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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
French Valley VydJubilee13MISL
French Valley VydMerlot Reserve12MISL
French Valley VydPinot Noir11MISL
Frog's Tooth WinerySangiovese15CAGD
Frog's Tooth WinerySyrah15CASL
Frog's Tooth WineryPetite Sirah15CASL
Frog's Tooth WineryGrenache15CAGD
Garre WineryRosato di Sangiovese17CASL
Garre WineryProfound Secret13CAGD
Garre WinerySangiovese14CASL
Garre WineryCabernet Sauvignon14CAGD
George WyndhamChardonnayBin 22216AustraliaSL
George WyndhamPinot NoirBin 33316AustraliaBR
George WyndhamShirazBen 55516AustraliaGD
Glenora Wine CellarsBrut13NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsSeyval17NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsChardonnay Oaked17NYBR
Glenora Wine CellarsRiesling17NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsMeritage-Red16NYSL
GlorieBlack Currant15NYSL
GlorieRed Monkey16NYSL
Golden Rule VydsPatrick's Rosé16AZSL
Golden Rule VydsBlacklisted15AZSL
Golden Rule VydsCommonwealth15AZGD
Golden Rule VydsManzora Red15AZGD
Golden Rule VydsZinfandel15AZSL
Golden Rule VydsCabernet Franc15AZSL
Golden Rule VydsPetite Sirah15AZGD
Golden Rule VydsSyrah15AZSL
GraffignaMalbecLa Consulta16ArgentinaSL
GraffignaMalbecValle De Pedernal16ArgentinaBR
GraffignaMalbecValles Calchaquies16ArgentinaBR
GraffignaPinot Grigio17ArgentinaSL
Grande River Vyds.Viognier15COBR
Grande River Vyds.Chardonnay Oaked16COBR
Grande River Vyds.Meritage-Red15COSL
Grande River Vyds.Syrah15COBR
Grande River Vyds.Malbec16COSL
Grassy Creek WineryCabernet Sauvignon14NCSL
Gray GhostChardonnay Oaked16VABR
Gray GhostGewurztraminer17VAGD
Gray GhostRiesling-Dry17VASL
Gray GhostCabernet SauvignonReserve15VASL
Gray GhostCabernet Franc17VASL
Gray GhostPetit Verdot15VAGD
Great American CompanyChardonnay15CASL
Great American CompanyCabernet Sauvignon15CAGG
Harbor Ridge WineryMarquetteWisconsin Ledge16WIBR
Harbor Ridge WineryZinfandelLodi15WIGD
Harbor Ridge WineryCabernet SauvignonWalla Walla15WISL
Harbor Ridge WineryMalbecMonterey16WIGD
Hawk and Horse VydsPetit VerdotLake Cnty14CABR
Hawk and Horse VydsPetite SirahLake Cnty14CAGD
Hawk and Horse VydsCabernet SauvignonLake Cnty14CAGD
Hawthorne Vyds.Riesling16MIGD
Hawthorne Vyds.AuxerroisBarrel Resv.16MISL
Hawthorne Vyds.Pinot Grigio15MISL
Hawthorne Vyds.Gamay16MISL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsVidal Blanc I.W.14NYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRed CatNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRosé16NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite CatNVNYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite StagNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRiesling16NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsChardonnay Oaked15NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRiesling-Dry16NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsPinot Gris16NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGruner Veltliner14NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRieslingHomestead Resv.16NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabernet Franc14NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabernet Sauvignon13NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsMerlot13NYSL
Henry EstateVercuson16ORBR
Henry EstateGewurztraminer16ORGD
Henry EstatePinot Gris16ORSL
Henry EstatePinot Noir16ORSL
Heron Hill WineryEclipse Rosé17NYSL
Heron Hill WineryRieslingSemi-Dry16NYGG
Heron Hill WineryChardonnay Unoaked17NYBR
Heron Hill WineryRiesling-Dry16NYSL
Heron Hill WineryCabernet Franc16NYSL
Herzog LineageChardonnayClarksburg16CASL
Herzog LineageChoreograph16CASL
Herzog LineagePinot Noir16CAGD
Herzog Special Resv.Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly15CASL
Herzog Special Resv.Cabernet SauvignonNapa Vly15CASL
Herzog Special Resv.Cabernet SauvignonLake Cnty16CABR
Herzog Special Resv.ChardonnayRussian River Vly16CAGD
Hidden Creek WinerySweet TuscanyNVPABR
Hidden Creek WineryDew Drop16PASL
Hidden Creek WineryBluestone16PASL
Hidden Creek WineryTuscarora16PABR
Hidden Legend WineryDandelion WineNVMTSL
Hidden Legend WineryFrontenac Gris15MTBR
Hidden Legend WineryEast Shore Red16MTBR
Hopkins VyndCabernet Franc I.W.16CTSL
Hopkins VyndWestwind16CTSL
Hopkins VyndChardonnay Oaked15CTSL