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2019 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioClassic18AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekShirazReserve17AustraliaSL
James River CellarsChardonel16VABR
James River CellarsMonitor v. CSS Virginia14VASL
James River CellarsVidal Blanc17VABR
Karma Vista VineyardsChardonnay Oaked17MIGD
Karma Vista VineyardsMarquette17MISL
Karma Vista VineyardsMerlot16MISL
Karma Vista VineyardsPinot Noir16MISL
Karma Vista VineyardsSyrah16MISL
Karma Vista VineyardsSyrah15MISL
Kiara Private ReserveMalbec16CAGD
Kiara Private ReservePetite Sirah16CAGD
Kita WinesCabernet SauvignonCampu Vyd.15CASL
Kita WinesChardonnay OakedHilliard Bruce Vyd17CAGD
Kita WinesGrenache RoséCampu Vyd18CASL
Kita WinesPinot NoirHillard Bruce Vyd15CAGD
Kita WinesSauvignon Blanc18CASL
Kita WinesSpe'y15CAGD
Kita WinesSyrahCampu Vyd16CASL
Kita WinesT'aya18CASL
La Honda WinerySauvignon BlancSanta Cruz Mnts.18CAGD
Lafond WineryChardonnaySRH17CAGD
Lafond WineryChardonnayMusque Clone16CASL
Lafond WineryPinot NoirSRH16CAGD
Lafond WineryPinot Noir RoséSRH18CASL
Lafond WinerySyrahSRH14CAGG
Lafond WinerySyrah/Grenache16CAGG
Lakewood VineyardsBubbly Candeo18NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsFull Monty Riesling17NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsLemberger17NYSL
Lakewood VineyardsLong Stem Red18NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsLong Stem White18NYGD
Lakewood VineyardsPort18NYBR
Lamoreaux LandingBlanc de BlancsFinger Lakes14NYSL
Lamoreaux LandingDry RoséFinger Lakes18NYBR
Lamoreaux LandingGewurztraminerFinger Lakes17NYBR
Lamoreaux LandingGewurztraminerSemi-Dry18NYGD
Lamoreaux LandingMoscatoFinger Lakes18NYSL
Lamoreaux LandingRiesling-DryFinger Lakes17NYSL
LangeTwins WineryAglianico RoséRiver Ranch Vyd18CABR
LangeTwins WineryChardonnay Oaked17CASL
LangeTwins WineryChenin BlancPrince Vyd.18CAGD
LangeTwins WineryMoscato18CASL
LangeTwins WineryPinot NoirLodi Rules17CABR
LangeTwins WinerySangiovese Rosé18CAGD
LangeTwins WinerySauvignon BlancMusque Clone18CABR
LangeTwins WinerySauvignon BlancJahant Woods Vyd18CASL
LangeTwins WineryZinfandelOld Vine16CAGG
LangeTwins WineryZinfandelCentennial14CASL
Langhart & HillRiesling-DryGould Vyd16CABR
Lanthier WineryChambourcin18INSL
Lanthier WineryFestival Cherry18INGD
Lanthier WineryMill Street Red18INGD
Lanthier WineryMill Street White18INBR
Lanthier WineryRifleport Red18INBR
Lanthier WineryRivertown White18INSL
Lanthier WinerySocial18INSL
Lanthier WineryStrawberryBlush18INBR
Lanthier WineryTraminette18INBR
Laurentide WineryBubble de Bubble18MIGD
Laurentide WineryChardonnay17MISL
Laurentide WineryChardonnay OakedReserve17MISL
Laurentide WineryFume Blanc17MIGD
Laurentide WineryPinot Gris18MIGD
Laurentide WinerySauvignon Blanc18MISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountyAudrey Grace Foch18WISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountyFrontenac Rosé18WIBR
Lautenbach's Orchard CountyLingonberryNVWISL
Lautenbach's Orchard CountyOld Barn Red18WIGD
Lautenbach's Orchard CountyOld Truck White18WIGD
Lautenbach's Orchard CountySummer Breeze17WISL
Levigne Paso RoblesCabernet Sauvignon16CABR
Levigne Paso RoblesPetite Sirah16CASL
Levigne Paso RoblesSauvignon Blanc18CAGG
Little ManNanas Kiss18MIBR
Little ManVision Special EditionNVMIBR
Louis M. MartiniCabernet SauvignonSonoma16CASL
Lynn AleksandrChardonnay Oaked16MISL
Lynn AleksandrMarechal Foch15MIBR
Lynn AleksandrMeritage-Red13MIGG
Lynn AleksandrMerlot13MIGD
Lynn AleksandrOld Woodstock #218MISL
Martini & RossiProseccoNVItalySL
Martini & RossiSparkling RoseNVItalyGD
Martini & RossiSpumanteNVItalyGD
Mawby Sparkling WinesBlanc de BlancsBlancNVMIGD
Mawby Sparkling WinesGreenNVMISL
Mawby Sparkling WinesTalismanNVMISL
Mawby Sparkling WinesUSNVMIGD
Michael Stephen Kavic WineryCabernet Sauvignon16PABR
Michael Stephen Kavic WineryVidal Blanc17PABR
Michigan VintnerLeon MillotNVMIGD
Michigan VintnerReserve RedNVMIBR
Michigan VintnerReserve Red Blk LabelNVMISL
Mona Rose WineryCabernet Sauvignon15WIBR
Mona Rose WineryMalbec15WIGD
Mona Rose WineryMuscat17WISL