2017 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Conneant CellarsAlletheny GoldNVPAGD
Conneant CellarsColonel CrawfordNVPAGD
Conneant CellarsMalbec15PASL
Conneant CellarsSyrahWashington15PAGD
Domaine Berrien CellarsViognier16MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsMarsanne16MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsGrandma's Red16MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsWolf's Prairie Red15MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsSyrah15MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsMerlot15MIBR
E&J DistillersBrandyPeachNVCASL
E&J DistillersBrandyAppleNVCASL
E&J DistillersBrandyXONVCASL
E&J DistillersBrandyVSOPNVCASL
E&J DistillersBrandyVSNVCABR
Effingham ManorViogier15VAGD
Effingham ManorRosé15VASL
Effingham ManorTraminette15VAGD
Effingham ManorTannat14VAGG
Effingham ManorMerlot15VABR
Erick Schat's VineyardRieslingNVCABR
Erick Schat's VineyardSyrah/MalbecNVCASL
Famille ValeryRosé16FranceBR
Famille ValeryRoussanne/Marsanne16FranceBR
Fenn Valley VineyardsBlanc de NoirsNaturalNVMISL
Fenn Valley VineyardsTraminette16MIGD
Fenn Valley VineyardsRiesling16MISL
Fenn Valley VineyardsSauvignon Blanc16MISL
Fenn Valley VineyardsCapriccioNVMISL
Fenn Valley VineyardsMeritage-Red15MISL
Forchini WineryPinot NoirDry Creek14CAGD
Forchini WineryCabernet SauvignonDry Creek14CAGD
Forchini WineryZinfandelDry Creek15CAGD
Garre VineyardChardonnayEstate16CASL
Garre VineyardCabernet SauvignonEstate14CASL
Garre VineyardSyrahEstate14CASL
Garre VineyardPrimitivoEstate14CABR
Garre VineyardPrimitivoEstate13CABR
Grande River VnydRiesling-Dry15COSL
Grande River VnydViognier15COBR
Grande River VnydSauvignon Blanc16COBR
Grande River VnydDry Rosé16COBR
Grande River VnydMeritage-Red15COSL
Grande River VnydMerlot16COSL
Gray Ghost VineyardsAdieu16VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsChardonnay16VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsVidal Blanc16VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsChardonnay Resv.15VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsRanger Reserve15VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Resv14VAGD
Gray Ghost VineyardsPetit Verdot15VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon15VASL
James River CellarsVidal Blanc16VASL
James River CellarsCabernet Franc14VABR
La Honda WineryChardonnay16CASL
La Honda WinerySyrah15CASL
La Honda WineryCabernet SauvignonLonehawk13CASL
La Honda WineryCabernet SauvignonSalinian Block15CASL
Lakewood VineyardsBorealis16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsPort-style16NYBR
Lakewood VineyardsValvin Muscat16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsNiagara16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsRiesling-Dry16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsRiesling16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsChardonnay16NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsLong Stem Red16NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsLemberger16NYSL
Legende UniqueMalbecPont Leveque14ArgentinaGD
Mona Rose WineryEvies Kiss15WISL
Mona Rose WineryViognier15WIBR
Mona Rose WineryMerlot15WIGG
New AmsterdamRaspberry VodkaNVCAGD
New AmsterdamLemon VodkaNVCAGD
New AmsterdamVodkaNVCASL
Pearmund CellarsChardonnay15VASL
Pearmund CellarsViognier15VAGD
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage14VASL
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage Resv14VAGD
Pearmund CellarsPetit VerdotToll Gate Vyd14VAGD
Pedroncelli WineryZinfandelMother Clone15CAGD
Pedroncelli WinerySangioveseAlto Vnyd15CABR
Pedroncelli WineryMerlotBench Vnyd15CABR
Pedroncelli WineryCabernet SauvignonBlock 00715CASL
Peter CellarsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Peter CellarsPinot Noir14CASL
Peter CellarsRosé of Pinot Noir16CABR
R&B CellarsRoulade en Rosé16CASL
R&B CellarsWhimsical WhiteNVCABR
R&B CellarsThe ImproviserNVCASL
R&B CellarsMinuet in Merlot12CASL
R&B CellarsMourvedre16CABR
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet SauvignonSanta Barbara Cnty15CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryRiesling L.H.Laford Vnyd13CASL
Santa Barbara WineryOrange MuscatSanta Barbara Cnty15CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChenin BlancCurtis Vnyd15CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryGewurztraminerSanta Barbara Cnty16CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnaySanta Barbara Cnty16CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnay Resv.Santa Rita Hills15CASL
Santa Barbara WinerySauvignon BlancSanta Ynez Vly16CAGD
Santa Barbara WinerySyrahSanta Ynez Vly14CAGD