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2019 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
South Hill PacificaCabernet SauvignonWhiskey Barrel Aged16WASL
South Hill PacificaMeritage-Red16WASL
South Hill PacificaMerlot17WABR
South Hill PacificaRiesling18WASL
South Hill PacificaSauvignon Blanc18WAGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet Franc16ORGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet SauvignonReserve16ORGD
Spangler VineyardsCabernet SauvignonReserve15ORSL
Spangler VineyardsClaret16ORGD
Spangler VineyardsMerlot16ORGD
Spangler VineyardsPetit Verdot15ORGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Chambourcin/ChancellorBlack LabelNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Late NightsNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Marquette17MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Riesling-Dry18MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet NancieNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet RevengeNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.VodkaGrey HeronNVMIBR
St. Julian Wine Co.Chambourcin18MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Cherry Brandy-MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Gewurztraminer/Riesling18MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.GinA&G-MIGG
St. Julian Wine Co.On the TownNVMISL
St. Julian Wine Co.Pinot Grigio18MISL
St. Julian Wine Co.RumA&GNVMIGG
St. Julian Wine Co.Social ButterflyNVMIBR
St. Julian Wine Co.Solera Cream SherryNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Sweet Nancie PeachNVMIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.Tempranillo18MIGD
St. Julian Wine Co.White PortNVMIGD
St. Stephen Organic VydsCabernet Sauvignon17ChileSL
St. Stephen Organic VydsCarmenère17ChileGD
St. Stephen Organic VydsMalbec16ChileBR
Still River WineryApple Ice Wine18MAGD
Stone's Throw WineryCabernet SauvignonCharlie's Resv16WIGD
Stone's Throw WineryLagreinRussell's Resv16WIGD
Stone's Throw WineryRosé of Cabernet SauvignonNapa Vly17WIBR
Stone's Throw WineryZinfandelCrazy Joeys Vyd16WIGD
Sunset CellarsZinfandelWirth Ranch14CASL
Tabone Vyds.Chardonnay Oaked16MISL
Tabone Vyds.Chardonnay Unoaked16MISL
Tabone Vyds.Estate Red16MIBR
Tabone Vyds.Pinot Gris16MIBR
Tabone Vyds.Pinot GrisSemi-sweet17MIGG
Tabone Vyds.Pinot Gris17MISL
Tabone Vyds.Riesling L.H.Sweet Harvest17MISL
Tabone Vyds.Riesling-Dry17MIBR
Tabone Vyds.Riesling-Dry14MISL
Tabone Vyds.Riesling-Dry16MISL
TalbottChardonnayKali Hart17CAGD
TalbottKali Noir17CASL
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonReserve14CAGD
Tara Bella WineryCabernet SauvignonEstate14CAGD
Taylors WinesCabernet SauvignonJaraman16AustraliaGD
Taylors WinesCabernet SauvignonSt. Andrews16AustraliaGD
Taylors WinesShirazJaraman17AustraliaGG
Taylors WinesShirazSt. Andrews16AustraliaGG
The CrusherChardonnay17CAGD
The CrusherPinot Noir17CASL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Franc16COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon17COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyCabernet Sauvignon Resv16COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyChardonnayMonterey CA17COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlotReserve16COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyMerlot16COGG
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyNorton17COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRevelation16COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyRieslingNVCOBR
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySangre de Cristo NouveauNVCOSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySauvignon BlancCalif.17COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeySyrah16COSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyVineyard SunsetNVCOSL
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyViognier17COGD
The Winery at Holy Cross AbbeyWild Canon Harvest18COBR
Thirsty Owl WineCab. Sauv/Syrah/Malbec17NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineCabernet Sauvignon17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineChardonnay17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineGewurztraminer17NYGD
Thirsty Owl WineMalbec17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineMeritage-Red17NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineMerlot17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WinePinot Gris17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WinePinot Noir Rosé18NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRieslingSemi Sweet17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRiesling17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineRiesling-Dry17NYSL
Thirsty Owl WineSnow Owl17NYGD
Thirsty Owl WineSyrah17NYBR
Thirsty Owl WineTraminette17NYBR
ToschiSauvignon Blanc18CASL
Trout Springs WineryBelow Zero Red Ice Wine17WISL
Turquoise Mesa WineryCabernet Sauvignon17COGD
Turquoise Mesa WineryChambourcin16COGD
Turquoise Mesa WineryChardonnay17COBR
Turquoise Mesa WineryMalbec17COBR
Turquoise Mesa WineryMerlot17COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryPetite Pearl17COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryRiesling-Dry18COBR
Turquoise Mesa WinerySauvignon Blanc18COSL