2017 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Santa Barbara WineryPetit VerdotCurtis Vnyd14CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPrimitivoJoughin Vnyd13CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryCabernet SauvignonHappy Canyon14CAGG
SIE7E PasosMalbec15ArgentinaGD
Spangler VineyardsDolcettoKhayams Block15ORGD
Spangler VineyardsClaret15ORGD
Spangler VineyardsClaret14ORSL
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Franc15ORSL
Spangler VineyardsCarmenére15ORGG
Spangler VineyardsTempranilloThe Cedar Tree15ORSL
Spangler VineyardsMerlot14ORGD
Spangler VineyardsTempranillo14ORSL
Spangler VineyardsPetit Verdot14ORGD
Spangler VineyardsSangiovese14ORSL
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Resv14ORSL
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Franc14ORGD
St. Julian Wine Co.HeadgamesNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet Nancie PeachNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet NancieNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.GewurztraminerReserve16MIBR
St. Julian Wine Co.Pinot GrigioReserve16MIBR
St. Julian Wine Co.Riesling-DryReserve16MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.EnvyNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.MichcatoNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.White HeronNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Blue HeronNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet RevengeNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Sunset MichcatoNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Red HeronNVMIBR
Sunset CellarsZinfandelWirth Ranch12CABR
Sunset CellarsBarberaTwin Creeks Vnyd12CABR
Taylors JarmanCabernet Sauvignon15AustraliaSL
Taylors JarmanChardonnay16AustraliaGD
Taylors St AndrewsCabernet SauvignonClare Vly15AustrailiaSL
Taylors St AndrewsShirazClare Vly15AustrailiaGG
Taylors St AndrewsChardonnayClare Vly16AustrailiaSL
The Naked GrapeHarvest Red BlendNVCASL
The Naked GrapeMerlotNVCABR
The Naked GrapePinot NoirNVCABR
The Naked GrapeCabernet SauvignonNVCABR
The Naked GrapeMoscatoNVCASL
The Naked GrapeChardonnayNVCABR
The Naked GrapePinot GrigioNVCASL
Trivento Bodegas y VinedosWhite Orchid16ArgentinaSL
Trivento Bodegas y VinedosMalbecReserve16ArgentinaGD
Vina SiciliaBianco Deux16ColombiaBR
Vina SiciliaSyrah16ColombiaSL
Vina SiciliaNero D'AvolaReserva14ColombiaSL
Vina SiciliaNero D'Avola16ColombiaBZ
Vino é BuonoMerlot11COBR
Vino é BuonoSyrah11COSL
Vino é BuonoCabernet Franc12COSL
Vino é BuonoMalbec11COGD
Vino é BuonoCabernet Sauvignon10COGD
Vino é BuonoBarbera12COSL
Wakefield/TaylorsMerlotClare Vly16AustraliaSL
Wakefield/TaylorsCabernet SauvignonClare Vly16AustraliaGD
Wakefield/TaylorsShirazClare Vly16AustraliaSL
Wollersheim WineryDry Rosé16WIBR
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Fume16WIBR
Wollersheim WineryWhite Riesling16WISL
Wollersheim WineryRiesling-Dry16WIBR
Vino é BuonoSyrah11COSL