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2019 Consumers' Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Forchini WineryPinot Noir16CASL
Forchini WineryZinfandelProp. Resv.16CASL
Grassy Creek WineryChardonnay Unoaked17NCSL
Grassy Creek WineryPerfect Pear16NCSL
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Franc18VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon17VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay18VASL
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnayReserve17VASL
Gray Ghost VydsGewurztraminer18VASL
Gray Ghost VydsMerlot17VASL
Gray Ghost VydsPetite Verdot17VABR
Gray Ghost VydsRanger Reserve17VASL
Gray Ghost VydsSeyval18VABR
Gray Ghost VydsVictorian RedNVVABR
Gray Ghost VydsVidal Blanc18VASL
Hidden Creek VydPumpkin18PASL
Hidden Creek VydSweet SistersNVPAGD
Honeymoon Trail WineryBlueberry17NYGD
Honeymoon Trail WineryCabernet Franc17NYSL
Honeymoon Trail WineryChocolate Cherry18NYGG
Honeymoon Trail WineryHoneymoon's Over18NYBR
Honeymoon Trail WineryNiagara18NYSL
Honeymoon Trail WinerySauvignon Blanc17NYBR
J VineyardsCuveeNVCAGG
J VineyardsPinot Gris18CASL
J VineyardsPinot NoirMulti App.16CASL
James River CellarsChardonnay Unoaked18VAGD
James River CellarsMonitor vs. CSS Virginia15VABR
James River CellarsTraminette18VAGD
La MarcaProseccoNVItalyGG
Lakewood VineyardsBorealis18NYGG
Lakewood VineyardsChardonnay18NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsReisling3 Generations18NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsPinot Noir17NYBR
Lakewood VineyardsRieslingFinger Lakes18NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsRieslingFull Monty18NYGG
Lakewood VineyardsValvin Muscat18NYGG
Lakewood VineyardsVignoles18NYGG
Louis M. MartiniCabernet Sauvignon17CAGG
MacMurray Estate VydPinot NoirRussian River17CABR
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage17VASL
Pearmund CellarsCabernet FrancToll Gate Vyd17VAGG
Pearmund CellarsChardonnay OakedMeriwether Vyd16VASL
Pearmund CellarsPetit Manseng18VAGD
Pearmund CellarsPetite VerdotToll Gate Vyd17VASL
Pearmund CellarsPinot GrisToll Gate Vyd18VABR
Pedroncelli WineryChardonnaySignature Selection18CASL
Pedroncelli WineryMerlotBench Vyds.17CASL
Pedroncelli WineryPinot NoirRussian River18CAGG
Pedroncelli WineryRoséZinfandel18CAGD
Pedroncelli WineryZinfandelMother Clone17CAGG
ProphecyPinot Noir16CASL
ProphecyRed Blend16CASL
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon17CAGD
Sagebrush AnniesZinfandel17CASL
South HillCabernet Sauvignon16WAGG
South HillCabernet SauvignonWhiskey Barrel Aged16WABR
South HillMeritage-Red16WASL
South HillMerlot17WAGD
South HillRiesling18WASL
South HillSauvignon BlancColumbia Gorge18WAGD
St Hilaire CellarsCabernet SauvignonNVWAGD
St Hilaire CellarsCabernet/MerlotNVWASL
St Hilaire CellarsChardonnayNVWASL
St Hilaire CellarsMerlotNVWABR
St Hilaire CellarsPinot GrisNVWAGD
St Hilaire CellarsPremium RedNVWAGD
St Hilaire CellarsRieslingNVWAGD
St Hilaire CellarsSweet PleasureNVWASL
St Hilaire CellarsVilla RossoNVWASL
Sunset CellarsBarberaTwin Creeks Vyd.14CAGD
Sunset CellarsZinfandelWirth Ranch14CASL
Swiss Heritage WineryDog Gone Good18OHSL
Swiss Heritage WineryHans Favorite18OHGD
Swiss Heritage WineryVictorian Lace18OHGG
Victorianourg Wine EstateCalica18NYBR
Victorianourg Wine EstateChervais17NYBR
Victorianourg Wine EstateRegent18NYSL
Victorianourg Wine EstateUvalina18NYGD
Vina SiciliaBianco18ColombiaSL
Vina SiciliaGrillo18ColombiaSL
Vino é BuonoBarbera12COSL
Vino é BuonoMerlot12COBR
Vino é BuonoMuscat15COGD
Wakefield Taylors WineCabernet SauvignonJaraman16AutraliaSL
Wakefield Taylors WineCabernet SauvignonSt. Andrews17AutraliaGD
Wakefield Taylors WineCabernet SauvignonWakefield Taylors18AutraliaGD
Wakefield Taylors WineChardonnayJaraman18AutraliaGD
Wakefield Taylors WineChardonnaySt. Andrews18AutraliaBR
Wakefield Taylors WineMerlotWakefield Taylors18AutraliaGD
Wakefield Taylors WineShiraz18AutraliaGG
Wakefield Taylors WineShirazJarman17AutraliaGG
Wakefield Taylors WineShirazSt. Andrews17AutraliaGD
William Hill EstateCabernet Sauvignon17CASL
William Hill EstateChardonnay16CAGD
William Hill EstateChardonnay17CAGG
Wine SocietyTempt Red BlendNVOHGD
Wollersheim WineryRieslingWhite Riesling18WISL