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2018 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Golden Rule VydsMourvedre16AZSL
Golden Rule VydsGrenache16AZBR
Golden Rule VydsCabernet Sauvignon16AZSL
Golden Rule VydsCabernet Franc16AZGD
Grande River VydsDry Ros?16COBR
Grande River VydsRiesling15COGD
Grande River VydsViognier15COSL
Grande River VydsChardonnay Oaked16COGD
Grande River VydsSauvignon Blanc16COBR
Grande River VydsMeritage-Red16COGG
Grande River VydsMeritage-Red15COGD
Grande River VydsMalbec16COGD
Grande River VydsMerlot16COSL
Grande River VydsSyrah15COSL
Grande River VydsCabernet Franc16COGG
Gravel Bar WineryPinot Gris15WASL
Gravel Bar WineryRiesling-Dry15WAGD
Gravel Bar WineryCabernet SauvignonReserve16WAGD
Gravel Bar WineryCabernet Sauvignon16WASL
Gray Ghost VydsVidal Blanc L.H.17VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsVictorian RedNVVAGD
Gray Ghost VydsSeyval17VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsGewurztraminer17VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsVidal Blanc17VASL
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay OakedReserve15VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay Oaked17VABR
Gray Ghost VydsRanger Reserve16VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon Resv15VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Franc17VASL
Gray Ghost VydsPetit Verdot16VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon16VABR
J. Pedroncelli WineryDry Ros? of Zinfandel17CASL
J. Pedroncelli WinerySauvignon Blanc17CABR
J. Pedroncelli WineryChardonnay17CASL
J. Pedroncelli WinerySonoma Classico16CAGD
J. Pedroncelli WineryMerlot16CASL
J. Pedroncelli WinerySangiovese16CAGD
J. Pedroncelli WineryZinfandelBushnell Estate16CAGG
J. Pedroncelli WineryPinot NoirRussian River Vly16CASL
J. Pedroncelli WineryCabernet SauvignonBlock 00715CASL
James River CellarsVidal Blanc18VASL
James River CellarsChardonnay Unoaked17VAGG
James River CellarsCabernet Franc15VASL
Langetwins Family WineryChardonnay17CASL
Langetwins Family WineryMidnight Reserve13CASL
Langetwins Family WineryPinot Noir17CASL
Langetwins Family WineryCabernet Sauvignon15CAGG
Langetwins Family WineryZinfandelCentennial11CAGG
Lythium CellarsRed Blend16CAGD
Lythium CellarsCabernet SauvignonLodi16CASL
Mettler Family VydsAlbarino17CASL
Mettler Family VydsPetite Sirah15CAGG
Mettler Family VydsZinfandel15CAGD
Mettler Family VydsCabernet Sauvignon15CAGG
R&B CellarsRoulade en Ros?17CASL
R&B CellarsWhimsical WhiteNVCASL
R&B CellarsThe ImproviserNVCABR
R&B CellarsReprise Roussane16CASL
R&B CellarsVivace Viognier16CASL
R&B CellarsSerenade in Blanc17CASL
R&B CellarsMourvedreMaestoso Mourvedre16CASL
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon16CAGG
Sand Point Family VydsSauvignon Blanc17CASL
Sand Point Family VydsChardonnay17CABR
Sand Point Family VydsCabernet Sauvignon16CAGG
Sand Point Family VydsMerlot16CASL
Sand Point Family VydsPinot Noir16CAGD
St James WineryBlackberry/BlueberryNVMOGG
St James WinerySummer BerryNVMOGD
St James WineryMangoNVMOSL
St James WineryStrawberryNVMOGG
St James WineryRaspberryNVMOGD
St James WineryCountry WhiteNVMOBR
St James WineryVelvet WhiteNVMOSL
St James WineryCountry RedNVMOGG
St James WineryVelvet RedNVMOGD
St James WineryCranberryNVMOGG
St James WineryBlackberryNVMOGD
St James WineryPeachNVMOSL
St James WineryCherryNVMOSL
St James WineryBlueberryNVMOGG
St James WineryPink CatawbaNVMOGG
St James WineryPioneer WhiteNVMOGD
St James WineryFriendship School WhiteNVMOBR
St James WineryThe Folly17MOSL
St James WineryMoscato17MOGD
St James WineryDry Vignoles17MOGD
St James WineryVignoles17MOGD
St James WinerySeyval17MOSL
St James WineryChardonel17MOGD
St James WineryFriendship School RedNVMOBR
St James WineryPioneer RedNVMOSL
St James WineryBlend 4317MOBR
St James WineryCynthiana17MOSL
St James WineryConcordNVMOGD
St James WineryNorton17MOSL
St James WineryChambourcin17MOBR
St. Hilaire CellarsPinot GrisNVWASL
St. Hilaire CellarsPremium RedNVWASL