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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
CaricatureZinfandelOld Vine15CAGD
CaricatureRed Wine Blend15CABR
Carmenet WineryChardonnay16CASL
Carmenet WineryPinot Noir16CAGG
Carmenet WineryMerlot15CABR
Carmenet WineryCabernet Sauvignon15CAGG
Carmenet WineryProprietary SparklingNVCABR
Casa PeriniCabernet SauvignonFracao Unica14BrazilBR
Casa PeriniAquarelaNVBrazilSL
Casa PeriniBrutNVBrazilSL
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling17WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryBon Vivant17WIGD
Cedar Hills CellarsDusty Trails White17NESL
Cedar Hills CellarsEdelweiss17NEGD
Cedar Hills CellarsTurkey Ridge Red17NESL
Chateau ChantalGewurztraminer16MISL
Chateau ChantalChardonnay Anniversary Resv.16MISL
Chateau ChantalChardonnay Unoaked16MIBR
Chateau FontaineCherryNVMIGD
Chateau FontaineSweetwaterNVMIBR
Chateau FontaineLaughing Waters17MIGD
Chateau FontaineWoodland White16MIGG
Chateau FontaineRiesling-Dry16MISL
Chateau FontaineRieslingsemi Sweet16MISL
Chateau FontaineViognier16MIBR
Chateau FontaineGruner Veltliner16MIGD
Chateau FontaineSauvignon Blanc17MISL
Chateau FontainePinot Blanc17MIGG
Chateau FontainePinot Gris16MISL
Chateau FontaineChardonnay Unoaked16MIGD
Chateau FontaineBig Paw RedNVMISL
Chateau FontainePinot Noir16MIGG
Chateau Grand TraverseRoséVin Gris16MISL
Chateau Grand TraverseShip of Fools16MIGD
Chateau Grand TraverseGruner Veltliner16MIGG
Chateau Grand TraverseRiesling Whole Cluster16MISL
Chateau Grand TraverseRiesling-Dry16MIBR
Chateau Grand TraverseGamayReserve13MIBR
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRiesling L.H.15NYBR
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRosé - Pinot Noir17NYGD
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRiesling-Dry15NYGG
Chateau Lafayette ReneauRieslingSemi-Dry16NYGG
Chateau Lafayette ReneauChardonnayProp. Reserve16NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauChardonnayBarrel Fermented16NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauCabernet Franc15NYSL
Chateau Lafayette ReneauCabernet Sauvignon14NYSL
Chateau Petit MichelCabernet Franc16NJGG
Cherry Creek CellarsMontageNVMIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsGreat Lakes Nouveu16MISL
Cherry Creek CellarsRaspberry BeretNVMIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsWood DuckNVMIGD
Cherry Creek CellarsOld World White15MIBR
Cherry Creek CellarsOld Schoolhouse RedNVMIBR
Ciccone WineryStarboard16MISL
Ciccone WineryPacentro16MIBR
Ciccone WineryRiesling-Dry17MISL
Ciccone WineryCassie Red16MISL
Ciccone WineryMalbec17MIGD
Conviction WinesMovers & Shakers16BC-CANGD
Conviction WinesThe Industrialist16BC-CANGG
Conviction WinesThe Financier16BC-CANGD
Conviction WinesDreamers & Schemers16BC-CANGG
Conviction WinesThe Priest16BC-CANGD
Covert WineworksMisty17VASL
Covert WineworksEnigma16VABR
Covert WineworksCabernet Franc16VASL
Covert WineworksPetit Verdot16VAGD
Covert WineworksCabernet Sauvignon16VABR
Cranes WineryRiesling L.H.17MISL
Cranes WineryPinot Grigio17MIBR
Cranes WinerySauvignon Blanc17MISL
Cranes WineryMontageNVMIBR
Cranes WineryMerlot16MISL
Cuvee Wine CellarsKristie Cuvee12CASL
Cuvee Wine CellarsLa Belle12CASL
Cuvee Wine CellarsSyrahFlocchine Vyd13CASL
Cuvee Wine CellarsFlocchini14CAGD
Cuvee Wine CellarsMerlotSanta Cruz12CAGD
Cuvee Wine CellarsMerlotCarneros13CAGG
Cuvee Wine CellarsRosé - SyrahCooper Garrod16CABR
Cuvee Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonNun's Canyon12CAGD
Cuvee Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonNapa13CASL
Cuvee Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonMonson Vyd12CAGD
Cuvee Wine CellarsCabernet SauvignonOak Knoll13CASL
Dakota Sun GardensPlum17NDSL
Dakota Sun GardensApricot17NDBR
Dakota Sun GardensCrabapple17NDGD
Dakota Sun GardensPear17NDBR
Dakota Sun GardensAronia17NDGG
Dakota Sun GardensHaskap17NDGD
Delilah Fruit WineBlackberryNVWASL
Domaine Berrien CellarsMarsanne17MIGD
Domaine Berrien CellarsVignoles17MIGD
Domaine Berrien CellarsTraminette17MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsViognier17MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsRiesling17MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsSauvignon Blanc17MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsChardonnay Unoaked17MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsGrandma's Red17MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsRed Satin16MIGG