2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Garden Bay WineryYooper StooperNVMIBR
Garré VineyardMerlotGina Marie's13CASL
Garré VineyardPetite Sirah11CAGG
Garré VineyardPetite Sirah14CABR
Garré VineyardPrimitivo13CABR
Garré VineyardPrimitivo14CABR
Garré VineyardProfound Secret14CASL
Garnet VydsChardonnayMonterey Cnty.16CASL
Garnet VydsPinot NoirMonterey Cnty.14CAGD
Garnet VydsPinot NoirSonoma Cnty.14CABR
George WyndhamCabernet SauvignonBin 4442015AustraliaGD
George WyndhamShirazBin 55515AustraliaGD
GirardCabernet SauvignonNapa14CASL
GirardChardonnayRussian River15CAGG
GirardSauvignon BlancNapa15CAGD
GirardZinfandelOld Vine14CABR
Girl é DragonCabernet Sauvignon15CAGD
Girl é DragonMalbecMendoza16ArgentinaBR
Girl é DragonPinot GrigioVeneto15ItalySL
Glenora Wine CellarsBubbly CatawbaNVNYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsBubbly Muscat16NYBR
Glenora Wine CellarsBubbly NiagaraNVNYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsBubbly Riesling16NYGD
Glenora Wine CellarsCabernet Franc15NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsDry Rosé of Pinot Noir16NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsRiesling16NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsRieslingSelect Harvest16NYGD
Golden Rule VydsBlack Listed14AZSL
Golden Rule VydsCabernet Franc14AZSL
Golden Rule VydsCommonwealth13AZGD
Golden Rule VydsCommonwealth14AZGG
Golden Rule VydsEureka13AZSL
Golden Rule VydsMicroburst15AZGD
Gray Ghost VydsAdieu16VASL
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet SauvignonReserve14VABR
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnayReserve15VASL
Gray Ghost VydsGewurztraminer16VASL
Gray Ghost VydsRiesling-Dry16VASL
Gray Ghost VydsSeyval16VASL
Hagafen CellarsWhite Riesling16CAGD
Harbor Ridge WineryBouquet RoséNVWIGG
Harbor Ridge WineryCabernet SauvignonNapa13WIGD
Harbor Ridge WineryCrimes Against VinesNVWISL
Harbor Ridge WineryOver the FallsNVWIBR
Harbor Ridge WineryTwo Rows Make a WhiteNVWIGD
Harmony CellarsChardonnay Oaked15CAGD
Harmony CellarsMalbec14CAGD
Harmony CellarsPinot Gris16CASL
Hawk and Horse VydsCabernet Sauvignon13CAGD
Hawk and Horse VydsLatigo12CASL
Hawk and Horse VydsPetit Verdot13CASL
Hawk and Horse VydsPetite Sirah13CAGD
Hawk and Horse VydsSua Sponte13CAGD
Hawthorne VineyardsChardonnay Unoaked15MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsMerlot/Cab. Franc13MIGD
Hawthorne VineyardsPinot Grigio15MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsPinot Noir Resv14MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsRieslingSelect Harvest15MIBR
Herzog Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly14CAGG
Herzog Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonVariations15CASL
Herzog Wine CellarsLineage Camouflage15CASL
Herzog Wine CellarsPinot NoirEagles Landing15CABR
Hidden Legend WineryMarechal Foch15MTSL
Hidden Legend WinerySkalkaho White15MTGD
Hidden Legend WineryThe King's CyserNVMTGD
Hopkins VineyardCabernet Franc15CTSL
Hopkins VineyardNight Owl14CTGD
Hopkins VineyardWestwind15CTGD
Hunt Country Vyds.AlchemyNVNYBR
Hunt Country Vyds.ChardonnayFinger Lakes15NYSL
Hunt Country Vyds.Classic RedNVNYBR
Hunt Country Vyds.Cream SherryNVNYBR
Hunt Country Vyds.Dolce di MoscatoNVNYSL
Hunt Country Vyds.Ruby PortNVNYBR
Husch Vyds.Cabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Husch Vyds.Cabernet Sauvignon Resv13CABR
Husch Vyds.Chardonnay15CASL
Husch Vyds.Chardonnay Resv.14CAGD
Husch Vyds.Chenin Blanc16CAGG
Husch Vyds.Pinot NoirKnoll13CAGD
Husch Vyds.Pinot Noir Resv14CASL
Husch Vyds.Sauvignon Blanc15CAGD
Husch Vyds.ZinfandelOld Vines15CAGG
Ingleside VineyardsChardonnay Oaked15VASL
Ingleside VineyardsLeft Bank14VASL
Ingleside VineyardsPetit Verdot14VASL
Ingleside VineyardsVirginia Gold14VABR
Ivory & BurtChardonnayLodi14CASL
Ivory & BurtRed Wine13CABR
Ivory & BurtZinfandelLodi14CASL
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonClassic15AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekCabernet Sauvignon ResvCoonawarra13AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekCabernet/MerlotClassic15AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekChardonnay16AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekChardonnayAdelaide Hills15AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekMerlotClassic16AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekMoscatoClassic16AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioClassic16AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot Noir ResvAdelaide Hills15AustraliaBR