2017 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Wagner VineyardsRieslingSemi Dry15NYGD
Wagner VineyardsRiesling-Dry15NYSL
Westport WineryBogberryNVWABR
Westport WineryMercyNVWASL
Westport WineryPinot GrisSugarloaf Vyd16WASL
What Exit WinesBlueberryNVNYBR
What Exit WinesPeachNVNYSL
What Exit WinesWhat Exit BlushNVNYBR
What Exit WinesWhat Exit RedNVNYGD
What Exit WinesWhat Exit WhiteNVNYBR
White Pine WineryDune Shadow RedNVMISL
White Pine WineryRed EspressionNVMISL
White Pine WineryRiesling-Dry15MIGD
White Pine WineryTraminette15MISL
White Pine WineryWhite ExpressionNVMISL
Whitewater Hill VydsCabernet Sauvignon15COBR
Whitewater Hill VydsMerlot15COSL
Whitewater Hill VydsRosé16COSL
Windsor VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon15CABR
Windsor VineyardsChardonnaySonoma15CASL
Windsor VineyardsMerlotAlexander Vly15CASL
Windsor VineyardsSauvignon Blanc16CASL
Windsor VineyardsSyrahRaso Robles14CASL
Winery at KirkwoodFour Point Oh!15IASL
Winery at KirkwoodMaster's Cuvee15IABR
Winery at KirkwoodMaster's Cuvee Blanc16IABR
Winery at KirkwoodSummer Sabbatical16IABR
Wollersheim WineryCarignan15WISL
Wollersheim WineryDry Rosé16WIBR
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Fume16WIGG
Wollersheim WineryPrarie Sunburst Red16WIGD
Wollersheim WineryWhite Riesling16WISL
Yooper WineryBlackberryNVMIGD
Yooper WineryBlueberryNVMISL
Yooper WineryStrawberryNVMIGD
ZD WinesCabernet Sauvignon14CASL
ZD WinesCabernet Sauvignon Resv13CAGD
ZD WinesChardonnay15CABR
ZD WinesChardonnay Resv.15CABR
ZD WinesPinot Noir15CAGD
ZD WinesPinot NoirFounder's Reserve15CAGD
Zina Hyde CunninghamPinot Noir14CASL
Zina Hyde CunninghamPinot Noir Resv14CASL
Zina Hyde CunninghamSauvignon Blanc15CAGD