2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Campo ViejoReserva12SpainSL
Campo ViejoTempranilloRioja15SpainGG
CaricatureRed Wine13CASL
Carol Shelton WinesCoquille Blanc15CAGD
Carol Shelton WinesKarma Reserve14CASL
Carol Shelton WinesPinot NoirCarneros14CAGG
Carol Shelton WinesWild Thing15CASL
Carol Shelton WinesWild Thing Rendezvous Rosé16CASL
Carol Shelton WinesWild Thing Zinfandel14CAGD
Carolyn's Sokonnet VydBelcourt Red13RISL
Carolyn's Sokonnet VydBelcourt White13RIBR
Carolyn's Sokonnet VydBlessed Blend WhiteNVRISL
Carolyn's Sokonnet VydSiren14RIGD
Carolyn's Sokonnet VydUnexpected Miracles14RIBR
Cartlidge é BrowneCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Cartlidge é BrowneChardonnay15CABR
Cartlidge é BrowneMerlot15CABR
Cedar Creek WineryBon Vivant16WIBR
Cedar Creek WineryPinot Grigio16WIGG
Chateau ChantalCelebrate RoséNVMISL
Chateau ChantalCherryNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalMalbec15ArgentinaSL
Chateau ChantalNaughty Apple Hard CiderNVMISL
Chateau ChantalNaughty RedNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalNaughty WhiteNVMIBR
Chateau ChantalNice RedNVMIGD
Chateau ChantalNice WhiteNVMISL
Chateau ChantalRiesling L.H.16MISL
Chateau ChantalSparkling CherryNVMISL
Chateau ChantalTwilightNVMIGG
Chateau Elan WineryChardonnay Oaked16GABR
Chateau Elan WineryPinot Grigio16GABR
Chateau Elan WinerySauvignon Blanc16GABR
Chateau Elan WineryViognier/Trebbiano16GAGD
Chateau FontaineBarrel Back RedNVMISL
Chateau FontaineChardonnay Unoaked16MISL
Chateau FontaineCherryNVMIGD
Chateau FontaineGewurztraminer16MISL
Chateau FontaineGruner Veltliner16MIGG
Chateau FontaineLaughing Waters Rose16MIBR
Chateau FontainePinot Blanc16MIGD
Chateau FontainePinot NoirResv.13MIBR
Chateau FontaineWoodland White16MIBR
Chateau Grand TraverseGewurztraminer13MISL
Chateau Grand TraversePinot Grigio15MIGG
Chateau Grand TraverseRiesling-Dry15MIGD
Chateau Grand TraverseSilhouette13MISL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauCabernet Franc14NYBR
Chateau Lafayette ReneauCabernet Sauvignon13NYGD
Chateau Lafayette ReneauChardonnay OakedBarrel Fermented15NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauChardonnay OakedReserve15NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRieslingSemi-Dry15NYGD
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRiesling L.H.15NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRiesling-Dry15NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRosé - Pinot Noir16NYSL
Cherry Creek CellarsApple Dessert14MIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsGreat Lakes Nouveau14MIBR
Cherry Creek CellarsJazz15MIGG
Cherry Creek CellarsRaspberry Beret15MIGG
Cherry Creek CellarsWood Duck16MIGD
Clayhouse WinesAdobe Red14CASL
Clayhouse WinesCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles14CASL
Clayhouse WinesMalbecPaso Robles14CASL
Clayhouse WinesPetite SirahPaso Robles14CAGG
Clayhouse WinesSyrahPaso Robles12CASL
Clos Pegase WineryCabernet SauvignonNapa13CASL
Clos Pegase WineryChardonnayCarneros15CABR
Clos Pegase WineryMerlotCarneros14CASL
Cooper VydsVidal Blanc15VASL
Cooper VydsViognier15VASL
Cosentino WineryThe Cab15CAGD
Cosentino WineryThe Chard15CASL
Cosentino WineryThe Dark15CAGG
Cosentino WineryThe Franc15CAGG
Cosentino WineryThe Zin15CABR
Covert WineworksChardonnay L.H.15VABR
Covert WineworksChardonnay OakedMonitoring Station #115VABR
Covert WineworksEnigma14VABR
Covert WineworksMisty - Cuvee Blanc16VAGD
Coyote Moon VydsBrianna14NYGD
Coyote Moon VydsCasa Papa Red13NYSL
Coyote Moon VydsChardonnay15NYSL
Coyote Moon VydsCherry BombNVNYGD
Coyote Moon VydsFire Boat RedNVNYGG
Coyote Moon VydsFire Boat WhiteNVNYBR
Coyote Moon VydsFrontenac12NYBR
Coyote Moon VydsFrontenac Gris15NYGD
Coyote Moon VydsLa Crescent15NYSL
Coyote Moon VydsMarquette14NYBR
Coyote Moon VydsMarquetteReserve12NYGG
Coyote Moon VydsPerpetva13NYGD
Coyote Moon VydsRazzle DazzleNVNYGG
Coyote Moon VydsSparkling MoscatoNVNYGD
Coyote Moon VydsTwisted SisterNVNYSL
Crespi RanchPinot NoirArroyo Seco13CABR
Crespi RanchPinot NoirRussian River12CABR
Crespi RanchPinot NoirSanta Lucia13CASL
Crespi RanchPinot NoirSanta Maria12CAGD