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2019 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Turquoise Mesa WinerySyrah17COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryTMW Reserve17COSL
Turquoise Mesa WineryViognier18COBR
Turquoise Mesa WineryWhite Merlot18COBR
Victor HugoCabernet Sauvignon16CASL
Victor HugoOpulence15CASL
Victor HugoPetit Verdot15CAGD
Victor HugoTannat16CAGD
Victor HugoViognier18CASL
Victor HugoZinfandel16CAGG
Victorianbourg Wine EstateRiesling-Dry17NYBR
Victorianbourg Wine EstateTraminette17NYBR
Vina SiciliaBlanco/Grillo18ColombiaBR
Vina SiciliaNero d'AvolaTardco17ColombiaBR
Vina SiciliaSyrah17ColombiaSL
Vino é BuonoBarbera12COSL
Vino é BuonoCabernet Franc14COGG
Vino é BuonoCabernet Sauvignon10COSL
Vino é BuonoMerlot12COGD
Vino é BuonoMuscat15COSL
Vino é BuonoZinfandel16COSL
Vint Hill Craft WineryMerlot17VASL
Vint Hill Craft WineryThe Bombe17VASL
Wagner VineyardsRieslingSemi Dry17NYGD
Wagner VineyardsRieslingSelect17NYSL
Wagner VineyardsRiesling-Dry17NYSL
Wayne Gretzky EstatesCab. Franc, Syrah, Cab. Sauv.17BC-CANSL
Wayne Gretzky EstatesChardonnay17BC-CANGD
Wayne Gretzky EstatesMerlot17BC-CANBR
Wayne Gretzky EstatesPinot Grigio17BC-CANSL
Wayne Gretzky EstatesThe Great Red17BC-CANBR
Wayne Gretzky EstatesThe Great White16BC-CANBR
Weymouth WineryThe New Black18OHGD
White Pine WineryChardonnayReserve18MIBR
White Pine WineryDune Shadow RedNVMIGD
White Pine WineryLady Slipper Rosé17MIBR
White Pine WineryMirage Reserve17MIGD
White Pine WineryRed ExpressionNVMISL
White Pine WineryRieslingReserve17MISL
White Pine WineryRiesling-Dry17MISL
White Pine WineryTraminette17MIGG
White Pine WineryWhite ExpressionNVMIBR
WhitehavenSauvignon BlancMarlborough18AustraliaGD
Whitewater HillChardonnay Unoaked18COSL
Whitewater HillDry Rosé of St. Vincent18COSL
Whitewater HillEthereal17COSL
Whitewater HillMoscato18COBR
Whitewater HillRiesling18COSL
Whitewater HillRosé18COBR
Whitewater HillShiraz17COBR
Whitewater HillSt Vincent17COGD
Whitewater HillZero Below18COSL
William Hill EstateCabernet Sauvignon17CASL
William Hill EstatePinot Noir16CASL
William Hill EstateSauvignon Blanc17CASL
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Fume'18WISL
Wollersheim WineryPrairie Sunburst18WISL
Wollersheim WineryWhite Riesling18WISL
Yooper WineryMarquette17MISL
Yooper WineryPlum17MISL
Yooper WineryRaspberry17MISL
Yooper WineryStrawberry17MIBR
Yooper WineryStrawberry Rhubarb17MIGD
Yooper WineryYooper Blue17MIGD
ZD WinesCabernet Sauvignon16CAGD
ZD WinesCabernet Sauvignon ResvNapa15CAGG
ZD WinesChardonnayReserve17CAGG
ZD WinesChardonnay17CASL
ZD WinesPinot Noir17CAGG