2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Jacob's CreekRiesling-Dry16AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekShirazBarossa Vly15AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekShirazClassic16AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekShiraz/CabernetClassic15AustraliaGG
JaramanCabernet SauvignonCoonawarra14AustraliaSL
JaramanShirazMcLaren Vale15AustraliaGD
Karma Vista VydsCabernet Sauvignon12MISL
Karma Vista VydsCha Cha15MIGD
Karma Vista VydsMarquette15MISL
Karma Vista VydsKarisma11MISL
Karma Vista VydsMerlot12MISL
Karma Vista VydsMoon Dance12MIBR
Karma Vista VydsSauvignon Blanc16MIBR
Karma Vista VydsSoCo Grigio16MISL
Karma Vista VydsStone Temple13MISL
Karma Vista VydsSyrah14MIBR
Kingdom Wine Co.Cabernet Sauvignon14CAGD
Kingdom Wine Co.Chardonnay15CAGD
Knapp WineryCabernet Sauvignon15NYBR
Knapp WineryRiesling-Dry16NYSL
L. MawbyGraceNVMichiganSL
L. MawbySandpaintingNVMichiganSL
L. MawbyTraditionNVMichiganBR
L.A. CettoCabernet Sauvignon13MexicoSL
L.A. CettoCabernet Sauvignon15MexicoGD
L.A. CettoChenin Blanc16MexicoGD
L.A. CettoNebbiolo13MexicoSL
L.A. CettoPetite Sirah15MexicoGD
L.A. CettoSauvignon Blanc16MexicoSL
L.A. CettoZinfandel15MexicoSL
La Honda WineryExponent15CASL
La Honda WineryPinot Noir15CASL
La Honda WinerySauvignon Blanc16CASL
La Rural Vdos.y BgasAntologia XL13ArgentinaGG
La Rural Vdos.y BgasAntologia XLV15ArgentinaGG
La Rural Vdos.y BgasAntologia XXXIX13ArgentinaGD
La Rural Vdos.y BgasMalbecRutini15ArgentinaGD
Lafond WineryChardonnay OakedMusque Clone14CAGG
Lafond WineryChardonnay Unoaked13CASL
Lafond WineryPinot NoirMartin Ray Clone13CASL
Lafond WineryRosé - Pinot NoirSRH16CABR
Lafond WinerySyrahHilltop Ranch13CASL
Lafond WinerySyrah/GrenacheLafond Vyd13CAGG
Lakewood VydsAbby Rose16NYGD
Lakewood VydsChardonnay OakedFinger Lakes15NYSL
Lakewood VydsLong Stem White16NYGD
Lakewood VydsNiagara16NYSL
Lakewood VydsPort-style15NYSL
Lakewood VydsRiesling-Dry15NYSL
LangeTwins Family WineryCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
LangeTwins Family WineryChardonnay Oaked16CAGD
LangeTwins Family WineryMoscato16CAGD
LangeTwins Family WineryPinot Noir15CASL
LangeTwins Family WineryRosé - Sangiovese16CAGG
LangeTwins Family WinerySauvignon Blanc15CASL
Lanthier WineryChautauguablumchenNVINGD
Lanthier WineryFestival CherryNVINGD
Lanthier WineryMill Street RedNVINGG
Lanthier WineryRifleport RedNVINGD
Lanthier WineryRivertown WhiteNVINSL
Lanthier WineryTraminetteFinger LakesNVINGD
Laurentide WineryCherryNVMISL
Laurentide WineryEmergenc15MISL
Laurentide WineryRieslingSemi-Sweet15MISL
Laurentide WineryRosé - Pinot Noir16MISL
Laurentide WinerySauvignon Blanc16MISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryBlack CherryNVWIGD
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryBlackberry BlissNVWISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryCherry SparkleNVWIBR
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryFrontenac GrisNVWIGD
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryHoneycrisp AppleNVWISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryLauren ElizabethNVWISL
Ledson WineryCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly13CAGD
Ledson WineryPinot NoirReserve15CASL
Ledson WineryRosé - Pinot16CASL
Ledson WinerySyrahSonoma13CAGD
Ledson WineryZinfandelSonoma14CASL
Leelanua Wine CellarsApricot Pear DessertNVMIGD
Leelanua Wine CellarsBaco Noir15MIGD
Leelanua Wine CellarsChardonnay Unoaked16MIGD
Leelanua Wine CellarsPinot Grigio16MISL
Leelanua Wine CellarsRiesling-Dry16MIBR
Liberty CreekCabernet SauvignonNVCASL
Liberty CreekChardonnayNVCAGD
Liberty CreekPinot GrigioNVCASL
Luna Rossa WineryCabernet Sauvignon15NMBR
Luna Rossa WineryCarmenère15NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryChardonnay16NMGG
Luna Rossa WineryChenin Blanc16NMBR
Luna Rossa WineryCon QuistadorNVNMBR
Luna Rossa WineryNini12NMSL
Luna Rossa WineryRefosco14NMGD
Luna Rossa WineryRiesling16NMSL
Luna Rossa WinerySangriaNVNMBR
Lynn AleksandrCabernet Franc12MISL
Lynn AleksandrChardonnay Oaked13MIBR
M. LawrenceGreenNVMichiganGD
M. LawrenceRossoNVMichiganSL
Maize ValleyLa Crescent16OHGG