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2020 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
Adirondack WineryStargazerNVNYBR
Adirondack WineryPeach infusedProspect Mountain WhiteNVNYBR
Adirondack WineryBlue TwilightNVNYGD
Amoritas VineyardsMuscat Ottonel19MIGD
Amoritas VineyardsRiesling18MIGD
Amoritas VydPipe Dream19MISL
AquinasPinot NoirNorth Coast17CAGD
AquinasCabernet SauvignonNorth Coast17CASL
B SideChardonnay18CAGD
B SideCabernet SauvignonNorth Coast17CAGG
B SidePinot NoirNorth Coast17CASL
Baby BlueSauvignon BlancSonoma19CASL
Bargetto WineryMerlotReserve18CAGD
Baron HerzogPinot Grigio19CAGD
Baron HerzogGewurztraminer19CAGD
Baron HerzogChenin Blanc19CAGG
Baron HerzogRosé19CASL
Baron HerzogAleph18CASL
Baron HerzogCabernet Sauvignon18CASL
Bear Barton VydRosé Set to Rise19MISL
Blue RockCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly17CAGD
Blumenhof VineyardsSeyval19MOBR
Blumenhof VineyardsOriginal Cyn18MOBR
Blumenhof VineyardsValvin Muscat19MOGD
Blumenhof VineyardsUtopia19MOGD
Blumenhof VineyardsVignoles19MOGG
Blumenhof VineyardsRayon D'Or19MOSL
Blumenhof VineyardsChambourcin18MOSL
Blustone VineyardsRiesling L.H.19MIGD
Blustone VineyardsRiesling-Dry19MIGD
Blustone VineyardsPinot Grigio19MIGD
Blustone VineyardsChardonnay Unoaked19MIGD
Blustone VineyardsLatitude19MISL
Bordeleau WineryChambourcinNVMDGD
Bordeleau WinerySauvignon BlancNVMDSL
Brys EstateRiesling/Pinot Gris18MIGG
Brys EstateCabernet Franc/Merlot17MISL
Buttonwood WinerySyrah Rosé19CAGD
Buttonwood WineryCabernet Franc17CAGD
Buttonwood WineryMerlot17CASL
Buttonwood WineryClassic Cuvee17CASL
Campo ViejoGarnachaRioja18SpainGG
Campo ViejoGran Cava ReservaNVSpainGG
Campo ViejoRosé19SpainSL
Campo ViejoGran Reserva13SpainSL
Campo ViejoReserva15SpainSL
Campo ViejoTempranilloRioja18SpainSL
Campo ViejoGran Cava Rose'NVSpainSL
Carousel WineryWatermelonNVINSL
Carousel WineryChardonnay18INSL
Carousel WinerySangiovese18INSL
Cedar Creek WineryPinot Grigio19WIGG
Cedar Creek WineryWaterfall Riesling18WISL
Cellar 426 WineryTraminette19NEGG
Cellar 426 WineryBlaze19NEGG
Chateau ChantalNaughty WhiteNVMIGD
Chateau ChantalCelebrate!NVMIGG
Chateau ChantalAmour Rosé18MISL
Chateau ChantalRieslingProprietor's Reserve18MISL
Chateau ChantalRieslingSemi-Dry17MISL
Chateau ChantalNiceNVMISL
Chateau FontainePinot Noir18MIBR
Chateau FontainePinot Gris17MIBR
Chateau FontaineViognier17MIBR
Chateau FontaineVignoles L.H.NVMIBR
Chateau FontaineBarrel Black RedNVMIGD
Chateau FontaineRieslingSemi sweet16MIGD
Chateau FontaineRiesling-Dry17MIGD
Chateau FontaineWoodland White17MIGG
Chateau FontaineBig Paw RedNVMISL
Chateau FontaineChardonnay17MISL
Chateau FontainePinot Blanc18MISL
Chateau FontaineWall of Goats19MISL
Chateau FontaineGewurztraminer19MISL
Chateau FontaineGruner Veltliner17MISL
Chateau FontainePinot Noir RoséLaughing Waters18MISL
Chateau Grand TraverseGruner Veltliner17MIBR
Chateau Grand TraverseChardonnay Oaked18MIBR
Chateau Grand TraverseRieslingBlock Twelve18MIGD
Chateau Grand TraverseGamay Noir16MIGD
Chateau Grand TraverseChardonnay L.H.18MISL
Chateau Grand TraverseRiesling-Dry19MISL
Chateau Grand TraverseRiesling L.H.18MISL
Chateau Grand TraversePinot NoirLimited18MISL
Domaine Berrien CellarsRiesling19MIBR
Domaine Berrien CellarsMarsanne19MIGD
Domaine Berrien CellarsVignoles19MIGD
Domaine Berrien CellarsGarden Party White19MISL
Effingham ManorTraminette18VABR
Effingham ManorKings Ransom18VAGD
Effingham ManorNorton17VAGD
Effingham ManorMerlot18VASL
English Newsom CellarsRainy Rosé18TXBR
English Newsom CellarsViognierReserve19TXBR
English Newsom CellarsChenin BlancOld Vine18TXGD
English Newsom CellarsMalbecEstate18TXGD
English Newsom CellarsPicardan19TXGG
English Newsom CellarsRoussanne19TXSL
English Newsom CellarsWhite Gold18TXSL
English Newsom CellarsSweet Muscat18TXSL