2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
12 Corners WineryAromella16MIGG
12 Corners WineryCabernet Franc14MIGD
12 Corners WineryRiverstone White16MISL
Ackerman WineryBlueberryNVIAGD
Ackerman WineryDry CranberryNVIASL
Ackerman WineryPlumNVIASL
Ackerman WineryRed RaspberryNVIAGG
Ackerman WineryStrawberryNVIASL
Agajanian VydsMarmalade MoscatoNVCASL
Almaza Wine CellarsArakNVTXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsBarbaresco13TXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsBarollo13TXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsCabernet Sauvignon12TXBR
Almaza Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonPrivate Cellars Resv.14TXSL
Almaza Wine CellarsGrappaNVTXGG
Almaza Wine CellarsPinotage14TXSL
Americana VydsBaco NoirFinger Lakes15NYGD
Americana VydsNiagaraCrystal Lake15NYGG
Americana VydsRieslingFinger Lakes15NYGG
Americana VydsRubies Bubbling Blush15NYSL
Americana VydsRubies Bubbling White15NYGD
AquinasCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
AquinasPinot Noir14CASL
Armstrong Vly WineryArmstrong Red14PABR
Armstrong Vly WineryCabernet Franc14PABR
Armstrong Vly WineryCabernet Sauvignon14PASL
Armstrong Vly WineryChardonnay15PABR
Armstrong Vly WineryPinot Noir14PABR
Armstrong Vly WineryPort-style13PAGD
Armstrong Vly WineryRiesling15PASL
B.R. Cohn WineryCabernet SauvignonSilver Label15CASL
B.R. Cohn WineryCabernet SauvignonSonoma14CAGD
B.R. Cohn WineryChardonnaySilver Label15CASL
B.R. Cohn WineryPinot NoirSilver Label15CAGG
Balistreri VydsCabernet SauvignonTalbott #31215COSL
Balistreri VydsCabernet SauvignonWhite Water #31815COBR
Balistreri VydsMalbec15COSL
Balistreri VydsMerlotLittle Feet #16615COGD
Balistreri VydsMerlotLovies #22215COBR
Balistreri VydsPetit Verdot15COSL
Balistreri VydsPetite Sirah15COBR
Balistreri VydsSyrahHorse Mtn.15COSL
Balistreri VydsSyrahTalbott #21415COSL
Balistreri VydsTempranillo15COSL
Bar DogCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Barboursville VineyardsNebbiolo14VASL
Barboursville VineyardsOctagon14VABR
Barboursville VineyardsPaxxito13VASL
Barefoot BubblyBrut CuveeNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyExtra DryNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyMoscato SpumanteNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyPink MoscatoNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblyPinot GrigioNVCASL
Barefoot BubblyProseccoNVItalyGD
Barefoot BubblySparkling BerryNVCAGD
Barefoot BubblySparkling OrangeNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling PeachNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySparkling PineappleNVCASL
Barefoot BubblySweet RedNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsCabernet SauvignonNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsChardonnayNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsMalbecNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMerlotNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsMoscatoNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPink MoscatoNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsPink Pinot GrigioNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsPinot GrigioNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsPinot NoirNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsRed MoscatoNVCAGG
Barefoot CellarsRich Red BlendNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsRieslingNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsRosa RedNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsRoséNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsSangriaNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsSauvignon BlancNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsShirazNVCABR
Barefoot CellarsSweet RedNVCASL
Barefoot CellarsWhite ZinfandelNVCAGD
Barefoot CellarsZinfandelLodiNVCABR
Bargetto WineryMerlotRegan Vyds14CASL
Bel LagoChardonnay15MIGD
Bel LagoGruveé CuveéNVMIBR
Bel LagoLeelanau BrillianteNVMIBR
Bel LagoPinot Noir13MISL
Bel LagoRieslingSelect Harvest16MISL
Bel LagoRiesling-Dry16MIGG
Belhurst Estate WineryChardonnay Oaked15NYGD
Belhurst Estate WineryIsabella SparklingNVNYSL
Belhurst Estate WineryNaturel SparklingNVNYGD
Beliveau EstateAfternoon Delight15VABR
Beliveau EstateLovers Quest15VASL
Beliveau EstateSoul Singer14VASL
Beliveau EstateTrailblazer15VASL
Beliveau EstateWarm Glow15VASL
Big SmoothCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Big SmoothZinfandel15CAGG
Black Bear WineryCranberry/Raspberry16NYSL
Black Bear WineryRed Raspberry16NYSL
Black Cellar WinesCabernet/TemprenilloBlend 9NVONT-CANGD
Black Cellar WinesMalbec/MerlotBlend 13NVONT-CANSL