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2018 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
St. James WineryPink CatawbaNVMOGD
St. James WineryFriendship School WhiteNVMOGD
St. James WineryThe Folly16MOSL
St. James WineryPioneer WhiteNVMOBR
St. James WineryCountry WhiteNVMOGG
St. James WinerySeyval16MOSL
St. James WineryDry Vignoles16MOGG
St. James WineryMoscatoNVMOBR
St. James WineryVignoles16MOBR
St. James WineryRieslingNVMOSL
St. James WineryBlend #4317MOBR
St. James WineryPioneer RedNVMOSL
St. James WineryCountry RedNVMOSL
St. James WineryConcordNVMOGD
St. James WineryChambourcin17MOSL
St. James WineryNorton4217MOGD
St. James WineryCynthianaNVMOSL
St. James WineryNortonEstate16MOBR
St. Julian Wine Co.GinA&GNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.RumA&GNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Grey Heron VodkaNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Solera Cream SherryNVMIGG
St. Julian Wine Co.Social ButterflyNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.MichcatoNVMIGG
St. Julian Wine Co.EnvyNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Pinot Grigio16MIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Riesling-Dry16MIBR
St. Julian Wine Co.Sunset MichcatoNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Cock of the WalkNVMISL
Steel Horse WinesFull Bore16IASL
Stone's Throw WineryMerlotNapa Vly15WISL
Stone's Throw WineryZinfandelNapa Vly15WIGD
Stone's Throw WineryPetit VerdotNapa Vly15WISL
Sugar Ridge WineryNiagara17TXGD
Sugar Ridge WineryGrandpa's Porch17TXGD
Sunset CellarsZinfandel12CABR
Sunset CellarsBarbera12CASL
Sweet NancieSparkling MichcatoNVMISL
Sweet NanciePeachNVMISL
Sweet NancieSparkling TraminetteNVMISL
Swiss Heritage WineryStrawberry/Rhubarb16OHSL
Swiss Heritage WineryCranberry16OHGG
Taylor MadeRosé - Pinot Noir17AustraliaBR
The CrusherChardonnay Unoaked16CASL
The CrusherSauvignon Blanc17CASL
The CrusherChardonnay16CASL
The CrusherRed Blend15CAGD
The CrusherPetite Sirah16CABR
The CrusherMerlot15CASL
The CrusherCabernet Sauvignon16CASL
The CrusherPinot Noir16CASL
The Naked GrapeHarvest Red BlendNVCAGD
The Naked GrapePinot NoirNVCAGD
The Naked GrapeCabernet SauvignonNVCASL
The Naked GrapeMoscatoNVCASL
The Naked GrapePinot GrigioNVCAGD
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Rosé - Pinot Noir17NYSL
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Snow Owl16NYGD
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Vidal Blanc16NYSL
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Traminette16NYBR
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Diamond17NYGG
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Riesling16NYSL
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Riesling-Dry16NYGD
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine15NYSL
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Chardonnay16NYBR
Thirsty Owl Wine Co.Semi-Sweet Riesling16NYGG
Thirty BenchRosé17ONT-CANSL
Toschi VydsSauvignon Blanc17CABR
Toschi VydsMerlot16CASL
Toschi VydsPinot Noir16CAGD
Toschi VydsCabernet Sauvignon15CABR
Trefethen Family VydsChardonnayOak Knoll16CASL
Trefethen Family VydsCabernet SauvignonOak Knoll15CAGD
Trius WineryCabernet SauvignonVQA16ONT-CANSL
Trius WineryRoséVQA17ONT-CANSL
Trius WinerySauvignon BlancVQA16ONT-CANSL
Trius WineryMerlotVQA16ONT-CANSL
Trius WineryCabernet FrancVQA16ONT-CANGD
TrumpSauvignon Blanc16VISL
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodRosé17MASL
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodDiamondNVMAGG
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodSauvignon Blanc17MASL
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodChardonnay Oaked16MAGG
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodCranberry RedNVMABR
Truro Vnyd. of Cape CodCabernet Franc15MAGD
Turquoise Mesa WineryChardonnay17COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryFume Blanc17COBR
Turquoise Mesa WineryTMW Reserve16COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryCabernet Sauvignon16COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryMerlot16COGD
Verterra WineryRosé - Cabernet Franc17MISL
Verterra WineryRosé - Pinot Noir17MIBR
Verterra WineryRiesling L.H.16MIGD
Verterra WineryPinot Grigio17MISL
Verterra WineryPinot Blanc17MISL
Verterra WineryRiesling-Dry17MIBR
Victor Hugo WineryLes Mis17CAGD
Victor Hugo WineryViognier17CASL
Victor Hugo WineryOpulence14CAGD
Victor Hugo WineryPetite Sirah15CAGD