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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Basalt CellarsCabernet Sauvignon15WAGD
Belhurst EstateIsabella SparklingNVNYGD
Belhurst EstateRosé - Dry17NYSL
Belhurst EstatePinot Grigio16NYBR
Belhurst EstatePinot Grigio17NYBR
Belhurst EstateChardonnay Oaked16NYSL
Belhurst EstateRedNVNYGD
Belhurst EstateCabernet Sauvignon14NYSL
Black CellarPinot GrigioBlend #11NVBC-CANSL
Black CellarShiraz/CabernetBlend #19NVBC-CANGD
Black CellarMalbec/MerlotBlend #13NVBC-CANGD
Black CellarCabernet SauvignonBlend #9NVBC-CANSL
Black CellarPinot GrigioBlend #11NVONT-CANSL
Black CellarCabernet SauvignonBlend #9NVONT-CANGD
Black Willow WineryOdin's Nector Mead18NYGD
Black Willow WineryCabernet Franc16NYGD
Blackhawk WinerySheridan17INBR
Blackhawk WineryWFYI White Edrion17INSL
Blackhawk WineryRed EdrionNVINSL
Blackhawk WineryChambourcin16INSL
Blackhawk WineryMarechal Foch16INGD
Blackhawk WineryNorton16INBR
BlumenhofDevil's Den RedNVMOSL
BlumenhofCabernet Sauvignon14MOGD
BlumenhofCabernet Franc15MOSL
Blustone VydsRosé - Pinot Noir17MISL
Blustone VydsGewurztraminer17MISL
Blustone VydsPinot Blanc17MIGD
Blustone VydsPinot Grigio17MIBR
Blustone VydsChardonnay17MIGD
Blustone VydsWinemaker's Red16MIBR
Blustone VydsPinot Noir16MIBR
Bonobo WineryRosé17MISL
Bonobo WineryChardonnay Unoaked17MIGD
Bonobo WineryPinot Gris17MIGD
Bonobo WineryPinot Blanc17MIGD
Bonobo WinerySauvignon Blanc17MISL
Bonobo WineryRiesling-Dry17MISL
Bonobo WineryBonobo Red17MIBR
Bonobo WineryCabernet Franc16MIGD
Bonobo WineryPinot Noir17MISL
Bordeleau WineryVidal Blanc I.W.14MDBR
Bordeleau WineryPetit VerdotNVMDGD
Braganini ReserveBlanc de NoirNVMIGD
Braganini ReserveSerious Rose16MISL
Braganini ReserveTempranillo Rose'17MIGG
Braganini ReserveRosé - Cabernet Sauvignon17MISL
Braganini ReserveVidal Blanc L.H.16MIGD
Braganini ReserveChardonnay16MISL
Braganini ReserveSauvignon Blanc17MIGD
Braganini ReserveVignoles L.H.17MIGD
Braganini ReserveMnt. Road Estate17MISL
Braganini ReserveGruner Veltliner17MIGG
Braganini ReserveAlbarino17MISL
Braganini ReservePinot Noir16MISL
Braganini ReserveCabernet Franc15MISL
Braganini ReserveTempranillo16MISL
Braganini ReserveChambourcin16MIGG
Braganini ReserveChancellor Noir15MISL
Breezy Hills WineryCatawba17IAGD
Breezy Hills WinerySparkling Cuvee16IASL
Breezy Hills WineryTres Hermanas17IAGD
Breezy Hills WineryEdelweiss17IAGG
Breezy Hills WineryMisbehavin'17IASL
Breezy Hills Winery5 O'Clock Somewhere17IABR
Brys Estate WineryRosé - Pinot Noir/Riesling17MISL
Brys Estate WineryRiesling/Pinot Gris17MIGG
Brys Estate WineryRiesling16MIGG
Brys Estate WineryNaked Chardonnay17MISL
Brys Estate WineryGewurztraminer17MIGD
Brys Estate WineryPinot Blanc17MISL
Brys Estate WineryCabernet Franc/Merlot15MIGG
Buttonwood GroveRosé17NYBR
Buttonwood GroveBlanc de Franc17NYSL
Buttonwood GroveRiesling17NYGD
Buttonwood GroveRiesling-Dry16NYGD
Buttonwood GroveCabernet Sauvignon16NYBR
Buttonwood GroveCabernet Franc16NYBR
Buttonwood WineryRosé - Syrah17CAGD
Buttonwood WinerySauvignon Blanc17CAGD
Buttonwood WineryPinot Noir14CASL
C.R. Sandidge WinesCardinalNVWABR
C.R. Sandidge WinesTyeeNVWASL
C.R. Sandidge WinesWhistle Punk14WAGD
C.R. Sandidge WinesCaris15WAGD
C.R. Sandidge WinesTriumph15WASL
C.R. Sandidge WinesTriumph14WASL
Campo ViejoProprietor RedReserva13SpainBR
Campo ViejoGarnachaRioja16SpainGG
Campo ViejoTempranilloRioja16SpainGD
Campo ViejoCava Brut RoséNVSpainSL
Campo ViejoCava Brut ReservaNVSpainGG
Captain's Walk WinerySangiovese14WISL
Captain's Walk WineryMarquette Rosé17WISL
Captain's Walk WineryFume Blanc17WISL
CaricatureCabernet Sauvignon16CASL