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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Prairie Berry WineryCabernet Sauvignon3 Red Necks17SDBR
Raven ConspiracyWicked White16ONT-CANSL
Raven ConspiracyDeep Dark Red16ONT-CANSL
Raven ConspiracySmooth Bright White16BC-CANSL
Raven ConspiracyDeep Dark Red15BC-CANBR
Reggae WinesProprietor Blush/RoséNVINGD
Reggae WinesProprietor WhiteNVINGD
Reggae WinesWine CocktailNVINSL
Reggae WinesMargaritaNVINSL
Reggae WinesReggae RedNVINGD
Rienzi CellarsRienzi White17PASL
Rienzi CellarsCabernet Sauvignon16PASL
Rose Valley WineryRhubarb17MIBR
Rose Valley WineryLa Crescent16MISL
Rose Valley WinerySt. Croix16MIGD
Rosedale VydsThree Sisters17CTSL
Rosedale VydsSimsbury Celebration17CTBR
Rosedale VydsLou's Red17CTSL
Rosedale VydsFarmington River Red17CTGD
Rove EstateRagaire Rosé17MISL
Rove EstateGewurztraminer17MIGD
Rove EstatePinot Grigio17MISL
Rove EstateSauvignon Blanc17MISL
Rove EstatePinot Blanc17MIGG
Rove EstateRieslingMedium Dry17MIGG
Rove EstateRieslingHarvest Select17MIGD
Rove EstateChardonnay Unoaked17MISL
Rove EstateCabernet Franc16MISL
Rove EstatePinot Noir16MIGD
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Samson Estates WineryCassisNVWASL
Samson Estates WineryFramboiseNVWAGG
Sand Point Family VydsChardonnay16CASL
Sand Point Family VydsSauvignon Blanc17CAGD
Sand Point Family VydsCabernet Sauvignon15CASL
Sand Point Family VydsMerlot16CASL
Santa Barbara WineryGewurztraminerSanta Barbara Cnty16CABR
Santa Barbara WinerySauvignon BlancMcGinky Vnyd16CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryChenin BlancCurtis Vnyd16CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnaySanta Barbara Cnty16CAGG
Santa Barbara WinerySangioveseStolpmon Vnyd14CAGG
Santa Barbara WineryLagreinJoughin Vnyd14CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPetit VerdotCurtis Vnyd14CAGG
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Rita Hills14CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirReserve14CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Barbara Cnty16CABR
Santa Barbara WinerySyrahSanta Ynez Vly14CAGD
Santa Barbara WinerySyrahReserve14CASL
Satori CellarsJoyous14CAGD
Satori CellarsOhso15CASL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Pontefract14CTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Vignoles L.H.16CTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Dry Summer Rose16CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Angelica Rosé16CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Ballet of AngelsNVCTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Riesling-Dry16CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Black Chardonnay15CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Cuvee Ammi Phillips14CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.ChardonnayWhite Label15CTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Fleur Rouge15CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Red Seraph15CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.St. Croix14CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyds.Cabernet Franc13CTSL
Simple LifeCabernet Sauvignon16CASL
Simple LifePinot Noir16CASL
Simple LifeChardonnay16CASL
Simple LifeRosé17CASL
Six Degrees CellarsChardonnay16CASL
Six Degrees CellarsPinot Noir16CASL
Snow Farm VydVidal Blanc I.W.-VTSL
Snow Farm VydVidal/Vignoles-VTGG
Snow Farm VydSnow WhiteNVVTSL
Snow Farm VydNaked MermaidNVVTSL
Snow Farm VydRiesling-Dry16VTBR
Snow Farm VydCrescent Bay Red16VTBR
Soaring Wings VydCap'n Jim's AirPort OneNVNEBR
Soaring Wings VydLaCrosse16NEBR
Soaring Wings VydOmaha Red16NEGG
Soaring Wings VydChambourcin16NEGD
Spangler VydsDolcettoKhayams Block16ORGD
Spangler VydsNebbiolo14ORGG
Spangler VydsPetit Verdot14ORGD
Spangler VydsTempranillo15ORSL
Spangler VydsSyrah14ORBR
Spero WinerySyrah11COSL
Spero WineryMerlot11COGD
Spero WineryMalbec11COSL
Spero WineryCabernet Sauvignon14COGG
Spero WinerySangiovese09COGD
Spero WineryBarbera13COGD
St. AndrewsCabernet Sauvignon15AustraliaSL
St. AndrewsShiraz15AustraliaGD
St. James WineryCranberryNVMOGD
St. James WineryBlackberry/BlueberryNVMOGD
St. James WineryRed RaspberryNVMOGD
St. James WineryBlueberryNVMOGG
St. James WineryBlackberryNVMOGD
St. James WineryPeachNVMOBR
St. James WineryStrawberryNVMOSL
St. James WineryCherryNVMOSL