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2020 TG International Wine Judging Results

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Keys: GG = Double Gold, GD = Gold, SL = Silver, BR = Bronze

WineryVarietalVyd. DesignationVintageStateMedal
English Newsom CellarsDry Muscat18TXSL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Vino RoséNVMIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Cabernet Sauvignon17MIBR
Fenn Valley Vyds.Meritage-Red17MIGD
Fenn Valley Vyds.Traminette19MIGG
Fenn Valley Vyds.Vignoles L.H.19MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.SonataNVMISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Chardonnay OakedClassic18MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.True Chardonnay18MISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.CapriccioNVMISL
Fenn Valley Vyds.Chambourcin19MISL
Franzia WinesSparkling MoscatoNVCABR
Franzia WinesChardonnay UnoakedNVAmericanBR
Franzia WinesPinot Grigio/Colombard50/50 BlendNVCAGD
Franzia WinesPinot Noir/Camenere50/50 BlendNVCAGD
Franzia WinesCabernet SauvignonNVChileGD
Franzia WinesPink MoscatoNVCASL
Franzia WinesRoséNVCASL
Franzia WinesSauvignon BlancNVChileSL
Franzia WinesDark Red BlendNVAmericanSL
Franzia WinesCabernet SauvignonBold & JammyNVCASL
Franzia WinesMerlotNVChileSL
Frog's Tooth WineryGSM17CABR
Frog's Tooth WineryTempranilloDelatrecca Ranch17CAGD
Frog's Tooth WinerySerendipity17CASL
Garre VineyardPinot Grigio19CABR
Garre VineyardRosato di Sangiovese19CAGD
Garre VineyardTres Rouge16CAGD
Garre VineyardProfound Secret16CAGG
Grace Tyler Estate WineryBrianna19NYBR
Grace Tyler Estate WineryDiamond19NYGD
Grace Tyler Estate WineryMarquette Rosé19NYSL
Grande River VineyardsCabernet Franc17COBR
Grande River VineyardsHavin a CowNVCOGG
Grande River VineyardsCabernet FrancReserve16COSL
Grande River VineyardsPetit VerdotReserve16COSL
Gray Ghost VydsChardonnay Oaked18VABR
Gray Ghost VydsRanger Reserve18VABR
Gray Ghost VydsVidal Blanc19VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsCabernet Sauvignon Resv17VAGD
Gray Ghost VydsAdieu19VASL
Gray Ghost VydsRomantic RoseNVVASL
Gray Ghost VydsPetit Verdot18VASL
Halleck VineyardGewurztraminerCalendrelli Vyd19CABR
Halleck VineyardLittle Sister19CAGD
Halleck VineyardPinot NoirThe Farm Vineyards17CAGG
Halleck VineyardPinot NoirClone 82817CAGG
Halleck VineyardPinot NoirHaas Vyd17CAGG
Halleck VineyardPinot NoirThree Sons Cuvee17CAGG
Halleck VineyardDry White ZinfandelNot Your Mother's19CASL
Halleck VineyardPinot NoirHillside Cuvee17CASL
Hawthorne VineyardsPinot Blanc16MIBR
Hawthorne VineyardsGamay18MIBR
Hawthorne VineyardsRosé18MIGD
Hawthorne VineyardsChardonnay Unoaked18MIGD
Hawthorne VineyardsDelightNVMISL
Hawthorne VineyardsChardonnay OakedBarrel Reserve17MISL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGewurztraminer18NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsSauvignon Blanc18NYBR
Hazlitt 1852 VydsDry Rosé18NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite StagNVNYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsSweet Riesling18NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRieslingHomestead Resv18NYGD
Hazlitt 1852 VydsSolera SherryNVNYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsVidal Blanc I.W.14NYGG
Hazlitt 1852 VydsPort-styleNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsCabin FeverNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsWhite Cat18NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRiesling18NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsChardonnay Unoaked18NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRiesling-Dry18NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsGruner Veltliner18NYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRed CatNVNYSL
Hazlitt 1852 VydsRed Cat DarkNVNYSL
Herzog LineagePinot NoirClarksburg18CABR
Herzog LineageMomentusNVCASL
Herzog LineageSauvignon BlancMusque Clone19CASL
Herzog LineageCabernet SauvignonPaso Robles18CASL
Herzog Special ReserveCabernet SauvignonAlexander Vly17CAGD
Herzog Special ReserveChardonnay19CAGG
Herzog Special ReservePinot NoirSta. Rita Hills18CASL
Herzog Special ReserveCabernet SauvignonNapa Vly17CASL
Herzog VariationsCabernet SauvignonFive18CAGG
Herzog VariationsCabernet SauvignonFour18CASL
Jacob's CreekMerlotClassic19AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekPinot GrigioClassic19AustraliaGD
Jacob's CreekShiraz/CabernetClassic18AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekShirazClassic18AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekMoscatoClassic19AustraliaGG
Jacob's CreekCabernet SauvignonClassic19AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekShirazReserve18AustraliaSL
Jacob's CreekChardonnayClassic19AustraliaSL
JeunesseCabernet Sauvignon19CABR
JeunesseBlack Muscat19CASL
Kavic WineryDeep Valley Blush17PAGD
Kavic WineryEccola16PASL
La Honda WineryPinot NoirSanta Cruz18CAGD
La Honda WinerySauvignon Blanc19CASL
La Honda WinerySyrahSanta Cruz17CASL