2016 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietal/Proprietary NameVinyard Desg.VintageStateMedal
Swanson WineryChardonnayNapa14CASL
Swanson WineryMerlotNapa12CAGD
Sweet NancieSparkling PeachNVMIGG
Sweet NancieSparkling TraminetteNVMIBR
Sweet Tulip WinesConcordNVINSL
Sweet Tulip WinesPink MoscatoNVINSL
Tabor HillCabernet Franc13MISL
Tabor HillCabernet Franc PortNVMIGD
Tabor HillCabernet Sauvignon13MIBR
Tabor HillChardonel13MISL
Tabor HillChardonnay Oaked13MISL
Tabor HillChardonnay OakedBarrel Select13MIGD
Tabor HillClassic Demi RedNVMISL
Tabor HillClassic Demi-secNVMIGD
Tabor HillGrand MarkNVMISL
Tabor HillKerner13MIGG
Tabor HillLemberger13MISL
Tabor HillM. Merchant SignatureNVMISL
Tabor HillM. Merchant Signature WhiteNVMIBR
Tabor HillMerlot13MIGD
Tabor HillPinot Gris15MISL
Tabor HillRiesling-Dry14MISL
Tabor HillSyrah13MISL
Tabor HillTraminette14MISL
Tabor HillTraminette15MISL
Tabor HillValvin Muscat13MISL
Tabor HillViognier13MISL
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonEstate12CASL
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonEstate13CAGD
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonReserve12CAGD
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonReserve13CASL
Tara Bella WineryRos15CABR
Terra D'AmicsMalbec13ArgentinaSL
The CrusherCabernet Sauvignon13CABR
The CrusherMerlot14CABR
The CrusherPetite Sirah13CAGG
The Hive Brandy Co.Brandy-Black Cherry14UTBR
The Hive Brandy Co.Brandy-Peach15UTGD
The Hive Brandy Co.Eau-de-Vie / Apricot15UTGD
The Hive Brandy Co.Eau-de-Vie / Pear15UTGD
The Naked GrapeCabernet SauvignonNVCASL
The Naked GrapeChardonnayNVCASL
The Naked GrapeHarvest Red BlendNVCASL
The Naked GrapeMerlotNVCASL
The Naked GrapeMoscatoNVCASL
The Naked GrapePinot GrigioNVCASL
The Naked GrapePinot NoirNVCABR
Thirsty Owl WineCabernet SauvignonFinger Lakes14NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineChardonnayFinger Lakes14NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineFinger Lakes14NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineGewurztraminerFinger Lakes14NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineMalbecFinger Lakes14NYSL
Thirsty Owl WinePinot GrisFinger Lakes15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WinePinot Noir RoseFinger Lakes15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRieslingFinger Lakes14NYGD
Thirsty Owl WineRiesling-DryFinger Lakes14NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineSnow Owl15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineTraminetteFinger Lakes15NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineVidal BlancFinger Lakes14NYGD
Thorncreek WineryCabernet Sauvignon13OHSL
Thorncreek WineryMerlot11OHBR
Thorncreek WineryRieslingNVOHSL
Tomasello WineryCabernet Sauvignon12NJSL
Tomasello WineryChambourcin13NJGD
Tomasello WineryChardonnay13NJBR
Tomasello WineryPinot Grigio15NJSL
Tomasello WineryVidal Blanc I.W.14NJGD
Tree HuggerSangriaNVNYGD
Trefethen Family VydsCabernet SauvignonOak Knoll13CAGG
Trefethen Family VydsChardonnayOak Knoll14CASL
Trefethen Family VydsDouble T13CASL
Trefethen Family VydsMerlotOak Knoll13CAGD
Trefethen Family VydsRiesling-Dry15CASL
TreleavenCabernet FrancEstate13NYGG
TreleavenCabernet FrancReserve12NYBR
TreleavenChardonnay OakedTacle's13NYSL
TreleavenChardonnay OakedVintner's Cuvee12NYSL
TreleavenWobbly Rock14NYGG
TreleavenWobbly Rock Ros15NYBR
TurisNero D'Avola14NJGD
Turquoise MesaChardonnay15COBR
Turquoise MesaGewurztraminer15COGD
Turquoise MesaMerlot14COGD
Turquoise MesaPinot Noir14COBR
Turquoise MesaSyrah14COSL
Turquoise MesaViognier15COGD
Turquoise MesaWhite Merlot15COSL
Tuscarora MountainElderberry15PASL
Tuscarora MountainNo Name15PASL
Ventosa VydsCabernet Franc12NYSL
Ventosa VydsCabernet Sauvignon11NYGD
Ventosa VydsMerlot11NYGD
Ventosa VydsPinot Noir12NYBR
Ventosa VydsRieslingSemi-Sweet14NYBR