2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Maize ValleyLittle Red Pecker16OHGD
Maize ValleyReserve Blanc16OHBR
Mich MashMich Mash Red15MISL
Middle SisterDrama QueenNVCAGD
Middle SisterGoody 2 ShoesNVCABR
Middle SisterMischief MakerNVCASL
Middle SisterRebel RedNVCAGD
Middle SisterSmarty PantsNVCAGD
Middle SisterSweet & SassyNVCAGD
Middle SisterWild OneNVArgentinaGG
Mission Mountain WineryCabernet Sauvignon13MTSL
Mission Mountain WineryMonster RedNVMTGD
Mona Rose WineryRiesling-Dry16WISL
Mona Rose WinerySangiovese14WIGD
MonogamyCabernet Sauvignon13CASL
Morais VineyardBattlefield15VAGD
Morais VineyardCabernet Franc15VAGD
Morais VineyardMITawny15VABR
Morais VineyardSelect Red15VAGG
Morais VineyardTouriga15VASL
Morais VineyardVerdelho15VASL
Narmada WineryCabernet Franc14VAGD
Narmada WineryChardonelReserve15VASL
Narmada WineryReflection14VASL
Nassau Valley VydsCape Rose15DEGD
Nassau Valley VydsIndian River Red12DEBR
Nassau Valley VydsMeadow's Edge White15DEGD
Nassau Valley VydsNaked Chardonnay15DEBR
Nassau Valley VydsPeach Ambrosia15DESL
Nathaniel RoseCabernet FrancAbigails Vyd13MISL
Nathaniel RoseCheloisAbigails Vyd13MISL
Nathaniel RoseDeChaunac14MISL
Nathaniel RoseLeft Bank13MIGD
Nathaniel RoseMarsanne13MISL
Nathaniel RoseMead13MISL
Nathaniel RosePinot Noir13MIBR
Nathaniel RoseRight Bank13MISL
Nathaniel RoseRight Bank Abigails Vyd13MIGD
Nathaniel RoseRuby Port15MISL
Nathaniel RoseSyrahDouble Barrel13MIBR
Nathaniel RoseSyrahLa Blonde13MISL
Nathaniel RoseSyrahSingle Barrel13MIGD
Nathaniel RoseViognierBarrel Fermented13MIGD
Nevada RidgeBarbera14NVSL
Nevada RidgeMourvedre14NVSL
Nevada RidgePrimitivo14NVGD
Nevada RidgeSilver State Red14NVSL
Nevada RidgeSyrah14NVBR
Nevada RidgeTempranillo14NVSL
Nevada RidgeZinfandel14NVSL
No OppositionCabernet Sauvignon15INSL
No OppositionChardonnay Oaked16INSL
North 42 Degrees EstateCab Sauv.Rosé16ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateCabernet Sauvignon Resv13ONT-CANBR
North 42 Degrees EstateGewurztraminer L.H.16ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateRiesling-DryReserve16ONT-CANBR
North 42 Degrees EstateSauvignon Blanc16ONT-CANSL
North Branch VydsFrontenac16VTSL
North Branch VydsLa Crescent16VTSL
North Branch VydsMarquette16VTSL
Old York CellarsCabernet Sauvignon15NYSL
Old York CellarsChardonnay15NYBR
Old York CellarsRiesling14NYBR
Once Upon a VineA Charming Pinot15CASL
Once Upon a VineLost Slipper15CASL
Once Upon a VineThe Fairest Chardonnay15CABR
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage14VASL
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage Resv.14VAGD
Pearmund CellarsChardonnayMerinethe Vyd15VABR
Pearmund CellarsPetit VerdetToll Gate Vyd14VAGD
Pearmund CellarsVidal BlancBrown Bear Vyd16VASL
Pearmund CellarsViognierSilver Creek Vyd15VASL
PedroncelliCabernet SauvignonWisdom14CAGD
PedroncelliDry Rosé of Zinfandel16CASL
PedroncelliMerlotBench Vyd15CABR
PedroncelliSangioveseAlto Vyd15CASL
PedroncelliZinfandelMother Clone14CAGD
Penns Woods WineryCabernet Sauvignon14PASL
Penns Woods WineryChardonnay OakedResv.15PABR
Penns Woods WineryMerlotResv.13PAGD
Penns Woods WinerySauvignon Blanc16PAGD
Picket FenceCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Picket FenceChardonnay15CABR
Picket FenceTop Rail Red14CASL
Plagido's WineryCabernet Franc15NJSL
Plagido's WineryCabernet Merlot Blend15NJGG
Plagido's WineryCabernet Sauvignon15NJGD
Plagido's WineryCoeur d'Est15NJBR
Prix VineyardsCabernet Franc12CAGG
Prix VineyardsChardonnayOak Knoll15CABR
Prix VineyardsPinot Noir14CAGD
PromisQousRed BlendNVCASL
Purple CowboyTenacious Red14CASL
Purple CowboyTrail Boss14CAGG
Quady WineryRed Electra16CAGD
Rare Earth Organic WineryCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Rare Earth Organic WineryChardonnay14CABR
Rare Earth Organic WineryPinot Noir15CASL
Redwood VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon14CASL
Redwood VineyardsChardonnay15CAGD