimitivo13CASL
Schulze VineyardsBlock Three Ice Wine12NYGG
Schulze VineyardsCabernet FrancResv.12NYSL
Schulze VineyardsRiesling14NYBR
Schulze VineyardsSiegfried Reserve14NYBR
Schulze VineyardsVidal Blanc I.W.12NYGG
Serendipity WineryNext Step12BC-ONTBR
Serendipity WineryRos15BC-ONTBR
Serendipity WinerySyrah12BC-ONTSL
Sharpe Hill VydAngelica Rose14CTGD
Sharpe Hill VydBallet of AngelsNVCTSL
Sharpe Hill VydCabernet FrancVyd Resv.12CTGD
Sharpe Hill VydChardonnay OakedSouth Eastern12CTGD
Sharpe Hill VydChardonnay OakedVyd Resv.12CTBR
Sharpe Hill VydDry Summer Rose14CTSL
Sharpe Hill VydFleur Rouge13CTSL
Sharpe Hill VydRiesling14CTSL
Sharpe Hill VydRiesling-Dry12CTGD
Sharpe Hill VydVignoles L.H.Select Late Harvest13CTSL
Shelton VineyardsCabernet FrancEstate13NCSL
Shelton VineyardsCabernet SauvignonEstate13NCBR
Shelton VineyardsChardonnayBin 1714NCGD
Shelton VineyardsRiesling14NCSL
Shelton VineyardsTwo Five Nine13NCGG
Silvas-SonomaPinot Noir14CAGD
Silvas-SonomaSauvignon Blanc14CABR
Simon Creek VydAutumn Vyd. Ros14WIGD
Simon Creek VydDoor County Cherry14WISL
Simon Creek VydLight Sweet Muscat14WISL
Simon Creek VydSpeakeasy Red13WIBR
Simon Creek VydTempranillo14WIBR
Simon Creek VydUntouchable Red14WIGG
Simple LifeChardonnay14CASL
Simple LifePinot Noir14CASL
Six Hands WineryCabernet SauvignonLodi13CASL
Six Hands WineryMerlotDunnigan Hills13CAGD
Six Hands WineryPetite SirahClarksburg13CASL
Six Hands WineryPetite SirahCresci Vyd13CASL
Six Hands WineryPrestige13CABR
Six Hands WinerySyrahClarksburg13CABR
Smoking LoonCabernet Sauvignon14CASL
Smoking LoonChardonnay14CABR
Smoking LoonMerlot14ChileGD
Smoking LoonPinot Grigio15CASL
Smoking LoonPinot Noir14ChileBR
Smoking LoonRed Loon14CASL
Smoking LoonSauvignon Blanc14CAGD
Smoking LoonSteelbird14CABR
Smoking LoonSyrah14ChileSL
Soaring Wings VydDragon's Red15NESL
Soaring Wings VydEdelweis15NESL
Soaring Wings VydFalco Red15NEGD
Soaring Wings VydOmaha Red14NESL
Soaring Wings VydWinter White-NESL
Sonoma Coast Vyds.ChardonnayGold Ridge14CASL
Sonoma Coast Vyds.Pinot NoirFreestone Hills11CAGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Franc13ORGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon12ORBR
Spangler VineyardsChardonnay Unoaked15ORSL
Spangler VineyardsGrenache12ORSL
Spangler VineyardsGrenache13ORSL
Spangler VineyardsMalbec13ORGD
Spangler VineyardsSangiovese13ORBR
Spangler VineyardsTempranillo13ORSL
Spangler VineyardsZinfandel13ORBR
St AndrewsCabernet SauvignonClare Vly13AustraliaSL
St AndrewsShirazClare Vly13AustraliaGG
St. James WineryBlackberryNVMOSL
St. James WineryBlueberryNVMOBR
St. James WineryCherryNVMOSL
St. James WineryCynthiana14MOSL
St. James WineryFriendship School RedNVMOGD
St. James WineryFriendship School WhiteNVMOSL
St. James WineryMoscatoNVMOBR
St. James WineryNortonEstate14MOSL
St. James WineryPeachNVMOSL
St. James WineryPioneer Red13MOBR
St. James WineryRaspberryNVMOSL
St. James WineryRieslingNVMOSL
St. James WinerySauvignon BlancNVMOGD
St. James WineryStawberryNVMOGD
St. James WineryVignoles14MOGG
St. Julian WineBlue HeronNVMIGD
St. Julian WineGrey Heron VodkaNVMIGG
St. Julian WinePinot Grigio15MISL
St. Julian WineRed HeronNVMIGG
St. Julian WineRiesling15MIGD
St. Julian WineSolera Cream SherryNVMIGG
St. Julian WineWhite HeronNVMISL
Sugarland CellarsCentury RedNVTNSL
Sugarland CellarsCentury WhiteNVTNSL
Sunset CellarsBarbera10CASL
Sunset CellarsSyrah10CAGD
Surfrider WinesPinot Noir14CASL
Surfrider WinesSauvignon Blanc15CASL
Swanson WineryAlexis13CAGD