2017 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Azienda UggianoChianti12ItalySL
Backsberg EstateMerlotPaari16S. AfricaBR
Barefoot BubblySparkling BerryNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling PeachNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling PineappleNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling OrangeNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyProseccoNVItalyGD
Barefoot BubblySparkling Pinot GrigioNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyBrut CuveeNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyExtra DryNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyMoscato SpumanteNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyPink MoscatoNVCABR
Barefoot BubblySweet RedNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsSangriaNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsWhite ZinfandelNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRoséNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsSweet RedNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsRich Red BlendNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRed MoscatoNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsPink MoscatoNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsMoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsCabernet SauvignonNVArgentinaSL
Barefoot CellarsShirazNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsMalbecNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsZinfandelNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsPinot NoirNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMerlotNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsSauvignon BlancNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRieslingNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsChardonnayNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsPinot GrigioNVCASL
Beliveau EstateDestiny15VASL
Beliveau EstateAcapella15VASL
Beliveau EstateFireside Chat15VASL
Beliveau EstateSoul Singer15VASL
Beliveau EstateWarm Glow15VABR
Beliveau EstateMerlotTrailblazer15VABR
Bonobo WineryPinot Gris Rosé16MISL
Bonobo WineryPinot Blanc16MISL
Bonobo WineryChardonnaySelect16MISL
Bonobo WineryBordeaux Blend14MIGD
Bonobo WineryCabernet Franc16MIGG
Bonobo WineryPinot Noir16MISL
Bordeleau WineryPinot GrigioNVMDBR
Bordeleau WineryCabernet SauvignonNVMDSL
Braganini ReserveVidal Blanc L.H.16MIGD
Braganini ReservePinot Gris16MIBR
Braganini ReserveChardonnay16MIGD
Braganini ReserveGruner Veltliner16MISL
Braganini ReserveSauvignon Blanc16MISL
Braganini ReserveAlbarino16MIGD
Braganini ReserveTraminette16MISL
Braganini ReserveRiesling-Dry16MIBR
Braganini ReserveRieslingMountain Road16MISL
Braganini ReserveCabernet Franc15MISL
Braganini ReserveChambourcin15MISL
Braganini ReserveChancellor Noir15MIGD
Braganini ReservePinot Noir16MISL
Campo ViejoGran Reserva11SpainBR
Campo ViejoGarnacha16SpainSL
Campo ViejoTempranillo15SpainSL
Campo ViejoCava Brut RoséNVSpainGD
Cannon River WineryReserve white14MNBR
Cannon River WineryClassic White16MNBR
Cannon River WineryFiesty Bitch White16MNGD
Cannon River WineryReserve Red14MNSL
Cannon River WineryFeisty Bitch Red16MNGD
Cannon River WineryMarquettte16MNSL
Carousel WineryBlueberry16INSL
Carousel WineryShadow Dog13INBR
Carousel WineryWhite Dove White16INBR
Casillero del DiabloRosé16ChileBR
Casillero del DiabloSauvignon Blanc16ChileBR
Casillero del DiabloCabernet Sauvignon16ChileBR
Cedar Creek WineryGewurztraminer16WIGD
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling16WISL
Chateau Elan WineryPort RiservaNVGASL
Chateau Elan WineryRosé Reserve16GASL
Chateau Elan WinerySauvignon Blanc16GASL
Chateau Elan WineryPinot Grigio16GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryChardonnay16GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryLes Petits15GAGG
Chateau Elan WineryTempranillo14GASL
Chateau Elan WineryTNT14GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryScarlet16GAGG
Chateau Elan WineryPinot Noir16GABR
Chateau Elan WineryMerlot16GAGD
Chateau Elan WineryCabernet Sauvignon16GASL
Cody Kresta WineryWhite Cabernet Franc16MISL
Cody Kresta WineryMarsanne15MIBR
Cody Kresta WineryChardonnay15MIBR
Cody Kresta WineryRudy's Red16MIBR
Cody Kresta WineryChambourcin15MIBR
Conneant CellarsSparkling Hard Apple CiderNVPABR
Conneant CellarsFt Venango Red Port13PABR
Conneant CellarsPinot Grigio16PAGD
Conneant CellarsGewurztraminer16PASL
Conneant CellarsRiesling-Dry15PASL
Conneant CellarsHuidenoperNVPASL