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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Domaine Berrien CellarsWolf's Prairie Red16MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsCabernet Sauvignon16MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsPinot Noir16MIBR
Duck Creek Vyd.Black Cherry Noir17WISL
Duck Creek Vyd.Razz Ma Fuzz17WISL
Duck Creek Vyd.Orange Cream Mead17WISL
Duck Creek Vyd.Black Currant Mead17WIGG
Duck Creek Vyd.Cabbywood Duck17WIGD
Duck Creek Vyd.Devil's River Red17WIBR
Eagles Landing WinerySassy Cindy's RhubarbNVIASL
Eagles Landing WineryStrawberry FestNVIASL
Eagles Landing WineryCampfire HootchNVIAGG
Eagles Landing WineryBlues FestNVIASL
Eagles Landing WineryBlackberryNVIAGG
Eagles Landing WineryBig RedNVIASL
Eagles Landing WineryOktoberfest16IASL
Eagles Landing WineryPetite PearlNVIASL
Eagles Landing WineryOutstanding Red ReserveNVIAGD
Effingham ManorRosé of Chamourcin17VAGG
Effingham ManorTraminette17VABR
Effingham ManorKings Ransom16VASL
Effingham ManorMeritage-Red16VAGD
Effingham ManorMerlot15VABR
Effingham ManorTannat16VAGD
Elk Run VydsPinot Gris16MDSL
Elk Run VydsCabernet Sauvignon15MDSL
End of the Road WineryWhite Tranquility17MISL
End of the Road WinerySuperior PlumNVMIBR
End of the Road WineryAll that CrazzNVMIGD
End of the Road WineryLa Crescent17MISL
End of the Road WineryMarquette17MISL
Erick Schat's VydMalbec14CAGD
Erick Schat's VydSyrah14CASL
Europa VillageVermentinoTemecula Vly15CABR
Europa VillageSyrah15CASL
Europa VillageMontepulcianoTemecula Vly15CAGD
Farmer's Daughter VydSand Angel17GAGD
Farmer's Daughter VydHellraiser16GASL
Farmer's Daughter VydTroublemaker16GASL
Farmer's Daughter VydBombshell16GASL
Fazeli VineyardsMeritage-Red14CASL
Fazeli VineyardsBaBa Joon14CASL
Fazeli VineyardsShiraz14CAGG
Fenn Valley Vyds.Blanc de NoirNVMIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.CherryNVMIGD
Fenn Valley Vyds.BlueberryNVMISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.42 Ice WineNVMIGG
Fenn Valley Vyds.Vignoles L.H.15MIGD
Fenn Valley Vyds.Rosé - Cabernet Sauvignon17MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Edelzwicker16MIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Vino Blanco17MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Moscato17MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.True Chardonnay17MIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Sauvignon Blanc17MIGD
Fenn Valley Vyds.Riesling17MIGD
Fenn Valley Vyds.CapriccioNVMIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Meritage-Red16MIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Merlot16MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Cabernet Franc16MISL
FerranteVidal Blanc I.W.16OHSL
FerranteVidal Blanc17OHSL
FerrantePinot GrigioSignature Series17OHBR
FerranteGruner VeltlinerNVOHGD
FerranteRieslingSignature Series16OHGG
FerranteRiesling-DryGolden Bunches16OHGG
FerranteChardonnay Reserve16OHBR
FerranteChardonnaySignature Series16OHSL
FerranteCabernet FrancSignature Series16OHSL
Fieldstone WineryPaint Creek White17MIBR
Fieldstone WineryTraminette17MIBR
Fifty-Third WineryPetit Manseng16VASL
Fifty-Third WineryVidal Blanc16VASL
Fifty-Third WineryChardonel16VASL
Fifty-Third WineryViognier17VASL
Fifty-Third WineryChardonnay17VAGD
Fifty-Third WineryAlbarino17VASL
Fifty-Third WineryPetit Verdot15VASL
Fifty-Third WineryChambourcin16VAGD
Fifty-Third WineryCabernet Franc15VAGG
Firelands WineryPinot GrigioIsle St. George17OHBR
Firelands WineryChardonnay OakedBarrel Select15OHBR
Forchini WineryBeau Sierra14CABR
Forchini WineryPapa Nonno15CASL
Forchini WineryZinfandel15CAGD
Forchini WineryPinot NoirProp. Reserve14CASL
Forchini WineryCabernet SauvignonProp. Reserve14CAGG
Forestedge WineryRaspberryNVMNSL
Forestedge WineryBlueberryNVMNBR
Forestedge WineryAppleNVMNBR
Forestedge WineryRhubarb/RaspberryNVMNSL
Franklin Hill VydsSalute17PASL
Franklin Hill VydsCakeNVPAGG
French Valley VydCherry16MIGD
French Valley VydJezebelle14MIBR
French Valley VydRiesling-Dry16MISL
French Valley VydRiesling16MIGD
French Valley VydChardonnay Unoaked16MISL