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2019 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Morais VineyardsMerlot17VABR
Morais VineyardsMoscatel17VASL
Morais VineyardsSelect Red17VASL
Morais VineyardsTouriga17VAGD
Narmada WineryCabernet Franc16VAGD
Narmada WineryCabernet FrancReserve16VAGG
Narmada WineryMerlot17VAGD
Narmada WineryPetit VerdotNVVASL
Narmada WineryTannat17VAGD
Narmada WineryYasn Vir16VASL
Nassau Valley VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon14DESL
Nassau Valley VineyardsCape Rosé17DESL
Nassau Valley VineyardsLaurel's Red16DEBR
Nassau Valley VineyardsNaked Chardonnay17DESL
Nassau Valley VineyardsTrue Blue Blueberry16DEGD
North 42 Degrees EstateCabernet Franc17ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateChardonnay18ONT-CANGD
North 42 Degrees EstateRieslingSweet18ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateRiesling-Dry18ONT-CANSL
North 42 Degrees EstateSparkling Sauvignon Blanc18ONT-CANGG
North 42 Degrees EstateSummer Chill18ONT-CANGD
Pearmund CellarsAmeritage Resv.16VASL
Pearmund CellarsCabernet FrancToll Gate Vyd17VASL
Pearmund CellarsOld Vine Chardonnay16VABR
Pearmund CellarsPetit Verdot17VABR
Pearmund CellarsTannat L.H.14VASL
Pearmund CellarsWine Club Rose18VAGD
PedroncelliCabernet SauvignonBlock 00716CAGG
PedroncelliChardonnay Oaked17CABR
PedroncelliPinot NoirRussian River17CASL
PedroncelliRosé of Zinfandel18CASL
PedroncelliSangioveseAlto Vyds16CASL
PedroncelliZinfandelMother Clone17CAGG
Peller Estate Family Vyds.Sauvignon BlancOkanagan Vly18BC-CANSL
Peller Estates-BC Family SelectCabernet/Merlot17BC-CANGD
Peller Estates-BC Family SelectChardonnay17BC-CANBR
Peller Estates-BC Family SelectMerlot17BC-CANGG
Peller Estates-Family SeriesCabernet/MerlotNiagara Pen.17ONT-CANGG
Peller Estates-Family SeriesRieslingNiagara Pen.17ONT-CANSL
Peter CellarsCabernet SauvignonNapa Vly16CASL
Peter CellarsPinot NoirCarneros14CAGD
Peter CellarsRosé of Pinot Noir17CASL
R&B CellarsCabernet SauvignonReserve12CASL
R&B CellarsSerenade in blanc17CABR
R&B CellarsThe Improviser (Red)NVCASL
R&B CellarsZydeco13CASL
Raven ConspiracyDeep Dark Red17ONT-CANGD
Raven ConspiracyWicked White16ONT-CANGD
Raven Conspiracy-BCDeep Dark Red16BC-CANSL
Raven Conspiracy-BCSmooth Bright White16BC-CANSL
Rosedale VineyardsElkie's White18CTBR
Rosedale VineyardsLou's Red18CTSL
Rosedale VineyardsPride of Simsbury18CTBR
Rosedale VineyardsSimsbury Celebration18CTBR
Rosedale VineyardsThree Sisters18CTSL
Rosedale VineyardsWinter Red18CTGD
Roza RidgeCabernet Sauvignon15WAGD
Roza RidgeMalbec15WAGD
Sagebrush AnniesCabernet Sauvignon16CASL
Sand Point Family VydCabernet Sauvignon16CAGD
Sand Point Family VydMerlot16CAGG
Sand Point Family VydSauvignon Blanc18CASL
Santa Barbara WineryChardonnayReserve17CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryGrenacheSanta Rita Hills15CABR
Santa Barbara WineryPetite SirahThompson Vyd15CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Rita Hills15CAGD
Santa Barbara WineryPinot NoirSanta Barbara Cnty17CASL
Santa Barbara WineryPrimitivo15CAGG
Santa Barbara WineryRieslingLafond Vyd17CASL
Santa Barbara WinerySauvignon BlancMcGinley Vyd17CASL
Santa Barbara WinerySyrahSanta Ynez Vly16CASL
Satori CellarsHarmonic Convergence16CAGD
Satori CellarsMerlot16CASL
Satori CellarsPetite SirahEstate16CAGG
Satori CellarsZa Zin16CABR
Satori CellarsZen Zin16CASL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Angelica Rosé17CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Ballet of AngelsNVCTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Cabernet Franc14CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Cuvee Ammi Phillips14CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Dry Summer Rosé17CTBR
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Fleur Rouge16CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Red Seraph16CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Riesling17CTSL
Sharpe Hill Vyd.Riesling-Dry17CTGD
Sharpe Hill Vyd.St. Croix15CTSL
Simple LifeChardonnay18CAGG
Simple LifePinot Noir17CASL
Simple LifeRosé18CAGD
Smoking LoonCabernet Sauvignon17CAGD
Smoking LoonChardonnay17CASL
Smoking LoonMerlot17CAGD
Smoking LoonPinot Grigio17CASL
Smoking LoonPinot Noir17CASL
Smoking LoonRosé18CAGD
Smoking LoonSauvignon Blanc18CASL
Smoking LoonSteelbird18CAGG
Smoking LoonSyrah17CASL
South Hill PacificaCabernet SauvignonColumbia Vly16WAGD