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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Husch VineyardsChenin BlancMendocino17CAGD
Husch VineyardsChardonnayMendocino16CABR
Husch VineyardsSauvignon BlancMendocino17CASL
Husch VineyardsHeritage16CASL
Husch VineyardsZinfandelOld Vines16CASL
Husch VineyardsPinot NoirAnderson Vly16CASL
Iron Hub WinerySauvignon Blanc15CABR
Iron Hub WineryResolute14CAGD
Iron Hub WineryBarbera14CASL
Iron Hub WinerySyrah14CAGD
Iron Hub WineryZinfandelEsola14CAGD
Iron Hub WineryZinfandelClockspring14CAGD
Ivory & BurtChardonnay Oaked16CASL
Ivory & BurtZinfandel15CAGD
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonClassic17AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekShiraz/CabernetClassic16AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekShirazClassic17AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekShirazReserve16AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekMoscatoClassic17AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioClassic17AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekChardonnayReserve16AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekChardonnayClassic17AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekRiesling-DryClassic17AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekCabernet/MerlotClassic17AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekMerlotClassic17AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekPinot NoirReserve17AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonReserve16AustraliaSL
JaramanPinot Noir16AustraliaSL
Karma Vista VydsKashmere14MISL
Karma Vista VydsValvin Muscat16MISL
Karma Vista VydsPinot Gris16MISL
Karma Vista VydsChardonnay Oaked16MISL
Karma Vista VydsCote d'Loma16MISL
Karma Vista VydsMarquette16MIGD
Karma Vista VydsMerlot12MIBR
Karma Vista VydsSyrah14MISL
Karma Vista VydsPinot Noir15MIGD
L. MawbyGraceNVMISL
L. MawbySandpaintingNVMIBR
L. MawbyBlanc de BlancsNVMISL
L. MawbyTalismanNVMIGD
L.A. CettoChenin Blanc17MexicoSL
L.A. CettoPetite Sirah16MexicoGD
L.A. CettoChardonnayPrivate Resv.16MexicoBR
L.A. CettoSauvignon Blanc17MexicoBR
L.A. CettoCabernet Sauvignon16MexicoGG
L.A. CettoZinfandel16MexicoBR
L.A. CettoCabernet Sauvignon14MexicoSL
L.A. CettoNebbiolo14MexicoGD
La Honda WinerySauvignon BlancSanta Cruz Mnt17CASL
La Honda WineryZinfandelSanta Cruz Mnt16CASL
La Honda WineryPinot NoirSanta Cruz Mnt16CAGD
Lafond wineryChardonnayLafond Vnyd14CAGG
Lafond wineryChardonnay Unoaked15CAGD
Lafond wineryChardonnay SRH16CASL
Lafond winerySyrah/GrenacheLafond Vnyd14CASL
Lafond winerySyrahSRH14CASL
Lafond winerySyrahLafond Vnyd14CAGD
Lafond wineryPinot NoirSRH15CAGD
Lafond wineryPinot NoirLafond Vnyd13CAGG
Lakewood VydsBubbly Candeo17NYSL
Lakewood VydsBubbly Catawba16NYSL
Lakewood VydsRiesling-Dry3 Generations16NYBR
Lakewood VydsNiagara17NYGD
Lakewood VydsFull Monty Riesling17NYBR
Lakewood VydsLong Stem Red17NYSL
Lakewood VydsPinot Noir16NYSL
Lakewood VydsLemberger16NYSL
Lakewood VydsAbby Rose17NYBR
Lamoreau LandingRosé - Dry17NYBR
Lamoreau LandingGewurztraminer17NYGD
Lamoreau LandingChardonnay Oaked16NYSL
Lamoreau LandingRiesling-DryRound Rock Vyd16NYSL
Lamoreau LandingChardonnay Unoaked16NYSL
Lamoreau LandingRiesling-DryRed Oak Vyd16NYGD
Lamoreau LandingPinot Noir16NYBR
Langetwins Family WineryChenin Blanc17CAGD
Langetwins Family WineryRosé - Sangiovese17CAGG
Langetwins Family WineryMoscato17CASL
Langetwins Family WineryMidnight Reserve13CASL
Langetwins Family WineryPinot Noir16CABR
Langetwins Family WineryZinfandelOld Vine15CASL
Langetwins Family WineryCabernet Sauvignon14CASL
Lanthier WinerySnow Flake WhiteNVINSL
Lanthier WineryStrawberry BlushNVINBR
Lanthier WineryChautauquablumchenNVINBR
Lanthier WineryRivertown WhiteNVINBR
Lanthier WineryRudolph RedNVINGD
Lanthier WineryRaffleport RedNVINSL
Lanthier WineryFestival CherryNVINGG
Lanthier WineryMill St. RedNVINGD
Lanthier WineryMill Street WhiteNVINBR
Lanthier WineryTraminetteNVINSL
Laurentide WineryRosé - Pinot Noir17MIGG
Laurentide WineryEmergence White16MISL
Laurentide WineryChardonnay16MISL
Laurentide WinerySauvignon Blanc17MIGD
Laurentide WineryPinot Gris16MIGG
Laurentide WineryMeritage-RedReserve16MIBR
Lautenbach's Orchard CountryRaspberry SplashNVWISL