2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Tabor Hill WineryChardonnay15MIBR
Tabor Hill WineryClassic Demi RedNVMISL
Tabor Hill WineryClassic Demi SecNVMIGD
Tabor Hill WineryDry Traminette16MISL
Tabor Hill WineryGrand MarkNVMISL
Tabor Hill WineryRed Arrow RedNVMIBR
Tabor Hill WineryRosé16MISL
Tabor Hill WineryTraminette14MISL
Tabor Hill WineryViognier16MIBR
Tall Dark StrangerMalbecMendoza16ArgentinaBR
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonRRV13CASL
Tara Bella WineryCabernet Sauvignon ResvSonoma13CASL
Taylor MadeChardonnayAdelaide Hills16AustraliaSL
Taylor MadeRosé - Pinot NoirAdelaide Hills16AustraliaGD
TaylorsCabernet SauvignonClare Vly15AustraliaGD
TaylorsMerlotClare Vly16AustraliaSL
TaylorsShirazClare Vly16AustraliaSL
The CrusherCabernet Sauvignon15CAGD
The CrusherChardonnay Oaked15CAGD
The CrusherChardonnay Unoaked15CASL
The CrusherMerlot15CASL
The CrusherPetite Sirah14CASL
The CrusherPinot Noir15CASL
The Little PenguinCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
The Little PenguinChardonnay16CASL
The Little PenguinMerlot16CAGD
The Little PenguinShiraz16CABR
The Naked GrapeChardonnayNVCASL
The Naked GrapeMerlotNVCASL
The Naked GrapePinot NoirNVCASL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyApple BlossomNVCOBR
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Franc15COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon15COGG
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyChardonnay Oaked15COBR
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlotAmerican14COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlotReserve14COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRevelation14COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRieslingNVCOBR
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySangre de Cristo NouveauNVCOSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySyrah14COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyVineyard SunsetNVCOGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyWild Canon Harvest16COGG
Thirsty Owl WineCabernet Sauvignon15NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineCabernet Sauvignon I.W.15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineCabernet.Syrah/Malbec15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineChardonnay15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineDiamond16NYGG
Thirsty Owl WineMalbec15NYBR
Thirsty Owl WinePinot Gris15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRiesling15NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineRieslingSemi-Sweat16NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRiesling-Dry15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRosé - Pinot Noir16NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineSnow Owl15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineSyrah15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineTraminette15NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineVidal Blanc15NYSL
Turquoise MesaCabernet Sauvignon15COSL
Turquoise MesaColorado Crimson15COBR
Turquoise MesaPetite Sirah15COSL
Turquoise MesaRiesling-Dry16COBR
Turquoise MesaTMW Reserve15COBR
VelataCabernet SauvignonBobalNVSpainBR
Verterra WineryGewurztraminer16MISL
Verterra WineryPinot Blanc16MIGG
Verterra WineryPinot Grigio16MIGD
Verterra WineryRosé - Cabernet Franc16MIGD
Verterra WineryRosé - Pinot Noir16MISL
Verterra WineryVerterra Sparkler13MIGD
Viansa SonomaCabernet SauvignonSignature14CASL
Viansa SonomaCabernet Sauvignon ResvAlexander Vly14CASL
Viansa SonomaChardonnay Resv.15CASL
Viansa SonomaPinot NoirReserve14CASL
Viansa SonomaZinfandelOld Vine Resv14CABR
Victor HugoCabernet Sauvignon14CASL
Victor HugoMalbec14CAGG
Victor HugoOpuience13CASL
Victor HugoPetite Sirah13CAGD
Victor HugoViognier15CABR
Victor HugoZinfandel14CASL
Vina CosteiraMenciaValdeorras15SpainBR
Vina CosteiraRibeiro16SpainSL
Vina SiciliaNero D' Avola15ColombiaBR
Vina SiciliaNero D' AvolaReserva14ColombiaBR
Vineyard View WineryBlaufrankisch15NYSL
Vineyard View WineryCabernet Franc15NYBR
Vineyard View WineryMarquette15NYBR
Vino é BuonoBarbera11COGG
Vino é BuonoCabernet Franc10COGD
Vino é BuonoCabernet Sauvignon09COGG
Vino é BuonoMalbec11COSL
Vino é BuonoSangiovese09COGD
Vino é BuonoZinfandel08COSL
Vint Hill Craft WineryCabernet Sauvignon14VABR
Wagner VineyardsFathom 10715NYSL
Wagner VineyardsRieslingCaywood East Vyd.14NYGG
Wagner VineyardsRieslingSelect16NYGD