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2019 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Frog's Tooth WineryPetite Sirah16CAGD
Frog's Tooth WineryPort-styleGrenache/Petite SirahNVCAGD
Frog's Tooth WinerySerendipity16CASL
Frog's Tooth WinerySyrah16CAGD
GarréCabernet Sauvignon15CABR
GarréChardonnay Unoaked18CASL
GarréRosato di Sangiovese18CAGD
Glenora Wine CellarsBlack Diamond Express17NYGD
Glenora Wine CellarsBrutNVNYGD
Glenora Wine CellarsCabernet Sauvignon17NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsChardonnay Unoaked18NYGD
Glenora Wine CellarsRieslingSelect Harvest18NYBR
Glenora Wine CellarsRiesling18NYBR
Glenora Wine CellarsRiesling-Dry18NYSL
Glenora Wine CellarsSeyval18NYGD
Golden Rule VineyardsBlacklisted16AZSL
Golden Rule VineyardsCobre Loma16AZSL
Golden Rule VineyardsCommonwealth16AZGD
Golden Rule VineyardsEureka16AZGD
Golden Rule VineyardsLucky Prospector16AZSL
Grace Tyler EstateDiamond17NYGD
Grande River VydCabernet Franc16COSL
Grande River VydDry RoséNVCOBR
Grande River VydMeritage-Red16COSL
Grande River VydMeritage-White16COBR
Grande River VydSyrah16COSL
Grande River VydViognier16COBR
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon16VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Resv16VABR
Gray Ghost VineyardsChardonnay17VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsGewurztraminer18VAGG
Gray Ghost VineyardsPetit Verdot17VASL
Gray Ghost VineyardsRiesling-Dry18VAGD
Gray Monk Estate WineryCabernet/MerlotOkanagan Vly15BC-CANGD
Gray Monk Estate WineryChardonnay UnoakedOkanagan Vly18BC-CANSL
Gray Monk Estate WineryLatitude 50 RoséOkanagan Vly18BC-CANGD
Gray Monk Estate WineryLatitude 50 White18BC-CANGG
Gray Monk Estate WineryPinot GrisOkanagan Vly17BC-CANSL
Gray Monk Estate WineryRieslingOkanagan Vly18BC-CANGD
Harbor Ridge WineryCracklin' Rose18WIBR
Hawthorne VineyardsAuxerrois16MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsChardonnay Unoaked16MIBR
Hawthorne VineyardsDelish-MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsGamay17MIGD
Hawthorne VineyardsGewurztraminerSemi Dry17MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsPinot Grigio16MIBR
Hawthorne VineyardsPinot Noir16MISL
Hawthorne VineyardsRosé16MIBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabernet FrancFinger Lakes15NYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabernet SauvignonFinger Lakes15NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabin FeverNVNYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsChardonnayBarrel Fermented16NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsDry RoséFinger Lakes17NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGewurztraminerFinger Lakes17NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGruner VeltlinerFinger Lakes17NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGruvee16NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsMerlotFinger Lakes15NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsPinot GrisFinger Lakes17NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsPort-styleFinger LakesNVNYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRed CatNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRed Cat DarkNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRieslingHomestead Reserve17NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRiesling-DryFinger Lakes17NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsSauvignon BlancFinger Lakes17NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsVidal Blanc I.W.Finger Lakes14NYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite CatNVNYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite StagNVNYGD
Herzog LineageChoreograph17CAGD
Herzog LineageRosé18CASL
Herzog LineageSauvignon BlancMusque Clone18CABR
Herzog Special ReserveCabernet SauvignonNapa Vly16CAGD
Herzog Special ReserveCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly16CAGD
Herzog Special ReserveChardonnayRussian River Vly16CASL
Herzog Special ReserveQuartet15CAGG
Horton VineyardsDowagierNVVASL
Horton VineyardsPinotage16VAGD
Horton VineyardsPinotage Rosé18VABR
Horton VineyardsPinotage Rosé17VABR
Horton VineyardsSparkling ViognierNVVAGD
Horton VineyardsTitfor TatNVVASL
Husch VineyardsCabernet SauvignonMendocino16CASL
Husch VineyardsChardonnayEsate17CAGD
Husch VineyardsChenin Blanc18CAGD
Husch VineyardsGewurztraminerEstate18CASL
Husch VineyardsHeritage17CABR
Husch VineyardsPinot NoirAnerson Vly17CAGG
Husch VineyardsSauvignon BlancEstate18CASL
Husch VineyardsVin Gris of Pinot Noir18CASL
Hyatt VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon15WAGD
Hyatt VineyardsMerlot17WASL
Hyatt VineyardsRiesling18WABR
Ivory & BurtChardonnay Oaked17CAGG
J VineyardsChardonnayRussian River Vly17CAGG
J VineyardsCuveeNVCAGD
J VineyardsPinot Gris17CASL
J VineyardsPinot NoirRussian River Vly17CASL
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonClassic18AustraliaBR
Jacob's CreekChardonnayClassic18AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekMerlotClassic18AustraliaGD