Up to $8.00

Barefoot NV Refresh Summer Red, California
Dark pink color. Refreshing strawberry and cherry aromas are lifted by a slight spritz in the bottle. Fresh berry and peach flavors are enhanced by lively acidity and a light effervescence. Perfect for summer sipping on the patio. Pair with a fresh fruit salad.

$8.01 to $10.00

Ferrante 2013 Vidal Blanc, Ohio
Brilliant, glistening water-white clarity belies the rich, juicy, resinous, ripe aroma. Though very highly aromatic with slightly herbal subtleties, it has excellent balance with a note of acid and even a touch of tannin to keep the finish clean and refreshing. This is an ideal wine to serve with fresh Lake Erie Walleye.

StGeorgeLabelSt George 2012 Select Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Here is a remarkable bargain find! This extremely vinous wine is clearly “reserve” style from the complex, beautifully developed nose to the array of black cherry, blackberry, and forest scents that linger throughout the long toasty finish. It is a perfect candidate to turn an everyday meal into a special occasion.

Thirsty Owl 2012 Diamond, New York
The essence of the Finger Lakes is captured in the nose. This true American variety unabashedly tastes like grapes. Yet, it maintains a degree of class and elegance not usually associated with varieties such as Concord or Niagara. It is sweet enough to keep the fresh acidity balanced on the soft side yet not too sweet to serve with nuts, blue veined cheese and crusty bread.

St James Winery NV Sweet Raspberry, Missouri
The unmistakable fresh raspberry aroma also encompasses a definite red wine bouquet. The clean balanced sweet fruit flavors will complement pie a la mode or enjoy it with a blast of soda as a “spritzer.”

Wollersheim Winery 2013 “Prairie Fume” American Seyval, Wisconsin
Steely mineral and citrus smells with bracing acidity give a very clean fresh impression. The wine is, however, a bit more generous than that. Creamy, Chardonnay-like nuances create a more round and lush experience than the nose suggests. Serve it as you would a Muscadet with shellfish or seafood linguini.

traminettelabelEasley 2013 Traminette, Indiana
It is mildly aromatic with subtle nuances of peach and yellow plum with a long sweet lemon-like finish. It will pair nicely with sausage, smoked pork loin or ham.

PKNT 2012 Carmenere Reserve, Chile
The varietal purity is a display of classic textbook Carmenere! Black truffle, earth, dried herbs and tons of condensed black fruit are hard to beat in this softly tannic rich red wine for under $10! This is a go to wine for steaks, pork chops and grilled lamb. It offers fabulous value.

Washington Hills 2012 Late Harvest Riesling, Washington
Pure Anjou pear in the nose with an exotic quince or Meyer lemon haunting the mid-palate produces a most interesting contrast to the sweet and acid that combine for a mouth feel not unlike very fine tannin. The finish also offers long pristine white fleshed fruit flavors. This palate gripping Riesling will serve well with fresh fruit or fruit torts.

St. James NV Strawberry, Missouri
Lightly pink. Smells just like fresh cut strawberries and tastes like it too. Try spritzing this wine with soda or serve over ice to liven up a party. Pair with chocolate covered cake pops.

$10.01 to $13.00

Torrey Ridge Winery NV Diamond, New York 
Straw color. Mouthwatering grape / labrusca aromas lead to a slight effervescence on the pallet. Slightly tart with juicy grape flavors and just the right amount of sweetness to balance the acidity. Serve ice cold with strawberry shortcake.

Torrey Ridge NV Lucky Dog, New York
This blend of Diamond and Catawba shows off the best of these American grapes. Straw colored, the bright aromas are unmistakably from labrusca grapes. Mouth watering flavors of grape and tart apple are nicely balanced with acid and sweetness. Try spritzing over ice with soda or with ice cream and vanilla wafers.

Wagner 2012 Riesling Select,
Finger Lakes, NY
Quince and gooseberry dominate the nose while grains of resin, aromatic herbs and lush ripe stone fruit are built into the finish. This is an excellent companion to linguini with white wine clam sauce.

Flickerwood Wine Cellars 2013 Cayuga Kiss, Pennsylvania
Strong, vinous scent of freshly crushed grapes laced with stones, minerals and flint make up the bouquet. It is surprisingly fat and ripe on the palate while finishing soft and juicy. Serve it with spicy Asian cuisine.

St Ambrose Meadery NV Rose Ambrosia, Michigan
This is biscuits, honey, and strawberry jam in a bottle! Though quite sweet, it remains light on the palate finishing with soft jam-like nuances. Serve it for a toast at your next medieval reenactment.

Schulze NV Ruby Sweet Concord Wine, New York
Along with honey and wild berry essence in the nose, there is also an essential element of blue grass and grazing cattle. Enjoy this definitively sweet grape wine on the porch on a beautiful sunny day.

$13.01 to $16.00

Braganini Reserve 2013 Albarino, Michigan
The true Portuguese pedigree of this grape comes through with fresh citrus smells and pure apple/pear aromas as clean as a silver saber. What is surprising is the rather generous yellow fleshed fruit in the mid palate and nicely balanced finish. Serve this zesty, clean white with peel ‘n eat shrimp, steamed clams or raw seafood.

Chateau Fontaine 2012 Woodland White (Auxerrois), Michigan
Light straw color. Aromas of white peach, melon, pear and wet stone. Pear and melon flavors are arranged over a mineral backbone with a soft, long finish. Pair with pan seared scallops with tarragon white wine sauce.

Hunt Country Vineyards 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling, Finger Lakes NY
Flowers and Bosque pear greet the nose. Ripe sweet fruit is balanced by citrus notes in the long, fresh finish. Enjoy it with lake perch or walleye.

Chateau Fontaine 2012 Semi-Sweet White Riesling, Leelanau, Michigan
A big honeysuckle gala apple nose transitions to a mid-palate of pear and yellow plum with hints of dried herbs. The emphatically lush palate of white grape juice finishes cleanly. Enjoy it with sausage, ham and other cured meats.

Eagle City NV Black Currant, Iowa
The very pure nose is not unlike a very ripe Merlot. Strong overtones of raspberry and peach will survive any fruit based dessert such as Gateau de Framboise.

Dakota Sun Garden NV Haskap Berry Wine, North Dakota
This wine has a fresh, clean apple-like nose with a subtle splash of ripe juicy strawberry in the mid-palate. The finish is balanced, pleasant and fresh. Though thoroughly enjoyable as is, a generous splash of Champagne would reveal a truly mid-western version of Kir Royale.

Gill’s Pier 2012 Whitewater (Riesling/Vignoles), Leelanau County, Michigan
Wow! This is pure Northern Michigan fruit at its finest. Bosque pear, yellow plum and subtle hints of sorrel and lemon grass complete the package. Serve it with Thai cuisine, especially Pad Thai or ginger rice soup.

$16.01 to $20.00

Sivas-Sonoma 2011 Old Vine Zinfandel, California
The black/red translucent hue comes up all cherries in the aroma while adding marmalade and chocolate in the mid-palate. Though lush and velvety, it is not heavy and finishes surprisingly clean with silky tannins. It is a pretty civilized choice with stews, braised meats and complex vegetarian combinations.

45 North 2013 Pinot Gris, Michigan
Light straw color – almost clear. Green apple, honeydew and lime zest aromas. Bright, grapefruit acidity reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. Long, mouthwatering finish. Pair with asparagus and soba noodles with prosciutto and fried egg.

Picket Fence 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Deep garnet color. Aromas of cassis, clove and blackberry are beautifully integrated. Cocoa and cedar compliment the berry flavors. Tannins are soft and well-balanced. Pair with braised short ribs and roast vegetables.

Hazlitt NV Solera Sherry, Finger Lakes, NY
The big, heady nose is full of nuts, honey, raisins, Nicoise butter and beeswax smells. The leathery, earthy palate defines the solera style. Enjoy it with cookies and glazed pecans.

Laurentide 2012 Pinot Gris, Michigan
Light straw color; aromas of Granny Smith apples and pear. Delicate flavors of mineral, apple and melon. Crisp, long dry finish. Pair with pan seared white fish.

$20.01 to $25.00

brutocawinelabelBrutocao 2010 Quadriga (Hopland Ranches) Mendocino, California
This blend of Sangiovese, Primitivo, Barbera and Dolcetto over delivers in every way. Gorgeous ruby color. Earthy, truffle aromas mingle with tea, cedar, black cherry and blueberry leading to lovely soft palate overlaying firm tannins. Sandalwood and cocoa are unique and welcome additions to this delightful blend. Pair with a Bolognese sauce over fettuccine.

2012 bel lago chardBel Lago 2012 Chardonnay, Leelanau County, Michigan
Clean, pear and citrus accents on the nose open up to hints of stones, lightly toasted oak, fresh acidity and a long, tantalizing finish. Of course, this Chardonnay pairs perfectly with the abundance of fresh water fish found in the Great Lakes states.

Fenn Valley 2013 42 Ice Wine, Michigan
Extraordinarily ripe, resinous and honeyed from the beeswax scents to the lingering passion fruit, glazed pecans and apricot nectar, it commands attention. Blow away your guests by serving this remarkable wine with pecan pie, pumpkin pie or even by itself with a cup of French roast coffee on the side.

Sunset Cellars 2008 Barbera, Napa, California
The big, sweet black cherry-like aroma and chocolaty sweet oak scents brings to mind rich ripe Merlot with a subtle exotic cherry liqueur nuance. This wine’s refreshing, cleansing components would serve well with complex roast meats and lots of garlic and herbs.

Borjon 2012 Primitivo Reposado, Amador County California
The big raisin and baked cherry nose combine with earth, leather, cocoa dust and an avalanche of blackberry to culminate in a magnificent finish. Serve this baby with rare lamb chops!

Avondale Sky 2012 Martock Vidal Blanc Select Late Harvest, Nova Scotia, Canada
With Ice Wine-like intensity, the resinous botrytis nuances explode on the palate with strawberry, melon, peach and plum filling the mid-palate while green apple and citrus complete the finish. Though very sweet, it is very appetizing and will go nicely with apple pie a la mode.

$25.01 to $35.00

Windsor Vineyards 2011 Meritage, California
Dark ruby color. Aromas of brambles, cassis and black cherry. Flavors of cocoa powder compliment berry and black cherry, cedar and clove. A slight hint of bell pepper adds complexity and accents the mélange of fruit / cocoa. A firm tannic backbone gives length to a delightful finish. Will age well for 5 to 10 years. Pair with Prime Rib and new potatoes.

Forchini 2011 Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, California
Ruby color – classic Pinot Noir. Earthy, truffle, clove and allspice aromas lead to beautiful, velvety soft tannins. Flavors of black cherry, cedar and allspice go on and on. The classic “Peacocks tail” of flavor. Pair with Duck Confit.

Black Mesa Winery 2011 Zinfandel, New Mexico
Deep, dark, ruby color – almost inky. Aromas of bramble berries and allspice and flavors that follow the aromas. Velvety soft tannins coat the pallet while hints of chocolate and vanilla mingle with berries and clove. Pair with seared tuna with hoisin sauce.

Lake Chelan Winery 2011 Malbec, Washington
The dense, black/red robe is matched by rich chocolate/cherry scents, rich tannins and a long soft finish reminiscent of a tart cherry reduction. This would be ideal with roast lamb particularly if served with a fruit chutney.

Almaza Wine Cellars 2011 Grappa, Texas
The distinct scent of grape pumace defines any good Grappa, and this is no exception. The essence of distilled grapes with hints of licorice and cinnamon is as vivid as the day it rose wafting through the air while steamy hot from the still. Good Grappa works well as an after dinner digestive.

Dascomb Cellars Santa Barbara 2011 Sangiovese, California
The sweet aroma of seedless strawberry jam and red plums flow into a tangy mid-palate finishing dry with just hinting at the memory of the plums. It is an excellent complement to spicy Mediterranean cuisine.

$35.01 to $50.00

Hagafen 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California
Dark garnet – inky, youthful. Black cherry, blackberry and clove aromas lead into big, bold bramble flavors with leather and cedar still forward. The classic “iron fist in a velvet glove” tannins. Strong yet soft. Beautifully balanced flavors and tannins, this will age for years. Pair with Beef Wellington.

Fazeli Cellars CabFranc 2010Navarro Vineyards 2012 “Deep End” Pinot Noir, California
The fresh, bright, vividly stated red fruit aroma and the soft easy texture make it perfectly matched to leisurely enjoying a buffet of appetizers such as carpaccio, cold smoked fish, grilled vegetables and seared tuna.

Fazeli Cellars 2010 Cabernet Franc, Temecula, California
The nose offers up rich, earthy, red fruit with subtle hints of cinnamon and Greek spice. It remains remarkably soft and supple yet gripping and textured. Serve it with well-seasoned roast chicken or seared herb-rubbed duck breast.

$50.01 to $65.00

Schulze Vineyards
2012 Block Three Ice Wine, New York
The baklava-like honey and nut bouquet and the aggressive texture literally attack every part of the palate and olfactory senses with very condensed caramel, toffee and allspice flavors to boot! It is sweet enough to serve with pecan or pumpkin pie or just savor it by itself.

sagebrushannieslabelSagebrush Annie’s 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Barbara County, California
Rich, concentrated red fruit combines with a powerful herbal/black truffle nuance in the nose. On the palate, tons of red plum and raspberry subtleties plus an array of toasted nuts, caramel and baked cherries are matched by an incredible rich mouth feel all the way to the finish. This awesome wine will pair beautifully with any red meat dish.


Navarro Vineyards 2013 Cluster Select Late Harvest Gewurztraminer, Mendocino, California
Surprisingly this sweet “Gewurz” is more in the caramel and honey vein than the typical musky, cilantro camp one normally associates with Gewurztraminer. A peach strudel or torte would find this wine a worthy companion.

ZD 2009 Founders Reserve Pinot Noir, California
A very pretty combination of tart cherry, orange marmalade and forest scents continue from the first sniff to the finish. A refreshing acid note in the mid-palate carries the weight of the rich fruit throughout the long fresh finish. Though you could serve this wine with salmon or tuna because it is not heavy though very big, a nice veal chop with Italian seasonings would be sublime.